Help puppy stop crying at night in crate – Day 1 (First Night)

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Crate training puppy to sleep in the crate instead of crying, barking and whining non-stop in the dog crate at night.

In this series of videos I share my journey training my new 10 weeks old cane corso puppy from the very first night (Day 1) to day 15 when he was fully crate trained to sleep at night time.

Puppy whining in the crate can be very hard to bare and it can also make new owner's life miserable. I hope this series of video can give viewers confidence in training their puppy positively without using force but with attention and companionship in getting the new puppy use to its new safe bed in the crate.

Many years ago I have had dogs when I was younger without using a crate. It was great. It was suited for my lifestyle at the time. Now having large, active, powerful and can be dominant breeds living inside the house with elderly, toddler, children and my work I have decided to use crate and t is one of the best tools to keep the puppy, family members and house assets safe. Crate is great for sleeping and short time resting during the day. It is not a cage to keep your dog in for a long period of time. Dogs do need a lot of companionship and play time, these will help with crate training in the evenings too

Links to the full series:
The 1st evening:
The 2nd evening:
The 3rd evening:
The 4th evening:
The 5th evening:
The 15th evening:

Music credit to: Ross Bugden
Happy and Inspirational Music – Bedtime Stories

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35 Comments on “Help puppy stop crying at night in crate – Day 1 (First Night)”

  1. I’ve had my Siberian husky puppy for about a month and she kept crying at night. I tried this and it worked like magic on the first try

    1. Infinitymayra

      I just got my siberian husky 2 night ago and he only whines when its time to go in the crate. (No matter what time)

  2. Is there anything else I can do , I have a border collie and it’s really energetic. She just cries all night

    1. PawVlogs we don’t have much space outside but I tied her to something so she can at least roam out a little bit

    2. I just really can’t get up all the time but my parents say she’ll eventually stop crying so let her cry all night which I don’t know if that’s a good idea , she’s 2 months old I’m not sure

  3. Got my puppy 3 days ago. Before bringing him home, I watched all these videos. I followed your technique and it WORKED WONDERFULLY! First 2 nights he cried for about 5 mins, then 3 mins. Then last night he didn’t cry AT ALL! Thank you SO MUCH!

  4. Is there a reason you don’t leave a toy in the crate with the dog at night? Do you leave him with a toy when you leave the house for extended periods of time?

  5. Your method worked really great for a abused rescue dog I brought home today. You solved my problems 🙏🏽🙏🏽

  6. Thank you for the video series. The first two nights were challenging but after that we have been doing really well. Thanks again 🙂

  7. Yesterday was my first night with my puppy. He slept quietly until 5:30am. I’m not used to waking up that early, but gotta get used to it. Will try your method tonight. He’s been crying every time I step away from him.

  8. I don’t usually comment on things but I must give credit where it is deserved! My 5 month husky/german shepherd would literally cry all night before I started this technique! I’m on day 4 and happy to report that this was the first night that she didn’t cry at all!!! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and taking the time to create these videos. If anyone else is doubting the technique, I would definitely suggest exercising with your dog beforehand, that made a huge difference for me. Best of luck to all and just stick to it, it really does work.

  9. I brought home my 6 week old Doberman pincher puppy two days ago and the first night my son held him until 3am and finally went to bed, unbeknownst to me he did not crate him but left him to roam the house, what’s surprising is that when I woke at 6am I thought “OH NO” but the puppy was fast asleep on the floor at the bottom of the bed and thank goodness had not messed with anything left on the floor. The next day I did not allow my son to hold him so long and put the puppy in his crate and the crying began. I did not give in and left him in his crate and I must have been worn out myself because I slept through the night over the all his loud crying. Well today I came across this video and I must say this is an excellent video, I tired this and it worked for me, I kept closing door when my puppy approached it and finally he got bored and began to play with a bone in his cage, then he fell asleep, a few minutes late I purposely opened the door again which woke him and again closed it each time he came to the door, finally he laid down and went to sleep. After the potty break I repeated this same things and they worked again.
    I can tell this approach is going to work very well for my puppy and though it may take a few more tries and some patience I will continue using this technique because so far its been the best crate training idea of all those I have watched on you tube. Thanks for sharing it.

  10. Awesome Videos, thank you for sharing! Worked out great for us with our new Vizsla puppy on the first night. Hopefully it continues just as well.

  11. Why buy a puppy if going to lock the puppy in a cage all nite exactly what they trying to achieve, if u have a puppy its Ur job to make sure the puppy is feeling love and feeling loved the puppy has-been taken away from his mother and brothers and sisters and now Ur gonna lock the puppy in a cage all nite, to cry feeling sad and lonely and scared after being taken to somewhere there know with someone they don’t know and scared stiff all that puppy wants is cuddles and kisses and feel safe, if Ur going to stick the puppy in a cage don’t have a puppy in the first place, when u buy a puppy buy one because u want the puppy as part of Ur family to share Ur home share Ur love,you wouldn’t take a child home and stick it in a crop and leave it to cry all nite would you so u should not forget to a puppy don’t have one if u are not going to be there when they need u , which is when they’ve been taken away from their moms and what they know if u dothenushouldnt have one x

    1. I appreciate it. Not every house hold have the same condition. I am not against owners letting their puppy sleep in a room. I assume you have not seen many other videos in the channel. Our dogs are well loved and cared for. Notice the ‘training’ in the video is having the owner with the puppy until it is settled. I have 3 children. When they first go to pre school they cry for separation, parents and teachers do their best to help the child settle. I have seen a child cry from morning when I drop mine off and in the afternoon he was still crying when I pick up my children. So why have children in the first place if you have to work and send your children to pre school? I don’t have to answer that, the answer if obvious. My puppy usually get used to having their crate as their bed in a week and I am there with them all that time. That’s why this is called training, not dump a puppy in the crate and walk away. See how they all turned out just fine and happy.

  12. My girlfriend didn’t understand crate training(I did it years ago with my first dog, he’s sadly passed since) I now have a new puppy who’s eight weeks, and three days. He whines when he needs to potty, I get up to take him out and then pop him back in. I ignore his whines, I don’t talk to him or engage when he whines. It teaches him his whines won’t get any attention, but I will say Kaven has done wonderfully. He’ll whine and whimper for about five minutes and then he lays down and goes to sleep. This is night four, and it does get easier. Most people don’t want to put forth the effort, they wanna play and cuddle the puppy and then be done. Don’t wanna take them out, or even be consistent. Anyway what I was saying, is that my girlfriend was going “Kaven it’s okay, Kaven calm down.” And I had to scold her for engaging his whines, because it made him start to scream.

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