6 Comments on “Hand Protection For Dog Training (k9-1.com)”

  1. Everything my dog knows so far i have taught myself, it has a very high level of obedience, and is very well trained (even if i do say so myself). Now i was thinking of getting a bite sleve and working on some bite training myself. Any tips?

  2. Hi Mike;
    Very informational video, Thank you for all the great videos! You guys rock! You guys failed to mention where this type of equipment can be purchased. Iv been searching but all i’m finding is bite suits and sleeves 🙁

  3. Hey… Great video… Ever think of using youth soccer shin-guards under the gloves?
    Any step-by-step process of How to Attack Train a dog?
    Recently rescued a pure-bred Doberman, and would love to start a career in training…

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