How not to train a dog – Alpha Roll by

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22 Comments on “How not to train a dog – Alpha Roll by”

  1. I always love your videos but these ‘how not to train a dog’ videos are absolutely hilarious! In my mind this goes up with “rubber hand” as my favorite.
    The sad part is that this IS a reality for lots of dogs. I once saw a kid ‘training’ his sweet pit puppy in a way that involved hitting the dog for pulling towards other dogs. While the puppy was trying to be social and was very submissive to other dogs all I could think about was that he was unintentionally conditioning this dog to fight.

  2. Love it! Sad for all the dogs suffering with traditional training methods, but love your take on it! Keep up the good work.

  3. This was absolutely brilliant and dead on. As someone else said, this is exactly what I see when I watch one of Cesar Millan’s shows.

  4. @pinkcrochet16 No, we are not. For one, if the dog is acting out in aggressive, an alpha roll is a darned good way to get bit. The best thing to do is move the dog away from whatever is causing the aggression (e.g. another dog) and then work on desensitizing the dog to it. Most dogs act out of fear and an alpha roll is only going to increase that fear.

  5. @ShinimegamiSky Dogs are just as much social pack animals as wolves. The difference being dogs will accept non-dogs as part of their pack. All scientist dog psychologist and behaviorist accept this. Which is the number one of the reason dogs have separation anxiety and act destructively when left alone. It because their pack (be it you or some else) is gone. The Alpha/ Pack leader is a position and a relationship not a training system.

  6. @ShinimegamiSky Furthermore, Dog choose pack leaders based on who seems like they are in charge. The one who is calm, confident, stable and makes the decisions. It is not what you do to the dog that will make him see you as a pack leader, but your overall presence, behavior and decisions. If some one tells you to hold a dog to the ground in order to assert your dominance that has nothing with being an Alpha. A true alpha would only have to look in their direction and they’d submit on their own.

  7. I meant alpha roll as in the leader not the alpha roll over. I work at a dog daycare we have a rottie there that likes to alpha roll over one of the boxers. She is not aggressive and doesn’t use physical force she approaches the boxer and and the boxer turns on her back. If you watched to show like I have 1-5 boxsets he rarely uses the alpha roll over and only uses it to calm highly reactive/aggressive dogs. In most cases he approaches the dog with his energy and they roll over by themselves.

  8. Sitzen or Sitz is the German command for sit. People who either train police k9 dogs or schutzhund dogs often use German commands.

  9. im really happy that you made this video cuz ive been looking at ur chanel and its really helpful and now i know its also humane

  10. Sadly I’ve seen this in a doggie daycare that I used to work at. I never participated in it, but I’m glad that I don’t work there anymore

  11. my heartfelt admiration to the actors, you did a great job in pinpointing this problem and act it out so well. oh my gosh did i feel sorry for the poor rabbit 😀

  12. That’s basically what my dad used to do – one day he beat the dog too much and she took a chunk out of his hand, he ran into the toilet crying… Definitely not the way to raise a dog xD

  13. I see people comments to about ceaser abusing dogs and no he dosent people always find a way to hate on successful guys if it didn’t work he wouldn’t be so successful

    1. Alpha rolls work alright, they work at causing side effects in training and screwing up your relationship with the dog.  He is successful because he is on TV and editing can anything look successful and bring in ratings.  Try training a real working dog with those techniques and see how successful alpha rolling, kicking, and jabbing dogs is.  Ask all the chewed up dog handlers who have ruined their relationships with their still non-obedient dogs how successful those techniques are.

    2. +Dog Training by with regards to Ceaser does his method of having a older well trained dog around actually help?

  14. Good example done in a somewhat humous way but found it very disturbing!  It was clearly very abusive to the poor dog.  It teaches the dog to FEAR you instead of RESPECT or LOVE for you earned from kindness.

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