Help stop puppy cry or bark in crate at night. Puppy crate training.

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You have just got a new puppy home and you have decided to crate train the puppy so your puppy will sleep in the crate at night.

Congratulations! What a great idea. This way you do not have to wake up every morning and having to deal with disasters like poo or pee everywhere or damaged things been chewed up.

Crate training can really help you potty train the puppy too. Most puppies do not want to toilet in their own den (crate). So you can relax when you sleep and potty train the puppy during the day.

You may be dealing with a whining and crying puppy in the evenings. This video shows you how to stop your puppy crying and whining at night. Every puppy is different, some may take longer to train some are easy. Do remember especially adult dogs needs their exercise during the day, or they will have too much energy to release in the crate.

Here is how we work with our puppy to crate train at night when it is crying. This method can work during the day, not just at night.

The puppy is lured in with treats in the beginning. Bully is a strong welled breed they are not pushovers, which tend to push her way out when she wants to come out regardless of what you say for she doesn't know any human words nor understand your tone. I mean to close the door in her face to stop her rushing out. but sometime she can be too quick for me, if she does rush out then I put her in. I don't recommend you lure her in again with food for that she will think pushing her way out means she gets food again and again if she does. Communication is applied is when the gate is shutting indicating to her the boundary is there, do not cross. The reward is also there when she is inside the crate not attempting go rush out as I sit next to her keeping her company silently. She went down to relaxed position indicating she is calm and relaxed as the result of the reword of the reinforcement.

Some people do not see crate can be pleasant place for dogs. It can be cruel if the dogs are keep in for a long time or was never trained properly from the start creating stress. With the right introduction and training, the crate is a very pleasant place for your dogs to walk into and enjoy their resting time. See this video for results:

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62 Comments on “Help stop puppy cry or bark in crate at night. Puppy crate training.”

  1. I don’t think a puppy that young should have to, nor is able to hold it’s bladder all night. You don’t discuss coming and letting her out to go potty when she’s been crated at night. I believe it would be better to rouse her while she is still calm and take her out to potty instead of waiting for her to cry again and repeating your same process. It seems like you are reinforcing her crying and then you come to calm her…just what she wants…. she has trained you to respond to her crying.

    1. Janice P – At no point in this video did he say that this puppy was 8 weeks and that he was leaving her in the crate all night long without a potty break. You assumed that. This is a crate training video, not potty training. So you shouldn’t expect potty training tips or information from this video.

    2. That looks like an awfully young puppy, certainly not 12 weeks. One of the main reasons people use the crate is to help potty train their puppies. So, day one of crate training would also be day one of potty training, they go hand in hand. Does this go on every time he gets up in the night to let the puppy out?

    3. ElsaLovesNailPolish let’s put you in a crate all night and not let you pee if you have to go. Better yet, just pee in your bed. Problem solved. Crate training and potty training DO go hand in hand.

    4. Terry Stevens – Wow! Way to lack some reading comprehension there. At no point did I or the person that posted this video say that the puppy should be left in the crate overnight. Yes, I understand that crates are a great tool to use for potty training. HOWEVER, not all crate training videos are going to go into the potty training aspect of it. For example, this video is about keeping the dog quiet in his crate at night. That is one aspect of crate training that this poster decided to focus on. So, no, not every crate training video is going to go into potty training.

  2. I think this is a good video if the create is near your bed. But the opening and closing of the door would confuse them. it would confuse I can see why people would say cruel to leave a puppy alone at night. But if it’s near your bed I can see it being ok. the reason why is, if you don’t use a create to potty train, this makes dogs relieve themselves in the house. your suppose to confine them to a small area because nobody wants to sleep in there own mess, and you just keep checking on them. took me 5 months with one puppy I had because I didn’t use a create.

    1. HI Dom, doesn’t work for me in my bed, the wife and baby wont agree aye. The opening and closing the door does calm the dog down, it’s quite effective as a way of communication with the pup. Every dog is different with potty training. The little white Bichon x Chihuahua in the video took about 5 months also. Bichon and chihuahuas are both known to be hard to toilet break, they also have very smaller and weaker bladder so they don’t hold. The main character here (the bully cross) is fully toilet trained in less than 2 months. The Chihuahua and Bichon does not like to hold so I always have a puppy pad in her crate, she would use it but will not step on it, so she still keeps herself very clean. Works both ways.

    2. thanks for getting back to me. I’m getting a Doberman puppy in 3 weeks. Since there really clingy dogs I’m wondering if this night crate will be an issue. 1 last question. should a puppy always be confine in a room or play pin until potty train?because they will venture off to a new room and relieve themselves. Or is this only when there sleeping? and you just keep an eye on them and follow them.

