Flynn – A Bichon Frise – Wins Best In Show At Westminster

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Virtually 3,000 pet dogs competed in the Westminster Canine Program, however only one is called Ideal in Program. And also it's a Bichon Frise called Flynn.Here's Nikki Battiste. (2:26).
WCCO This Morning– Feb. 14, 2018.

8 Comments on “Flynn – A Bichon Frise – Wins Best In Show At Westminster”

  1. The only good use for that dust ball is as a snack for my German Shepherd..real dogs RULE, foo foo dogs DROOL (and never shut their yappy mouths!)

  2. I remember the year when J.R. won Best In Show. Flynn deserves to stand right next to J.R. in the winners circle!! This breed is so extraordinary. I have been owned by two Bishons. I can tell you they are so smart and funny and loving. You never forget the joy they bring into your life!

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