How 100 Years Of Breeding Changed These Popular Dog Breeds

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The Photo of dog used in photo in salukis name is Aspen’s Double Espresso and Marie Anti is owner and photographer of it .

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Narrated by : Darren Marlar


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89 Comments on “How 100 Years Of Breeding Changed These Popular Dog Breeds”

  1. Narrating this made me sick. This is why I’ll never own any dog unless it’s a mutt. Free from the animal shelter and likely healthier than any “purebred”.

    1. +8Bobtails Very. True, small pedigree dogs have a much shorter lifespan. Cavalier spaniels have brain problems etc. But terriers and mongrels can live up to 18 years! That’s much longer than a pug or a chihuahua. Pugs have eye and breathing problems too.

    2. +Mila Vujovic you realize narrators don’t research or write the material themselves right? We are given a job to voice what is written down and so we do. Maybe if you actually did some research yourself you’d know.

    3. +Anya Marais Anya Marais I’m a *STRONG* proponent of health and genetic testing in breeding stock of purebreds, but it only minimizes, does not necessarily eliminate, the chance of health problems in the progeny. With some issues, yes, it can eliminate the risk, if it is
      carried on an identified single gene like MDR1 or vWD. (MDR1 is multidrug resistance mutation, it makes dogs dangerously hypersensitive to many common drugs. It is found primarily in herding breeds/herding mixes, and is especially common in collies and Australian shepherds. For my own peace of mind, I got my German shepherd mix tested for it; she was negative for the gene. vWD, von Willebrand’s Disease, is a blood clotting disorder found in a number of breeds.)

      But a lot of medical issues are multi-gene related — allergies, hip dysplasia, the mitral valve problems rampant in Cavalier King Charles spaniels, among others. Screening the parents for the problems decreases the incidence or severity of those conditions but can’t currently eliminate them.

      And my comments above don’t touch upon medical issues which, rather than being incidental to a breed, are instead *inherent to the current show standard,* such as the breathing,
      whelping, dental, eye and overheating problems which are common-to-universal in the brachycephalic (pushed-in muzzle) breeds. Those anatomically-related problems will never be eliminated unless the breeders are willing to revert to a more moderate standard, the way the Olde English Bulldogge breeders have done.

    1. +P chamberlain the idiot blaming nazis is wrong but it is 100% true that americans are who began in the show line bullshit and kept it going, the AKC should be banned

    2. +Julia Knutson various breeders out there but one should really only get a working line shepherd if you are capable of providing intense exercise and working around the fact that it may have a lot of drive which can easily become aggression towards other animals or people

    1. +Skie Wixon I’m responding to your first comment. Dogs are descended from wolves through selective breeding. German shepherds were bred by germans to be shepards. I guess some dogs have a bit of coyote, my grandfather had one like that, I’ll agree that humans have been breeding for the wrong reason recently (ascetics), but dogs were created by humans, there is archeological evidence to support such

    1. +Before Tommorow we made them have disease’s and we made them ugly so we don’t that’s why u don’t breed ur animals

  2. I don’t understand why people want purebreds so badly anyways. What’s the point of getting a dog that looks exactly the same as Joe Schmo’s dog just down the street?

    A mutt will always be more desirable to me for its healthier genetics (relatively speaking) and genuine uniqueness that isn’t easily replicated.

    1. I’ve got a Heinz 57 dog and then my Rottweiler, I wanted a good hunting dog and they have attractive personalities that’s why I opt for it.

    2. Well not necessarily, I want a dog that shows exactly what the breed was made for. If you actually look for responsible and caring breeders then you’ll find one, it’s quite hard but they are out there. Personally I don’t want dogs for their looks but for their purpose, I want one that can help out with the family by guarding. I want a dog that I don’t have to take to the vet every three months because I brought him from an irresponsible backyard breeder. Pure breeds have actually been proven to be healthier then mixed but that’s only if the purebred was actually bred by a responsible breeder.

