House training a puppy or dog without a crate!

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Let me first say there are 2 parts in the video that is guaranteed to make you pee your pants so please be warned 🙂

This is a method I use often to house train my puppies and dogs without needing to crate them. It's very effective, in fact I'm going to say it is more effective than when using a crate!
The reason is because altho dogs and even puppies naturally don't want to do their business where they sleep( in the crate for instance) they still have to go in there when you are not right there to let them out immediately once they start to show signs that need to go.. Even more so with young puppies or older dogs that weren't house trained as puppies, severe cases you will see In puppy mill dogs or just dogs that lived outside and never learned to live in a house and go potty outside.. In those cases the dogs and puppies will show very little signs that they need to go out, they haven't learned to bark yet to let you know, so if you aren't in the same room with them you may miss the warnings they are giving.. And they will have accidents in the crate.. They will have even more accidents in the house if left out of the crate.. That's why by attaching them to yourself you make house training much easier because you will be right there when they need to go. And it will be quicker for you to let them out, also they will be able to hold longer because many dogs are a little shy to go potty with someone standing right next to them and they have a leash on them..
Watch the video and comment if you have any questions 🙂 thank you for watching, follow me on Facebook for many more tips on how to train your puppies and dogs to do different things and correcting unwanted behaviors etc 🙂

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34 Responses to “House training a puppy or dog without a crate!”
  1. x Lifted x says:


  2. x Lifted x says:

    love ur vids helped me a lot with my boxers

    • Matthew King says:

      Chris Foster How do you go “just” off a cliff??? lol.😂 😂 😂

    • Matthew King says:

      Chris Foster lol you say you won’t argue yet that’s exactly what you are doing lol. You must be one of those really special kinds of stupid lol.😂 😂 😂

  3. Pawfessor says:

    Will you fight me for charity? Can we set up an event so I can get into an octagon/cage with you?

    • Yuva Keerthy says:

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    • sara zia says:

      Dog Тraining Sесrеts. Usе thеse dоgs training sеесrеts to suссesfullу train уоur dоg.————-Go Hеrе==>>>>>>> Hоusе trаining a pupру or dоg withоut а сrаte

    • Слава Бурвиков says:

      I’m not sure but ,if anyone else is searching for how do you train a puppy try Panlarko Perfect Canine Planner (just google it ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my co-worker got amazing success with it.

    • flamerunner runs flames says:

      Pawfessor are you doing what big youtubers are doing? 😂😂😂

  4. Pearlie Grace says:

    this is actually a really good idea

  5. James Redgate says:

    Augusto THIS DOES WORK my granddaughter tried this with her rescue rotweiler puppy 2 days ago and is so excited with the results so Lynda from England should check before she calls you an animal abuser

  6. Irefuselol says:

    If you got carpet make sure to clean it really well with a good pet stain remover if they have an accident or they will keep doing it in that spot.

  7. Susan Land says:

    why all the abusive comments. If you don’t like, don’t watch. In the UK he wouldn’t get done for animal abuse.

  8. Ella Wan says:

    He is a dog lover who knows how to train dogs in a kind loving way …. that’s how I see it . Please use kind words instead of abusive words . We support you Augusto.!! You are doing a great job !

    • Karla Lopez says:

      Have you seen how he trains a german shepherd not to be scared of the vacuum? and how he teach them how not to go to the trashcan? If you have seen that video and you think that’s a kind way I HOPE YOU DON’T HAVE ANY PET AROUND YOU

  9. realvipul says:

    so what you do when you have to go to work, go to shopping etc?

  10. Pao Reno says:

    Let me summarize for you people. He just takes puppy EVERYWHERE with him. Thats it. 24/7. No matter what he does. Simple. No abuse wtf. If you work from home thats how you spend days with pup anyway. I think this is much better than locking ur dog alone in cage.

  11. Sam Eer says:

    Very …nice video….. i really …liked your effort …especially…. i liked puppies..very much…… and when they bark..they looks very pretty … !!

  12. TheBruuz says:

    lol, I don’t think you needed to drop your pants there, man. I’m sure we all knew how that worked 😛

  13. Debra Pampalone says:

    Thanks 🙂 getting a husky pup in a few weeks..

  14. Patricia H says:

    Great video. Your dog responds to your training because like a good parent you are committed to him and he trusts you. Much of what you do makes a lot of sense and is easy. Thanks.

  15. Violy Albaera says:


  16. Dana Mahmoud says:

    Please censor or edit out you going to the bathroom!🙈

  17. msgtim52 says:

    Thanks just adopted a shelter dog and I will do this!

  18. Avon Angel Eyes says:

    I rescued a Puppy Mill Mama-Shih Tzu, a month ago, from an Amish Puppy Mill. She’s 3yrs old, and I’m desparate to get her house broken. I think this just may work. I’m using a harness & have her tethered to me right now! Wish me Luck!! Thanks

  19. LONGLOTTfilms says:

    Subscribed! Excellent video! I’ve been researching purchasing and raising a puppy, so I appreciate seeing your approach. This is a very compassionate method! I learned a lot. I would think that’s the kind of behaviour/experience every Dog lover would strive to have with their own beloved pet. Thanks for providing this, Augusto! Well done!

  20. CYNTHIA Mock says:

    What do u do when u have 2 go somewhere? Also I’ve tried this in bed. Puppy goes potty in the bed. Doesn’t let me know she has to go. She won’t go when I take her outside. As soon as she’s inside she goes. If I put her in a crate she cries until I take her out. She doesn’t want 2 leave my side. My car is down. I haven’t left the house since I’ve had her. Isn’t this going to create separation anxiety w hen I do leave? Suggestions PLEASE!

    • Little Rebels says:

      CYNTHIA Mock same here. Did you ever find a solution.?

    • Francisco Novoa says:

      Maybe you are not reading your dog right, also what I do is that if I see she wants to go I carry her to the back yard and put in on the grass, if you walk her she may go on her way, and also like he said if you see she needs to go you need to be patient and wait until she goes, it may take a long time.

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