    3. You are welcome. The vid is really for clingy dogs crying at night. I believe some tough love is required and crucial. The hardest thing is to hear it cry and keep it there. You can re-visit after it’s been crying for 10-15min or so, and go through the same process, keep it in the crate with door open but aim to calm it down (lay down) then leave again. If you have another dog already which is crate trained, keep them next to each other can really help. The pup will watch the older dog sleep and feel secure to sleep as well. For your 2nd question, Yes! Rules, Boundaries and Limitations (Cesar Milan) is so important especially for powerful breeds. Before my pup was toilet trained, I basically don’t keep my eyes off her like looking after a baby. I took her out once every 30min for a short and focused toilet (use ‘toilet’ command). Now my dogs have grown up, they only wonder around the living, dinning and kitchen where they are allowed. They only go in the hall way and bedrooms to wake my children up everyday at 7.30 or when invited by a human in the house. As you can see, it keeps the dogs very structured, there is much benefit doing this. Whenever no one is at home, dogs are always in the crate as they are still young, I never leave them for more than 3 hours in the crate during the day though, I work close by. I do make sure my dogs are in crate throughout the night. I have friends who cannot stand them crying so they gave up, making toilet train impossible, and it cry whenever it’s in the crate so it making going out hard as they always wonder what may happen in the house with the pup running around by itself.

  3. Hi, I have a question for you. What if your dog has to go to the bathroom? You wil just let it cry all night? That’s very cruel. What if it wakes up randomly during the night and barks? You don’t go to the crate and wait for it to stop because if it’s bladder is hurting from needing to pee then it will never settle down.

    1. Thanks for your question. She is 5 months old now (8 weeks in the video). I didn’t leave her cry all night in the training. As mentioned the video and comments below, after a few min of whining, I went back to go through the same process. This method should calm her down, then I will leave again. She was crate trained very quickly. And since she is now fully crate trained, every time she barks at night, I know something is up. I get the benefit knowing it’s not because she just want to get out like when she just arrived at 8 weeks, She is very happy sleeping in her crate. If she barks, i know she needs me for something important. She usually wake me up at about 6.30am, she is very consistent. But just last week she woke me up at about 4.30am. I let her out and she had very watery poo, no wonder. Something had upset her stomach. If you saw the volume and form of that poo, you would know how glad I was that all my dogs are crate trained and toilet trained. My house is all carpet, fairly new carpets too.

    2. I want to train mines too… but I’m teaching her to use pads. Any advice for when I go to work is basically the hardest hours for me since I can’t be with her to supervise what she’s doing

    1. +IanHunedoara8 hi everyone ,if anyone else is searching for puppy training tricks try Panlarko Perfect Canine Planner (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my colleague got great success with it.

    2. Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else is searching for how do i stop my puppy barking try Nevolly Top Dog Nerd (just google it ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my work buddy got great results with it.

    3. Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else trying to find out how to train a puppy try Wiltapar Top Dog Secrets (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my work buddy got amazing results with it.

  4. You have to watch “Zak goerge’s dog training” your not training the dog right let them sniff the crate and then when their reacting good to it reward them lure the dog in the crate and DO NOT close the door when they react good to it reward them and then close the door and when it reacts good to that reward them stay with them with crate for about two minutes and then your done ✅ ps: take them out to poo or pee once a hour

    1. Zach video is what I followed to get our pups to like their crates. They’ve been really good about sleeping all night save for 1 bathroom trip. This week there been barking and crying, so I came looking exactly for this. I will try it out. Thanks!

    2. AJA Music I just have my puppy yesterday (it’s midnight now) I let him down stairs then I went to my room and watch this video
      He started to cry ….I just leave my dog alone … he try to calm himself …. He’s ok ….. U can try …. My dog stop crying now

    3. PawVlogs I just watched this video today and I did exacly what you said and it worked so good as far as getting him to stay in the crate with the door open. I cant wait to see how he does when its time to sleep. Your video is literally my fav video on YT! Thank you!😄

    4. There are many ways to train your dog, it’s all about setting the right expectations with proper communication, saying someone wasn’t training their dog right whilst backing up with another way to achieve exactly the same goal would simply make yourself look bad.