    3. Greyandgreenfeathers honestly what your saying isn’t true at all, purebred working line gsd are one of the most smartest dogs to likely ever exist. Working line gsd and Belgian Malinois are known to be the best dogs for serving in the military and being service dogs. Their known to be one of the most loyal and loving dogs, while also protecting your family at any cost. I’d agree that show line German shepherds are not good dogs at all as they have been ruined by American breeders, but working line German shepherds are nearly the exact same as their ancestors.

    4. Missy’s Animals TV your dog lived to twenty years because it was a chihuahua lmao, any small dogs are known to live up to at least 15-20 years. Bigger dogs usually only live up to 10-15 years. But then again this really all depends if you got your dog from a responsible breeder, what food you feed it, if you exercise it enough, and if you properly take care of it like a responsible dog owner should.

    1. Leo Bustamante How do people find bull terriers attractive? I just can’t stand them. Not even as puppies. I just find their look so unappealing. And I don’t need to offend anyone, I don’t dislike them at all. They were much better before

  3. Am I the only person who doesn’t think pushed in snouts look cute? All I can think when I see one is “poor bastard” because of the respiratory issues it brings

    1. They don’t look cute at all. They are deformed mutant dogs created by selfish breeders. As far away from being natural as a dog can get. Frankendogs.

    2. I feel sad for the poor dogs, but it really looks cute… However, don’t adopt dogs just bc they’re cute, this goes to everyone, and to me

  4. The German Shephard is misrepresented. The vintage photo is obviously staged photo. The dog in original photo is standing on a upwards hill making his back slanted down. Modern photo is more accurate as he stands on even ground and is a lot older which are known for hip and leg problems as they get older.

    1. No it isnt og gsd did not have a slanted back the modern day showlines do though but working lines do not a have a sloped back theyre like the original

  5. Bloody humans screwing with things again. Mother Nature continues to give us such wonderful gifts and yet we seem to know better and want to change everything. As a race, are we ever happy with our lot? I think not.

    1. I think it’s because of the wrong breeding. You should not breed a dog with its own kind/breed, it will cause some genetic problems. That’s why there’s a thing called Cross breeding, where you breed a dog with a different kind.

    2. +Zack Tribs you had me till the last paragraph .. Creating “practical & healthy traits” is exactly our “ancestors” intent… They wanted only the best for their babies now 100 yrs later we have these inbreed deformities. We need to stop playing god… period. For awhile. Adopt don’t shop, take in mixed breeds and watch the population control. Enough is enough.

  6. # Adopt don’t shop! If you look for a dog – adopt one from a shelter or a rescue organization or rescue one by picking him/her up from the street. There are millions of homeless dogs already so stop the breeding

    1. there are millions of homeless humans too i guess we should stop breeding as well.
      do you have kids? can i see your child license? is this child registered? I’m sorry sir but since we only allow one of each gender and you already have a son your child is going to be set to execution.

    2. Only shop at thrift stores
      Don’t have any biological children..adopt from foster homes
      What’s next..I’m all for shelters but geesh not everyone wants a shelter dog

  7. Poor blooby dogs. Is there nothing that we, ( humanity) dont eventually ruin due to either money or belief that we have the right to do whatever we want.
    Modification of food is getting to a level that is frightening also.
    I dont want to think about what may be occuring behind closed doors on humans and tampering with genetics for profit or even worse reasons.
    We never seem to learn that just because we can do something, doesnt necessarily mean we should.
    Bob. Australia

  8. My boxer just passed yesterday. 12 yrs old 100 lbs. Did a lot of research and got from a good breeder in Oklahoma. I live on long island. This was after having two dogs. a mother and son (we bred her) they died a year apart at 7 and 6 yrs old and 55 lbs Better breeder down south for sure no good here in the cities. not deathly dog

  9. This is why some dogs are considered mean, because breeders try to get the “best” out of them. But really it causes them to have mental defieciency

    1. It’s far too late for humans to wisely stop trying to control everything, in order for the stuff we’ve messed up to become nice again like natural selection used to make it have to be humans will need to continue playing god but get much smarter (and less selfish) at doing it. The “pure bred” market is absolutely an evil awful thing though.

