Got Him a Dog House!

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Today I decided that since Zeus loves being outside I needed to get him a dog house, so I went to Pet Smart to see what are my options.

I ended up buying the Top Paw Log Cabin Dog House which looked very nice. After bringing it home I ended up assembling it.

After having it assembled in the backyard and after reading reviews online I ended up returning this dog house because I did not think that it will be strong enough for my German Shepherd in the long run. Top Paw says up to 65LB

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Thank you guys so much for watching!

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24 Comments on “Got Him a Dog House!”

  1. POG your channel is getting down and down so plz make a new minecraft series or continue your previous series which was awesome

  2. I felt so bad watching this and I’m sorry it didn’t work out you are a great owner and buddy to Zeus and he really loves you

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