German Shepherd Rumor wins Best in Show | Westminster Dog Show (2017) | FOX SPORTS

March 31, 2018 by  
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See the judging for Best in Program at the 2017 Westminster Dog Show.

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55 Responses to “German Shepherd Rumor wins Best in Show | Westminster Dog Show (2017) | FOX SPORTS”
  1. Loki The German Shepherd Dog says:

    Yay, after 30 years a German Shepherd Dog won again.

  2. Kyle The Pug says:

    This German Shepherd reminds me of my own that I had when I was a kid. Well deserved Rumor!

  3. Logan Saunders says:

    I love my German Shepherd (working line). Rumor is nice, but I can’t stand those show line GSDs. Their backs are so sloped down that it looks like they are walking/running like a  frog.

    • Marilyn Willett says:


    • Dawn Keypuncher says:

      Thank American breeders for the sloped/stacked stance. American breeders have only made negative contributions to this amazing breed. Why try and fix something that’s not broken?

  4. Jess Montes says:

    I love the German Shepherd. We have one of our own. 🙂 Congratulations Rumor!

  5. darkphoenix2 says:

    At least this German Shepherd almost has normal hind legs…would be nice if the WKC moved past the obsession with a less functional dog, though.

    • CalrK GSD says:

      +1 ! Rumor looks incredibly strong ! If gsd could turn like her, it would be a winning for the breed !

    • Lin Bauer says:

      darkphoenix2 Yes almost pleased to see breed is moving in the right direction👏

    • Martial Artist says:

      darkphoenix2 Your so right, I have a working lines German Shepherd and it’s like a different breed compared to the show lines.

    • onedumbbaby says:

      martial artist. my shepherd is also from working lines and he doesn’t have that hitch in his git-a-long like a show dog. my thought is that working lines are more true to the original breed standard. however, i think they can be more challenging to have as a family pet due to their strong drive to work, work, work

    • Jefferdaughter says:

      Better than oh so many, but this dog is still way overangulated. He also lacks substance in the foreface, and the slight slope to the topline is exaggerated, just not to the same degree as often seen in GSDs in the last 40 years or so.

  6. deanna dawson says:

    All the dogs were amazing but I was so happy Rumor won. Made me miss my German Shepherd who we just lost recently so much.

    • rosa2dogs says:

      deanna dawson
      so sorry about your gsd we lost 2 gsd and still have 2 gsd, each one very special, but always a blessing to own one! Those that are gone are in Rainbow Bridge…

    • Sharron Rose says:

      deanna dawson so sorry for your loss. made me feel the same. lost my boy of 12 years and 1 month…in April

  7. whiskey jack says:

    Meh. At least she isn’t as bad as most AKC GSDs. I can barely stand even looking at those monstrosities.

  8. Catherine Kasper says:

    Congratulations, Rumor!!!!! What a stunning girl! So happy she won!!

  9. White Face says:

    If it ain’t a sheapherd it’s just a dog !! way to go rumer well deserved !!

  10. trainergirl says:

    And again, the AKC is promoting a breed that has been over bred and over bred until it is more or less handicapped on it’s back end. These dogs have unstable hips and are running on their heels more or less. This dog it is true, is a less handicapped than a lot of GSD show dogs and certainly better than the GSD who won at Crufts causing such a furore. But go to any large dog show and watch the GSD class. They are all running on their heels just as this dog is. I used to show GSDs back in the 80s and a dog like this would not be anywhere near the show ring because it would be regarded as unfit for showing. It makes me so very angry that show judges and the AKC along with other Kennel Clubs have allowed GSDs to become like this. If the Judges did not allow these dogs to win, and the Kennel Club came out against this kind of breeding then the breeders would not breed it. Simple.

    • Claire Silvey says:

      The hocks are still way abnormal in those pictures. She’s a far better example then the vast majority of ASL or WSL GSDs though. Not 1 SL GSD could complete the original Schutzhund test or the endurance test. Sad. These breeding practices have done nothing to “improve” the breed, only make them easier to handle by the pet owning public.

    • onedumbbaby says:

      trainergirl consider a gsd from working lines. they don’t have the roached back or deformed hind legs. just a thought.

    • onedumbbaby says:

      sorry, i didn’t read all the comments before i spoke.

    • pat murphy says:

      i’m not sure, but i don’t think von stephaniz who originally bred the gsd would approve of the dogs now, unknown to me(not sure?), but i do know some of the german deutschafferhunds are breeding the sloping back end for their ‘standard’, but it seems so far from what stephaniz wanted(just my opinion)…we don’t want hip displasia or any defects in the breed line…some american lines are still without the sloping back, but they have lost most of their black color & the red color…guess this is what happens when you have humans trying to run things.

    • Cristallo Nero says:

      trainergirl I agree with you!

  11. akapam57 says:

    I always loved German Shepherd’s. And Rumor is beautiful. I’m glad she won. I still prefer my German Shepherd to look like the German version. that’s the way our dog looked growing up.

  12. Charley Wilson says:

    I really really really really like German Shepherds and huskies are my favorite dogs that I like and wolves too

    • Victorian Sculptures says:

      Then you need to visit Wolf Park and sponsor a wolf too!

    • Jefferdaughter says:

      Charley – Have you heard that genetic analysis has led to the domestic dog being reclassified as a sub-species of wolf by the scientific community? Interesting, eh?

  13. V D says:

    Yay Rumor!!

  14. Viker G says:

    finally a real dog wins, it’s been awhile, good job Rumor

    • Margui622 says:

      A dog with a disability has won. Poor sweetheart.

      Rin Tin Tin, whatever you are, forgive these silly breeders. Your cousins doesn’t resemble the way you look: beautiful and powerful.

  15. Beth says:

    Finally a real dog!!

  16. Hilarie Faberman says:

    worst camera man ever and clearly not a dog person…less crowd, more dog, please!!!!

  17. LANE says:

    German Shepherds are wonderful. The only bad thing about this breed winning is it that some foolish people will go out and buy one because this breed won the show. People that have no business or proper place for this breed of dog. GSD’s are working dogs that need a lot of activity and attention and room to run. They want a job to do and to please you doing it. Please don’t buy one unless you can give the dog this kind of life. I guess that goes for any dog. Do your best to give them a good life. They will be true blue to you till the last beat of their heart.

  18. cc says:

    Distorted, dragging back legs. I love German shepherd, and please stop breeding them like that.

    • Lex60 says:

      They mark them as showing lines as an excuse to ruin breeds. Still I didnt find elegant at all having German shepherds with bunny rear legs.

    • Cristallo Nero says:

      I didn’t like that GSD in the video because of those back legs. It’s awful, and makes me sad 😟😟

    • Martial Artist says:

      I’m glad we still have our beloved Working Lines/DDR German Shepherds. I have a GSD with KNPV lines, he’s a bite work/protection beast.

  19. Bunnies4wool says:

    He is a beauty, but I wish theyd change the standard to eliminate that extreme angulation in the hind quarters. The *German* German Shep looks far more stable & hardy to me.

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