    2. Don’t be silly. I am being serious.

      Humans should play god more responsibly, and worry more about function and health in purebred animals rather than putting a priority on appearance and “pure lines.”

      But stop selective breeding? EVERY working breed of dog — the herding dogs, the pointing and retrieving and flushing dogs, the protection and guard dogs, the scent and sight hounds, the vermin killers, the sled and draft dogs — was selectively bred for a function. SELECTIVE BREEDING IS PLAYING GOD. It’s intervening in natural selection. People still are using dogs for all of those functions, and for other utilitarian purposes. Careful selective breeding has minimized the “failure” rate of dogs bred for seeing eye work, for example. Truly responsible selective breeding — which would often include outcrossing — could minimize or even eliminate the heath problems which plague so many dog breeds.

      ALL of our domestic animals, ALL of the plants we grow as crops, have been developed and/or transformed by selective breeding. Sometimes for the worse for the animals, as in the dog breeds above, or in the chickens and turkeys with breasts so wide the poor birds can hardly walk. But human history would have played out very differently without dogs bred for the specific functions I mentioned, or without horse breeds developed for riding and horse breeds developed for draft work. The growth of cities was originally fueled by the domestication of wild grains (playing god), and the agricultural revolution of the 1950’s/1960’s included the development by selective breeding (playing god) of high-yield grains which helped prevent the starvation or malnutrition of countless people. I have a relative who works in medical research: she was worked with numerous strains of mice and rats selectively bred (playing god) to mimic or exhibit various human illnesses. Selectively bred rodents have helped develop therapies and drugs for many diseases.

      Humans have done a grave and shameful disservice to many domestic animal breeds, and not just dogs; and I suppose that is what you mean when you say humans should just stop playing god. But human life would be poorer without purebred animals, or something like them, lines of animals bred for specific purposes, rather than randomly bred.

  10. St. Bernards never carried casks to “warm up” the people they rescued. This is an urban legend due to a famous painting. About 15 seconds of research would have debunked that. Stop spreading nonsense. It makes me question every single other “fact” in this video.

    1. The reason why they carry them is because they are usually filled with supplies like bandages etc. They do say alchol thoygh.

    2. Thank you. I was just about to post this. I have a St Bernard and know that’s not true. Also the only change bred into the breed was after a bad winter where many of the dogs died on rescue missions they used the Newfoundland and some came out long haired. Ice would cake up on the long hair so they stopped using the long haired ones. Also their face is like that for a reason. It helps them breathe in the snow and ice.

      So yeah this is B.S.

    3. I know, the entire thing about white terriers is false they are still pretty athletic for being a small dog and are still capable or doing the task they were bred for, fox hunting

  11. “This breed has been changed through breeding over the years in the last 100 years of breeding changed this popular dog…” QUALITY CONTENT 5:38

    1. Yup. Humans are the worst. How many other animals (using the term to describe any living creatures made up of more than a single cell😜) have singlehandedly almost completely destroyed their home planet while simultaneously screwing up pretty much everything else in it in one way or another? The answer: None. Humans suck. That’s why I decided not to be one. Think I’ll be Mermaid…maybe a unicorn….Unicorns are awesome. NO! A DRAGON. Yeah. Definitely a dragon. Dragons are badass. Who’s with me? 🦄🧜🏻‍♀️🐉

  12. I had an English Bulldog imported from Hungary. His legs and nose were longer then the ones bred here in the us. Due to that. He was athletic and could breath. He lived to be 13.5 yrs old. It’s sad what they’ve done to this breed. R.I.P Tonka. May 5th 2005 – Oct 12th 2018.

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