House Breaking Puppy, How to Potty Train a Dog

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House Breaking Puppy, How to Potty Train a Dog. NO WATER PAST 8 PM. Did your see this NO WATER PAST 8PM
Peter Caine Dog Training

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15 Comments on “House Breaking Puppy, How to Potty Train a Dog”

  1. The pads are awful. I agree. You will be very sorry. Plus, as they grow they will pee at the pad and miss. Don’t. Listen to Peter.

  2. For me this rates right up there with proper food and diet. NO PEE PADS. It amazes me that anyone who knows me would ever purchase pee pads because I go on a rant every time I see or hear about them. I am so passing this video along. Thanks again.

  3. My aussie only peed in my house once. Lost alot of sleep but it’s the only way to go.crated them on a secure stand right by my ear puppy rustles,wimpers or gets up and out they go. It’s so much easier to keep them from getting bad habits than it is to break them .just like kids 4 kids 9 grandkids and not a serial killer in the whole bunch. Haha

    1. I was catching my puppy mid-pee or pre-pee and quickly taking him outside in addition to regular schedule. Now he is peeing inside so i will take him outside to eat duck poop and play. He is an Australian Shepherd/Heeler/Border Collie mix named FINN.

  4. Sound advice here Peter. I totally HATE pee pads. I was knackered the first week with my latest (now 14 months ) but what is one week or few days to house break a dog 🙂
    Agreed ,don’t buy 2 pups from same litter. I pulled the Breeder up on exactly this when she sold 2 to one person…grrrrr

  5. My Toffee was easy to house train. We always left the door open for her in the day and at night we put down old news paper and she would use that. It took her a week to be potty trained but she did like to pee inside on the carpet! Not anymore Lol 🙂

  6. Peter I adopted at 6 yr old Chihuahua Papillon mix 8lbs. These dogs have small bladders and pee all day. I live in PA snow country.I would prefer the dog go inside on the pads and see some people use it who live on 4th and 5th floor apartments even 8th floor walk downs use them and their dogs never go out. I saw the Puppy Apt on line, at Modern Puppy a two sectioned crate with bedroom and bathroom sections. I had a wire crate and bought the divider and bought the Puppy Apartment pillow for the bedroom from another seller for about 7 bucks. I think if I train this small dog to go in the Puppy Apartment locking him in the crate at night he with its seperate bedroom/bathroom she is forced to a use the private bathroom. After conditioned with praise and treats, I don’t treat any more as per your lessons, the dog always knows to go there even after training. This gives the dog a place to go whenever she wants. She has her private bathroom and go whenever she wants. Good in cold and inclement weather and I won’t have to get up early to let her out. I did fence in a small yard for her to go when I let her out. Its down a lot of stairs too.

    After a week, the dog will always go there. She will know that is where she bathrooms all the time and does not have to hold it and we can it trips also in hotels and to friends house. I tried the Potty Pad sys and it did not work. She could not figure out to pee there and there only. This system is being used by people who adopt and has saved lots of dogs from being put down as this is the major reason ppl get rid of dogs. She makes so little pee and poop, even if no potty pad is in the cabin she will know to go there and it’s easily cleaned up. The Potty Pads I have have no added scents. I am not a morning person Peter and can hardly function in the morning much less get down stairs to bathroom my dog.

    Oh yea , I am friends and good neighbors with my bigfoot buddies who visit me often. I love them.

    1. I own a Chihuahua Papillon mix 8lbs his name is mango, I adopted at 7..I dont want to hear about how lazy you are and your excuses.. Do you think I read that garbage ? I stopped at second sentence

    2. Thank you. We will see Peter. If it doesn’t work I’ll go back to the old way. I saw Mango eating raw chicken. Im trying that today. I love this little dog. I want to do what’s right and am using your videos and training that way with great success. I stopped treat training. She is so smart.

  7. I love your videos! I am getting my puppy in about 10weeks and I am gaining more confidence about having a new puppy now that I have found your channel. Thank you!

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