First Time Flying with my Service Dog

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I hope you enjoy this vlog from Captain's first flight!

Remember that this was his FIRST flight, so if his tuck wasn't quite perfect or he picked his head up during take off, it's okay. It was a new experience for us both and he did great for his first time.

When we sat down, I did let him stretch his legs out while I grabbed a towel for his 'place' command. From that point on, he was in a tuck. He was able to listen to me the whole flight and hold his down stay in a tuck.

As I mentioned before, Captain is a full Service Dog by ADA standards because he is task trained. However, I like to use his 'in training' vest and I still refer to him as in training because it feels like with my health issues we are always working on new tasks.








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13 Comments on “First Time Flying with my Service Dog”

  1. Public transportation can be a big source of anxiety for service dog handlers so it’s helpful seeing this. Captain did great even if he didn’t do a perfect tuck the whole time. Most people are just so surprised to see such a well behaved dog they probably wouldn’t notice anyway plus it was probably sorta stressful for him since it’s new. In real life nothing’s perfect but if you can get him down and out of the way when needed, and he makes it so you are able to go do the things you want to do, that’s the goal. Mine is a standard poodle and he doesn’t appreciate being put under chairs especially in a new place but will down stay at (on) my feet and that works for us as long as he doesn’t sprawl out. 🙂 Keep the videos coming, it is fun to see other people and their SD’s.

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you liked the video 🙂 Thankfully my boyfriend was sitting next to me on the plane so it wasn’t a huge deal if he crossed into his space, but if it was a stranger I would have been more strict with his tuck. I think it’s great that handlers can figure out what works best for them and their dog so it sounds like that’s what you’re doing with your poodle! We’re currently working on Captain taking up less space since he’s so long and tall haha!

  2. I refuse to go on planes, boats, trains, bikes, and buses. The only time I have been on a plane I broke down into a full anxiety attack and Autsim breakdown. As you might be able to tell the entire flight loved. 👍🏻 But Captain did so well!

    1. Samtaplet Yes, he’s an English Goldendoodle (his dad was an English golden retriever) which is why he is white!

    2. Captain the Service Dog & Morgan Dod you owner train? I’m thinking of getting a goldendoodle as my sd prospect and am wondering how easy are they to train.

    3. Samtaplet not fully, we had the help of dog trainers who had trained service dogs before, Captain would go to them to be boarded for 1-2 weeks at a time and they would teach him his task work, then they taught me how to follow up each tasks. Some tasks I have taught myself though. If this is your first time training a dog, I HIGHLY suggest getting the help of a trainer since service dogs need to be trained to such a high level!

  3. sooo, they don’t ask for any paper regarding a service dog? that sounds like you can bring any dog the the airplane and wrongfully abuse the system. America is weird.

    1. I agree that the FHA airline rules should be corrected. Most airlines do require paperwork (doctors note, shot record, etc) for ESAs or Psych Dogs. For any other service dog (medical alert, guide, etc) they can only ask the 2 question: “Is this dog a service dog?” and “What tasks is your dog trained to preform?”. Most people that work for the airlines don’t even know the rules so I agree that there can be a lot of abuse, but those with real service dogs often know their rights and use the system correctly. They should be changing the rules in the next few years because of all the incidents that have happened.

    2. Yes i agree. But what makes me wonder, why do they differentiate the medical alert and the Psychiatric service dogs? They both should be prescribed by a mental professional. Where i’m from, everybody is registered online, so the security can look up to the dog and the registered owner. This way there is only 0.01 % of ppl faking it.

    3. Mirtill Hagymási Why in the world would a medical alert service dog be prescribed by a mental professional, they have nothing to do with mental health. And there is no such thing as registered.

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