Heavily neglected Dog rescue and transformation

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Let’s just forget the past and only do good things every day.
We found Roxx completely neglected, tired and tied up to a telephone cable in the garden. She was so confused that she was mutilating her own tail. Her owners just stood there and just looked at her. There was no love nor compassion, just something “lying in the way”.
One volunteer that used to drive by wasn’t seeing her anymore and went to investigate. She found her in the back of the garden. Her owners basically did not want her anymore. Don’t, think: just take her and go away.
The vet found out that Roxx was suffering from ticks disease and anemia. She was malnourished, dehydrated and couldn’t walk anymore. Apart from that she had many puppies before, of which the last born dead puppies were just thrown away like garbage. We took her to her foster with the proper medication for a new start.
Roxx got increasingly better with enough rest, love, attention and medicine. There was of course fear for the new environment at first. People touching you, a tv nearby and food 3 times a day. Things she never experienced before. But her curiousness helped her overcome the fear and after 2 weeks she would show much more of herself and allow to be loved.
As a foster one can experience such a beautiful process. Eyes that change literally from hollow spaces to glowing eyes. Ear that are straight up again. The first wiggle. Going outside for the first time, to the sea, have fun! And the first visit to a behavior course to learn basic commands.
A fantastic journey to find a place where she can actually feel alive and receive love and attention. For Roxx life has turned around 180 degrees and this is the only thing we wish for more of her kind. Please register as a foster and experience this wonderful and appreciative process so we can write more success stories such as Roxx’s!

Rescue Paws can certainly use your help to make this possible for other dogs as well. Will you help us to help them? Your donation can make a difference.



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Mattia Cupelli – The Phoenix

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This channel is inspired by Animal Rescue "Hope For Paws":

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52 Comments on “Heavily neglected Dog rescue and transformation”

    1. Paws on Curacao [ Animal Rescue Channel ] on behalf of all puppies of the world, thanks to all people like you 🙂 you make the world a better place. I will be donating shortly rest assured! Just wonder if you have any patreon account or anywhere I can make regular donations?

    2. Paws on Curacao [ Animal Rescue Channel ] noted, thanks for the tip 🙂 I will contact via Facebook for anything else 👍🏻

    3. We will have some new videos coming soon, also please take a look to the other videos on our channel when you have some time 🙂 Thank you so much for the support <3

  1. Thanks guys for rescuing Roxx from her scumbag owners karma is after them for the way they had treated Roxx, she is such a beautiful dog I hope she has found a forever home God Bless You All

    1. Paws on Curacao [ Animal Rescue Channel ] Ur more than welcome. I love animals with everything I have in me. They are such a joy to have in our lives. Some people just don’t realize how much of a joy they really are. Sad, but true. God bless you for what you do for these animals. ☺👍

  2. So heartbreaking 😢😢😢. The people that did that to her should be chained to a tree and starved to death. 😡😡😡
    Thank you so much for rescuing her and giving her a life she deserves. You have a one way ticket to heaven 😉😊😊

  3. Roxx.You are a fighter.You never gave up and look at you now!You are gorgeous!Thank you to you people and everyone involved in her care.(sometime i feel like,do right back to the ‘people’ what they did to the animal.)Thanks again you guys are awesome!Blessings *:3♡*

    1. Paws on Curacao [ Animal Rescue Channel ]
      You are so welcome.A lot of these poor sweet animals possibly wouldn’t have made it if not for everything you people do to save them

  4. Awesome work. i hope this channel will grow. please continue to do this, even thoe you are small now, You will get bigger! and save more animals!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words <3 We will keep on doing our best to help as many animals as we can <3

  5. Aww you remind me of hope for paws. Thanks for rescuing these amazing creatures, we need more people in the world like you.

    1. Paws on Curacao [ Animal Rescue Channel ] I subscribed to your channel last year but I haven’t been getting notifications. I just realized I hadn’t turned it on. ♡

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