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Michialee is getting a service dog! Which dog is best? After spending time with many different dogs and puppies, did she finally find the right dog who will pass the test with the service dog trainer?

Dad – Rob, Mom- Heidi, Robby – 25 (Married to Natasha + Baby Andy), Avonlea- 23, Emmarie -21, Michialee – 15, Jayce – 13, Cookie the Puppy (AKA Trouble!)

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47 Comments on “Getting a Service Dog!”

  1. Aw! I love it!!! And the intro! Let me know when my letter has arrived! I have a Aussiehuahua which is a Australian Shepherd Chihuahua mix. She is a little bit bigger than a Chihuahua but she has the heart of an Aussie. She used to have problems with it but she does a lot better now. Her name is Piper. We are currently in Colorado and we are coming back home on Friday. I miss her so much! I’m so happy for Michialee!

  2. This is crazy I’m 14 and I’m in the process of training my own service dog I just rescued a shepherd Rottweiler mix from a shelter, his name is quiz and I just ordered a vest for him he is for my C-PTSD and severe anxiety. I also have a min schnauzer as well named Freedom! I’m also unable to attend school and I bugged my mom 24/7 searching for the right dog it was exhausting. But my journey is not yet over I’m training him all the time he know DPT and interrupting impulsive behavior as his tasks he also knows basic obedience! I can’t believe how similar our stories are and its comforting knowing there are other people out there like me and I’m not alone! I’m hoping to have Quiz pass the PAT soon and I’m so excited! P.S just a tip using a gentle leader (a head harness) for heeling training would be a good idea I’m using one and it really works without hurting the dog make sure to do your research!

    1. Doors In Time I also have really bad memory loss. It’s hard to deal with. Have to have timers/ alarms for literally everything. If I don’t have it written down, I will forget.

    2. +Kirby Star That is like me; I forget everything unless i write it down and most of the time I don’t get time to write anything or I forgot what the person just said.

  3. This is such an amazing decision. I My self have a service dog living with PTSD, Anxiety, Depression and medical issues. They are such amazing creatures that can learn so much. I am also a new handler and i am a new subber.

  4. CHANGE IS GOOD! don’t worry you’re young! you will learn to grow to respect and value change without change there is no life, without change you would’ve never been looking for a new dog in the first place! don’t you worry girl, YOU’RE ADORABLE AS HELLLLLLLLL don’t stress

  5. I have a service dog for anxiety/PTSD he’s a doberman and great dane mix. He helps alot but he likes to be very judgemental while looking in mirrors. 😂 Amazing video mate.

    1. I have severe anxiety and panic attacks I also have pstd and my favorite breed of dog is the Doberman Pinscher it’s my dream to own one!

    2. +Tailyns Life
      It depends if you are disabled by it by the definition of the ADA and if your physiatrist or doctor’s think you need one or qualify for one and what tasks it could do to help you with your disability’s

  6. Hello all. I want to clear up some confusion. Michialee’s dog will be a medical alert dog, not just for “emotional support”. -Heidi

    1. I have diabetes and I wanna get a DAD (diabetic alert dog)and i want to know how do you say no to people petting your dog because I don’t wanna be rude to people and say “no you can’t pet my dog “ how do say that nicely 😬(hope that made sense)

    2. Scout _strange you can say “I’m sorry he’s a service dog and he’s working. Please don’t pet him.”

    3. Scout _strange don’t worry about being rude this dog is helping you and he has to focus. They can’t pet him because he will have to focus on alerting you

  7. I have been curious lately, do you take a service dog to school? Like if you are still in middle school or high school then would you take the dog to school? Sorry if I sound dumb😂❤️I have a black lab!🐕🐶

    1. Flower cloudz service dogs are trained to be on high alert at all times and focusing on their job. the trainers and the dog are more to blame than the kid holding the food.

    2. Your Dad Wrong. Service dogs CAN be denied access to private schools, churhes, private homes and areas if zoos. Try learning the law. There are also other places service dogs can NEVER go ever.

  8. I’m over here crying you were so relentless in your search for a dog. You kept a very positive outlook on your journey to finding a dog. I wish you the best on this amazing journey of getting some freedom back.

  9. my family is in denial with everything that i have. I have bipolar, and i have a lot of health issues involving my eating disorder. I still am not on meds for my bipolar, and my parents are acting like im fine. they wont take me to the doctor, they wont talk to me about this stuff, im just really having a hard time. any advice ? <3

    1. Stampy AJ i know I’m not the person your asking for.. but my advice would be to get into therapy, then you can have someone listen to your problems, and get you medication, and possibly talk to them about getting a dog for your health issues

    2. If you are a minor tell your school what your going through and your parents will need to help. Other wise thats neglect and child protective services can get invoved if your an adult and harming yourself or others go into your local emergency department or call the crisis number.


    I told u not to

    Wow your a savage

    Your almost there

    Maybe not

    You made it!! Dang you had some time to get though this!!!!

  11. Tips service dog is performed to do a task for Someone has a disability that can’t do stuff on there own emotional support animal is for supporting when you are feeling like you need support and when you go out with a service dog to stores a lot of people will try to pet him just simply say no thank you he’s working. It’s really important for him to not get distracted because he might miss a alert if he is a medical alert dog and if someone says you can’t go in the store with that dog just simply say he’s a service dog he is allowed to go everywhere with me if that doesn’t work shows them the law

  12. I have had a mobility dog for 8 years. He’s 11 yrs old now. He’s awesome, but people who have been trying to get away with taking an untrained dog in as a service dog. Now in Southern Colorado I find we get sneared at, we have businesses tell us no even though my dog is trained well and follows rules. 8 yrs ago we were welcomed in, and I hid my crippled self behind my beautiful companion…, he’s learning to help me at home,but to stay home while I go out into the world, struggling with my forearm crutches until I end up having to use my wheelchair again. If you take your service dog with you,make sure you have your ADA service animal card that says your animal is allowed by law to enter the fascility,or call to make sure your dog is welcome. I don’t want my dog exposed to bad vibes by being unwelcome…. It depends on where you live. It takes much time to train. Once my dog passes,I won’t get another. Not because of the dog, service dogs are awesome,but because of the people who are ignorant and try to sneak their untrained dogs into establishments. Please be prepared for negativity,there could be places where you will not be welcome,and you will need your authorization papers, certification paperwork with you…..

    1. +Rosemary H.
      There is no real required certification, there is fake certification online that means nothing to the ada and makes it harder for people with real service dogs that don’t have that paperwork to get into places, business are only allowed to ask two questions no.1 is that a service dog? And no.2 what tasks is he/she trained to perform? Here are the laws and FAQ’s the ADA has and gets

  13. I need and am getting a service dog soon hopefully, where do I go to meet already trained service dogs instead of waiting for a program to custom trained one?

    1. Q.A. Denson There is no way that you are going to get a trained service dog without waiting for along time, they don’t just sell service dogs. A trained service dog can cost upwards of 25 to 40 thousand dollars.

  14. I really wish I could get a service dog for my anxiety/ ptsd but my family doesn’t have very much money and I have another dog that isn’t fond of other dogs and is not eligible to be trained. But good video!!!!

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