Hiding to die, rescue of sad and suffering old dog

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We found an old street dog hiding by the side of the road, emaciated and suffering from advanced mange. His body was covered in painful sores. But despite his serious skin condition, we believed we could heal him, and after 8 weeks of treatment, beautiful Edward was a new boy.

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49 Comments on “Hiding to die, rescue of sad and suffering old dog”

    1. Stephen Byrne You could say that the dog knows it’s getting rescued ? Or it could be that the dog has gone to a quiet spot to die peacefully and has given up all hope ? But yeah, good question. You’d of thought the poor dog would lash out.

  1. Dislike people please you kick off yr… Bcz you hv no humanity … You know whose call humanity see animal aid.. Animal aid team real life God.. Stay blessed dear. Keep it up dear

    1. Anisha Pramanik I agree totally, but they may have disliked the the video because it was too sad and they didn’t like to see it suffer, just a thought but god bless you animal rescuers!πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜˜

    2. Anisha Pramanik why are you mad the likes are much more than the dislikes and people who do it probably just do it to troll and comments like yours are what eggs these trolls on to dislike the videos.

    1. You guys are doing a wonderful amazing job God bless you guys I can see you guys love pet people who have problems with dogs do not like dogs you guys are amazing keep doing what you guy doing

  2. I couldn’t stop crying, thank you all sooo much for rescuing and caring for all these unwanted and unloved animals! Now they will know what it is to feel and be loved by kind hearted humans!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—πŸ˜™

    1. Katelyn Donovan when that poor old guy started crying from fear it broke my heart. I had to go and hug my three fur babies extra close.

    1. Probably because the other dog come closer and wanted to be recognized too while they interact the new comer dog but it’s just being ignored not even touching it showing the other dog affection as well, so some people might think it’s only for views to get donation….

    1. They are angels how can our specie leave those precious babies like that. Thank you for your heroic services for these poor sick babies.

  3. God bless you guys for your kind job….please continue helping the animals…m really thankful and glad to see that you people are there to help the animals live better with hope and trust πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜

  4. I love watching what you guys do you restore my faith in mankind,, I noticed in another video someone asked about what happens to the animals later and they were told that the animals could not be flown out of the country as the stress would be too much for them,Obviously there would not be enough room for them all at the sanctuary so are they being returned to the streets again.

    1. Check their website – they seem like a very good, ethical charity. I think elderly and disabled dogs can stay, but others, once sterilised and vaccinated and strong, have to be returned. But the local people are learning through education and example, how to treat dogs with kindness and can call again if they see one in trouble. It’s a humane way to treat dogs. Better than just euthanising.

  5. I love this video!! 😁 poor old thing,u saved his life & made him happy! U also made me cry seeing the transformation. His a lucky lil hound 😁

  6. Sir….m still a student…..frm yesterday onwards i hv seen ur 10 videos….i promise tht when i will be able to do a job…i will donate to animalaid….

  7. Being homeless is harder on a dog than people but it is understandable I’m glad for this senior pup he got a second chance and was able to get off the streets God bless him and all who reached out

  8. Great work! Congratulations for carrying for these thousands of abandoned doggies! Your team is doing an exceptional rescue work! Could you please give us the update of this precious doggy? I watch your video and I would like to see the treatment and the recovery of this doggy.

  9. India is a beautiful country and so many good people…your videos always make me cry with happiness …Thank you

  10. My goodness, that poor baby soso terrified. Bless his heart. What a great transformation. Bless you guys. He has a chance to live. Questions? You guys rescued so many animals, where do they go after they become healthy again?

  11. Marvellous….i’m glad to chip in some dollars for this wonderful work.. if everyone who is moved by this video could find it their hearts to miss out on a cup of coffee and donate, them imagine what could be done.

  12. Love seeing these videos in comparison to american ones. 99% of american tv shows where they follow animal rescuers around they would kill a dog like this. A dog with even a lot less harsh case of mange, let alone this bad… they always say “its suffering to much,better to kill him”. Never mind that after two weeks of suffering and healing it could have years of good life. How I hate those shows. I love it how you help him and not just lazily give up.

    1. Our vets are bad about that here. They’ve recommend several of my pets to be put down but I refused and took them to another vet. They are still alive. One vet even threatened to have me arrested for animal abuse if I didn’t let him kill my cat.

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