    5. Syed Razvi different approaches. Zak’s by affection, this guy’s by dominance – which Zak strongly disapproves.

    1. there was a part of the vid I had to cut off before I said don’t talk to your puppy when crate training, because it’s not related to this video’s topic. I just had to talk to the white fluffy when she does that. she was way too cute to ignore

  5. I got my puppy 3 days ago and until now I did my best to come to her rescue whenever she cried. i had her in a traveling carrier that opened at the top and I’d pet her through it from my bed. tonight I’m trying this! for the past 2 days I taught her to sleep in her actual crate during the day so she can become comfortable. in fact, when she gets sleepy she goes right to it. but I want her to sleep in it at night so I can eventually get sleep too. hopefully the head start I gave her will work in my favor! I like that the method you showed seems simple and totally doable. I will update on my journey to crate training my 8 week old puppy.

  6. I only put my goldendoodle in his crate when i leave the house because he is still kind of young and I dont trust him just yet. He sleeps with me every night in my bed and is very well behaved throughout the night. He has only gone to the bathroom in the house twice and both incidents happened within a couple days of him coming home with me for the first time and He hasn’t since. I think it all depends on the type of dog you have and how obedient he is.

    1. Exactly, it all depend on the owner’s life style and needs. Not every owner needs a crate for the dog and note every dog needs a crate.


    I have a 5-month old puppy. And I had the crate for almost 2 weeks now. He was comfortable going in and out of the crate but was extremely noisy when I caged him at night. He just wouldn’t stop barking and whining for around 3 hours!!

    But tonight, I decided to put him in the crate using your method and it worked!!! I also placed a chew toy to avoid boredom. His noise was lessened to about 90%, and he is COMPLETELY silent by now! Btw, I used Zak George’s method at first, just to make him comfortable with the crate:)))

    1. Valery Ravera Well, actually my pup still cried for hours. When I typed the comment, he already stopped. But after like 2-3 hours, he barked again, so I went out did his method, and it was kinda difficult. Because I need to go and check him out, then open and close the door. 🙁

    2. That’s alright and normal. But has this method helped you long term now since you did combine it with Zak George’s method (like myself? If so, I will try this method on a night when I don’t have to go into work the next day 😂

    3. Valery Ravera To be honest, I stopped crate training him because my mom can’t stand the noise going through the night. 🙁 But I’ll try this again during my Christmas break :))

    4. well, I tried the first night and the moment she was placed in she defacted and peed! she was 8 weeks old and pees every 15 minutes !

  8. Thanks man. Cause my puppy drives me nuts when she’s in her crate. Lord, I just can’t sleep for at list four hours.

    1. interesting points ,if anyone else is searching for puppy training tips try Grathaw Canine Teaching Expert (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my partner got excellent results with it.

  9. Thank you so much! I’m going to try this on my little lab puppy. Her problem is she whines either when I put her up for bed OR right when it’s time to wake up (5-6 AM). Nothing like a whining alarm clock.

  10. I was frustrated with my 5 months husky
    You just saved me and him man. he stayed in the crate for 7 straight hours ove the night!
    Yesterday was the first day i sleep for over than week!
    I just love you man !!
    Thank you alot !!

  11. I’m quite lucky that mine 1. went in there of his own accord and 2. stayed in there all night first time without crying or shitting.

  12. Omg ur video saved my life!! I just became the mom of a 8 wk old fawn boxer named Loki. I tried to just put him in the crate and he pooped everywhere and freaked out. I’ve been going on less than 4 hrs of sleep a night. Mind you, I’m disabled. My sister and I did exactly what you said and he’s now in his crate fast asleep. I set my alarm for 3 am so I can walk him. Thank you soooo much!! Ur my hero!

    1. 8 weeks need to go out to pee and poo every 2 hours right? so do I have to wake up every two hours just to let my dog out the crate? I need to sleep also, is it ok to just let him poo/pee in the crate? I bought disposable underpads to put on the crate.

    2. I decided to buy a freaking huge crate.. the bottom of the cage is half tile and half wire.. so I can have my good night sleep.. and will release him in the morning for a walk and clean up the disposable at the bottom of the cage

  13. Literally sitting with my puppy now, and after 20 minutes of this. He’s finally settled down and is resting…..

    Time for my 2 hours of sleep at night! <3 thanks!! ^-^

  14. Do I see some Cesar Millan among your influences? Your dogs behave really well and you are a good communicator. Love this vid 🙂

  15. I like this one. I understand a polite approach to training puppys,

    But sometimes some trainers are TOO nice. Some puppys will misbehave while training, so Here he simply states a rule, and waits until she/he understands. Its not the “Constant Reward” type training, but it also doesn’t involve physical abuse. I like this!

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