George H.W. Bush’s Beloved Service Dog ‘Sully’ Has A Heartwarming New Mission

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The relationships between dogs and Presidents of the United States have always captivated and warmed the hearts of Americans. Now President George H.W. Bush’s service dog is melting the hearts of people everywhere as he prepares for a new mission of service to wounded soldiers.
On Sunday, Bush’s spokesman, Jim McGrath shared a powerful and iconic photograph clearly showing the loyalty Sully had to the 41st president. The image showed Sully laying beside the coffin covered in the American flag with the fitting caption:

Sully was later seen by the former president’s side at the U.S. Capitol.
George H.W. Bush's service dog Sully sits quietly by the former president's side in the U.S. Capitol. Sully will stay with the family at least through funeral services at the National Cathedral on Wednesday, before becoming a service dog at Walter Reed. President Bush passed away surrounded by his loving family Friday evening at 94 years old. Sully flew with Bush’s coffin to Washington, D.C. The Labrador Retriever was named after an airline pilot, Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger III, known for the “miracle on the Hudson” emergency landing of a US Airways Airbus in 2009.
Sullenberger commented about his namesake on Twitter on December 3.
My family and I have enjoyed working with service dogs for over 30 years. It's wonderful that now after serving President George H.W. Bush, my namesake "Sully" will serve wounded service members at Walter ReedLater this week, Sully returns to America’s VetDogs in Smithtown, New York where he will stay for the holiday season. At 15 months old, Sully was taken to the VetDogs prison puppy program, where inmates taught him the foundations of service dog training. Sully later honed his skills at the VetDogs facility in Smithtown. Following his holiday visit in familiar surroundings, the presidential service dog will take on his new duties at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center’s Facilities Dog Program in Maryland. The center recommended Sully as a perfect match for Bush when the Labrador was 2-years-old. This beautiful, very good dog, is Sully. He’s transitioning to a new career at Walter Reed, but stopped first at the @uscapitol⁩ for one last goodbye. #remembering41 ⁦@AmericasVetDogs⁩In his new duties at Walter Reed, Sully will work with SGT Dillon and SGT Truman, two fellow service dogs. The dogs will work with wounded soldiers and active duty personnel while they undergo physical and occupational therapy at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.
According to PEOPLE, Sully will work with soldiers who have suffered amputated limbs.
Sully provided invaluable service to President Bush, helping him cope with life after the loss of his beloved wife, Barbara, in April. Now he serves other veterans who have risked their lives for our country in combat. We don’t yet know who will have the honor to be Sully’s next handler at Walter Reed.
Follow Sully Bush’s Instagram account to keep up with the latest updates on this famous and loyal service dog. One of his last posts showed Sully laying beside President Bush as he voted in the midterm elections. Another post showed him helping with some Christmas decorations.

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39 Comments on “George H.W. Bush’s Beloved Service Dog ‘Sully’ Has A Heartwarming New Mission”

    1. Marvin Goodhue,
      Everyone doesn’t. Just cry baby, tree hugging, safe space seeking libtards who lack education and self awareness. These are the same people who get their news from The View hags and The Emmy Awards, aka Hollywood self love fest.

    1. Too bad his family don’t feel the same about the dog. It was selfish for them to give him such a young dog, and now they, the family won’t take care of the dog. I’m in my 50s and was concerned about getting a dog. My family has very short life spans. So I had to do it now or never again. I have 2 jack mixes. If they live to be 15. Is about the same time I have left, and even then I made sure theres someone they know that will keep them should I fall short on my yrs. They’re family ,we take care of each other.

    2. +Henry Badd i think they did the right thing. Sully is a very young, highly trained service dog. I think they were kind in giving him to Walter Reed hospital where he can help the wounded veterans, and possibly be paired with another person needing his skill set! Wouldn’t it be wonderful for Sully to find a young wounded veteran- he could help return someone to a better life and have another family to love Sully the way the President did? I hope we get yearly updates on how Sully is doing.

    3. +B.J. Palmer Bj thanks for the input. I did just think of the moment a person experiences the loss of a fan member. It is always selfish. Oh oh my loss, forgetting they went with God! Also having a stay at Walter reeds myself also felt the value of servitude and didn’t think it till after I felt the bereavement. My bad, I do love my country …

  1. Dogs are the best friends of mankind. I can not imagine living without my dear friend Jully, the female dog that I have been around for 2 years, since my dear friend Benny (my previous dog), passed away. They are the best friends you can have.

    1. Lenard Mainard So very true!! I have 2 lil Shih tzus.. Broke my heart coming home from my part time job to them needing a groom bad. They have never been w out one thus it tugs on my heart strings hard.

  2. Sooo amazing how God has blessed these kind,loving,animals with so much emotion tears ran down my eyes seeing this beautiful clip hats off to you wonderful and faithful SALLY the late president’s Bush dog .

    1. Couldn’t sully stay with the bushes family..he was use to them all..he will be saddened by losing everyone he knows
      .my heart aches for sully..

    2. +Alice Devens as much as I hate the thought of not having my service dog at my side, I hope I outlive her so she never has to feel like Sully. He’s alone, confused and grieving 😢

  3. A very beautiful dog, i don’t think these dogs are appreciated enough for the great work they do, Sully is a great name after a great man, Captain Sully.

  4. So glad that Sully will get to help out at Walter Reed Medical Center! I am sure that he will be showered with love by staff and vets alike, especially if they know that he was in the service of #41, President George H.W. Bush.

  5. Seeing sully next to coffin broke my heart, and having labradors as part of my family for many years makes me feel so lucky at what amazing creatures they truly are. But then theres this idiot with his take piss narrative just ruining the moment. Theres a time and a place pal and its not now. So disrespectful.

    1. I think it would be selfish to keep such a highly trained dog, that had only be with the President for 6 mobths. Sully is very young, and has many years of service and love to share. So, she will either stay at Walter Reed Hospital/Rehab, or eventually be matched with a wounded veteran.

    2. Having been around the Bush family here in Houston and getting familiar with them and their ways for many years, I could speculate that the family probably did love and want to keep Sully, but their commitment to service to others would make them decide that Sully could best carry on that mission for them. And he is doing exactly that.

      The stupid hater children like this ox snowflake will always have their hate and someone to spew it at, because they have no ability to do anything else. But ANYONE who knows the Bush family firsthand (and not from a screen snowflakes) knows they are some of the classiest people this country ever had. May God continue to bless the Bush family. I am proud to say it.

    3. My father’s service dog (hearing) had to be returned to the center who gave it to him.It’s a service dog; they’re there to service…

  6. It’s sad to see Sully grieve over it’s lost owner. Pets have emotions just like us. But Sully will move on and help others. And will be loved and spoiled in the process. Thank you for your service. God bless 💗

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