German Shepherd Attack Training (

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The assault muzzle is a wonderful device to evidence personal protection, police K9, security, as well as military functioning dogs during training as well as to make certain that the pet dog is not just not related to the devices, however also has no worry with remaining participated in a fight. Muzzle strikes must be short and also intense, yet typically ought to be subsequented with an open bite on a match or concealed sleeve to soothe frustration. Do NOT attempt this type of training without close guidance from an expert. Exactly what you see is the build-up of numerous weeks of training to reach the level of strength in the video.

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  1. The answer is actually in the description. It is an important exercise for police, military, security, personal protection dogs, and such if the handler needs to be sure the dog will engage when needed without seeing bite equipment. It is a common problem for dogs without adequate “proofing” to not perform when needed.

  2. Keep up the awesome work!! Love the K9s work. Always support our local k9s! At our competition every June. Go get those bad guys πŸ˜‰

  3. great videos…but how much would training like this cost and on a scale of 1-10 how effective is the training

  4. Since this is an aggression command will the muzzle be removed once the training has reached it’s end?

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