1. Yay, he’s safe! I’m soooo happy and relieved, whew! Thank you helicopter rescue to save that cute dog.
    I wondering that dog had been reunited their owner or adopted? Please let me know, thanks!

    1. Owner was standing on the shore when we did the rescue. Dog is doing wonderful and owner was in tears… Thank You.

  2. Bravo to the rescuers!
    They did a really good job. The rescue went very smooth and lucky nobody got harmed in the process.

    The dog was very cute and also smart too!
    He/she knows they are rescuing so it won’t bite or bark
    and become aggressive at the rescuers.
    By being polite it makes the rescue operation much easier an mostly very safe!……..

    The shortest explanation of karma that I know is: ‘you get what you give’. In other words; whatever you do intentionally to others, a similar thing will happen to yourself in the future. Causing suffering to others will cause suffering to ourselves, causing happiness to others will result in happiness for oneself.
    Source: http://viewonbuddhism.org/karma.html

  3. The owner took the dog for a walk along the beach just before dark. The dog ran out on the ice and got trapped. The dog spent the night on the ice before Air 1 arrived to do the rescue.

  4. No matter what the cost we will and always give a voice for those who can’t speak for themselves.🇨🇦🕊

  5. When I started watching I was going from my computer to my phone…..watching two different vids. I thought those were clouds at first ( no glasses)…… I was like why are they showing clouds an hows a dog……I thought for split secounts was joke. Dumb…..I know!! Anyhow, soo grateful there are others who also believe animals are worth rescuing!! Thank you / peace!

  6. You guys are the best , you make this work better to live in JESUS CHRIST BLESS ALL OF YOU FOREVERMORE. THANK YOU WITH MY OPENED HEART.

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