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  1. Do you have to give your dog a treat everytime she/he does a command? What if you are not home and don’t have a treat but you want them to sit,come,heal,lay, and so on would they still do the command if you don’t have a treat?

    1. +Grace Preston
      As they get older and better at whatever your training them to do you give them less and less treats. I’m not completely sure though, I hope I helped a little. 🙂

    2. Exactly what Nova said. Once they start getting it down, decrease the treat giving, and keep the frequency varied. Once every ten successes, once every thirty successes, etc. It’s important to vary the frequency, because that teaches your dog that sometimes he will get a treat, but sometimes he won’t, so he better perform the command every time, just in case. It’s for this reason, however, that some people advise AGAINST treat training. Because. If you’re giving a crucial command (for example, ‘stay’, when your dog is about to wander into traffic), you don’t want your dog to ignore you because he’s simply not hungry at the moment and doesn’t give a hoot about a treat.

  2. Doesn’t this just associate “Good Girl” with receiving a treat? According to classical conditioning, if you give a treat every time you say the phrase the dog will only continue the behavior so long as the reward is consistently given. Correct me if I’m wrong but wouldn’t saying “Good Girl” intermittently and only giving treats sometimes when the word is said work better? That way the dog would not always expect the reward but would still associate the phrase with positive reinforcement.

    1. That’s typically phase 2 of any reward-style training. Once they have the command ‘perfected’, you start decreasing/varying the frequency of the reward. Which teaches the dog that they MIGHT get a reward, so it’s in their best interest to perform the command EVERY time. And, along those same lines, it’s also recommended to vary the reward given (sometimes a treat, sometimes a clicker, sometimes just praise, and sometimes, nothing at all) that way there’s a level of motivation/intrigue for the dog. The dog thinks “Ooooh, what am I gonna get this time??”

  3. Hey question. Can you please make a video on the whole “Free” thing? Like, I’ve watched a lot of your videos and you always have the word “Free” which obviously frees the dog from the command. So can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a video on how to train them in free??

    1. Olivetree o_0 She did boo! Just go to her channel, then playlist, and there’s a whole folder dedicated to phase 1 obidience, then phase 2 and so on.

  4. Is it possible for you to make a playlist so that we know the correct order of the commands we need to train our dog with.

    1. I think these videos are amazing and you have been an inspiration to me I will most definitely be starting this training today with our 9 week old German Shepard pup Ellie 😍🐶 Thankyou for some amazing videos xxx

  5. I’m getting a cane corso in September. Hopefully training goes as easily as you make it appear. You are extremely attractive!

    1. Good luck. sign up for positive reinforcement classes ASAP! You want to get in socializing and manners as soon as possible with this breed so you don’t have a mess on your hands later.

    2. +Susan J Just today my trainer came over to start with her. She’s so intelligent for 9 weeks old! Not one time has she had an “accident” in the house. I can read her like a book which makes it simple, hiccups mean poopie time, and she pees every time we go outside. Awesome little girl, never expected her to be so smart! Love your videos by the way!

  6. How would you differentiate this from teaching their name? The way i was taught to teach them their name is pretty much the same but they get the treat after making eye contact.

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