Foundation Style Dog Training Demo (K9-1)

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This dog training video is a tidbit of info regarding Structure Style Pet Dog Training. This is a standard that has actually created over a decade of fine tuning strategies made use of for aggression rehabilitation as well as confidence structure for dogs.
This system has additionally been verified to work well on simply unmanageable pet dogs or even individual security dogs.
The structure design of pet dog training also includes a method to systematically fix difficult habits troubles in pet dogs.
Find out more concerning the Structure Style of Canine Educating at
The instructors in the video are:
Earl Dunn of Customized Dog Educating that is based out of New Jersey/New York and Nathaniel Bonilla of Pawsitive Canine Educating from New York City.
If your canine instructor isn't a structure design pet dog trainer then just what type of trainer are they?
Please research study your trainerfor the sake of your dog.
Hope you delighted in the video.

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18 Responses to “Foundation Style Dog Training Demo (K9-1)”
  1. Nicole Higgins says:

    The work you do is so cool, great work!

  2. alphawolf146714 says:

    I really like your videos! I would like to see some of your steps in fixing dog on dog aggression.

  3. tallia18 says:

    i only wish i could find trainers like you near me in MI. i went to one trainer with my 2 year old German shepherd, and now instead of learning how to be a responsive guard dog companion, he is very scared, hyper, and nervous…. and i don’t know how to undo the damage that has been done. thank you for your videos.

  4. MischievousKittie says:

    Tallia SE portion of Michigan there are several dog trainers who are VERY good and work with service dogs( retired police dogs) and aggression/ shelter rescue dogs.

  5. Clara Sierra says:

    Loooooved this video…I wish I could do this for a living!

  6. Joe Borges says:

    Thank you very much for sharing – you have some great uploads

  7. Peggy Horvath says:

    Love to watch ya’ll train

  8. Arjun Dave says:

    @k91dogtraining hey guys, love your videos especially the one on your site’s homepage the ‘dominance vid’ – lol

    was wondering what stuff you guys have available in the members area, like if i was to sign up what kind of stuff do you have? Also is it worth a first time dog owner to get it or is it more for experienced trainers.

  9. msminnamouse says:

    @abayarde5 I don’t think you actually practice fully positive because even ignoring attention seeking behavior is a form of negative punishment. You’re using the punishment of taking away a stimulus when the dog isn’t behaving correctly and pairing it with the positive reward to reinforce when it does behave correctly.

  10. msminnamouse says:

    @abayarde5 Purely positive reinforcement isn’t usually possible and it’s certainly not always effective unless you pair it with other humane and effective training methods. I never said that dominance and fear based methods are what I consider good training, however. You should look into operant conditioning.

  11. msminnamouse says:

    Training not to pull by freezing the walk until the pulling stops is much better than having to rely on crutches like pinch collars. Pulling = no more walk until it stops. No pulling = reward of walk continuing. If the dog wants to continue the walk, it’ll stop pulling. No pull collars and halters make sense to use to aid this training, especially with large dogs but shouldn’t be needed in the long term.

  12. KC STORYTIME says:

    wow, i just can’t believe the dogs actually stay on their platforms! I really need some of this coaching,

  13. Skaya Powell says:

    I’m watching these videos without a dog because these videos are too good!♥

  14. عبد المجيد عباس says:


  15. Djay ugay says:

    I watch this for my future ddog

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