Flick the Border Collie wins the Herding Group | WESTMINSTER DOG SHOW (2018) | FOX SPORTS

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Watch Flick the Border Collie with the 2018 Westminster Kennel Club Canine Program Herding Group

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14 Comments on “Flick the Border Collie wins the Herding Group | WESTMINSTER DOG SHOW (2018) | FOX SPORTS”

  1. So This is what fox sports broadcasts during the football off season 😂 I ant complaining, this is much better than baseball at least lol

  2. I’m confused – is his name Flick or Slick? They spell his name as Flick, but then the announcer says his name is Slick. Then there are some articles where they call him Slick, others, Flick. Which is it?!

    1. Thanks! Must have been a spelling error. Another dog tonight was named Duke and they spelled his name as “Uke”. They’re slacking with the name spelling lol.

  3. HE SHOULD HAVE WON BEST IN SHOW, HE OWNED THAT WHOLE ARENA! THE JUDGE WAS AN IDIOT! Sorry, had to vent, but I don’t own nor have I ever owned a Border Collie, but his eye contact, stance, appearance, movement, everything was perfection, he was sooooo robbed!

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