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Hi my name is Volda and my service dog is Dexter. Dexter is a pure bred Siberian Husky and psychiatric service dog. I re-homed him in January 2018 from a family that could no longer give him the attention he needed. We started PA in April of 2018. I currently struggle with PTSD, Major Anxiety, Major Depression, Memory Loss, Overactive brain, heat/light sensitivity and Type 1 Diabetes. I am a advocate for safe and responsible service dog handling. Please follow the ADA and be nice to each other!

Thanks for watching!

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32 Comments on “FIRST SERVICE DOG MEETUP | DexterTheGermanHusky”

    1. If you take the time to read, it clearly says “in training”

      there are a lot of distractions in a mall that cannot be trained for in the home. Thats why the dog is there: to train for those distractions.

    2. Hey guys I hate to jump into your conversation but I would like to say something. The other team is very new, part of the point of meeting up was so that they could have someone to help guide them through the training process. They know that they have things to work on and are not just ignoring them. We all start somewhere and berating her in the comments isn’t helping! Of course you have every right to your opinion but please keep it nice and considerate. Also yes the mall was pet friendly and I believe it was the first time the dog has been in such a high intensity situation. If you guys would like to put some tips for training that would be great!

  1. Is Dexter trained exclusively using positive reinforcment? I could be wrong, but in one of the photos, it looked like he had a shock collar on.

    1. Dexter doesn’t care about treats so we mostly use positive reinforcement but we just started with a new trainer that uses a ecollar for training so we are now doing a mix of both. Also it’s not a shock collar, it uses muscle stem, it’s the same thing you would have if u went to a chiropractor and doesn’t hurt the dog.

  2. I’ve been looking into getting a psd, I was wondering if anyone knew of anyone good breeds or organizations? I want to try owner training but I don’t know of any good breeds Thanksdvance.

    1. I would check out medical mutts. Also any breed can be a SD but labs and retrievers are generally the best. Collies are also really good.

    2. It really depends on your needs and what tasks u need. My dogs a psychiatric, medical alerts among a lot of others, but because of my needs I needed a dog who didn’t shed and a dog who was very smart and big but not to big to over power me. So I got a F1B Goldendoodle! So if your dog would be only psychiatric then it depends on what u need. I have heard of 10 pound dogs being PSD although I’m not sure what they would really do. But like for crowd control or block , how big of a barrier would u want? I have heard of ppl only needing 25 pound dogs while other ppl it doesn’t help unless it’s a great dane. For me, my 62 pound dog is the perfect barrier. And he’s the weight that relaxes me while on my lap. While he’s not so over powering to be next to, he also is big enough to do the light mobility tasks and reach things such as light switch, handy cap buttons, door nobs, etx. So if u haven’t worked with dogs before I would recommend getting a trainer (of course make sure they have qualifications trainers don’t actually need schooling which I didn’t know, so some trainers can be very bad. So make sure they have schooling) but my trainer took all the tasks I needed, and all my health into consideration and pointed at what breed would best suit me. The problem is Doodles are typically very energetic and with my health I’m just not. But if I take him off leash everyday so he can have a good run, we work through it. And with everything I needed, there wasn’t much choice. But he’s worked wonderful! So I would talk to a trainer about what they think would work. Because it’s on a case by case basis and what u need and would help u. Good luck! 😊☺

    3. +Officially Lydia’s Life aw thanks. I was thinking a great dane because my best friend has a great dane pet and when I was at her house for a sleep over she came to lay on my lap and it really was the perfect weight I needed at that time with all the anxiety I had in that moment. Thanks for your sweet response.
      Oh and I do have experience with training dogs. And I can’t afford a trainer

  3. Dex did awesome but the other pup is not ready to be in somewhere like a mall or store
    He is pulling and disobeying basic commands and needs to work in pet friendly places for a bit.
    Of course no hate twoards the handler training a dog is hard but a dog pulling is a major problem in public and could easily distract my service dog or make someone feel threatened. Just a tip you did amazing

    1. Thanks, please understand that the other team has just started public access and know what they need to work on! They don’t normally train in high traffic areas like a mall. The mall we went to was small and was actually pet friendly! Thanks for being nice about it.

    2. DexterTheGermanHusky of course! I know the service dog community can be a bit mean sometimes so i just wanted to clear the situation up before someone else did.

    1. Well all Service dogs start somewhere. She explained in my comment this was a pet friendly mall. But SD ‘s aren’t born knowing how to do Puplic access or be a service dog. They have to LEARN!

  4. Hi, I’m Stephanie and I’m the handler of Bailey which is the other dog in this video. So I just wanna say “that other dogs problem” is that she is VERY new to service work. At the time of the meet up Bailey had only been training for a month and I wanted to put her in this situation because I needed to see more clearly what she needed to work on in an environment such as this or just in general. We train a lot and since this meet up took place I now have a very clear picture of what we need to work on. To those who offered good suggestions I appreciate it. To anyone who thinks that this shouldn’t have been posted because of her mistakes, I have a YouTube channel and I will regularly post her mistakes I also have a Instagram (@Baileytheservicepit) where I am VERY open about the struggles we have. Dexters handler and I (who have become very good friends) believe it’s important to show the mistakes Service Dogs in Training make because a lot of people don’t and when I first started watching videos for training her all I saw was perfect dogs which discourages me more than peoples critiques. I am very used to getting any feedback as I used to do tons of Facebook lives. I WANT people who have trained service dogs to tell me what we need to work on. However, calling her a “pet” or any thing that’s not constructive is not okay with me. Bailey is learning. I am learning, since this video we’ve backed WAY up because I can see from this what she’s doing wrong where as in the moment I was flustered and anxious and wasn’t aware of everything she needed to work on. Bailey is the only dog in the house so we do not get to train with other dogs much I also have a lot of physical disabilities that prevent me from doing as much public training as I would like sometimes. I ASKED her to post this video WITH the mistakes for the purposes of me learning which I am but I felt the need to speak for myself. So here it is. If you have problems with what I’m doing fine, but I’m not hurting my dog and you are welcome to your own opinion but just remember you don’t know the story behind videos and if you have suggestions for me then great! Let me know what they are. I’m more than strong enough to take it as criticism is what will help me learn. Just like that very first comment her obedience isn’t great but that’s what we are focusing on the most now, so thanks for pointing it out ❤️

    1. I was watching this just now while typing my ICE sheet for me and my SD Moki. You’re pup needs to work on her heel and sniffing. Those were the only “issues” I saw and that is very trainable. I realize I’m late with this and by now I’m sure she has progressed tremendously.

    1. Thank you! That day was so much for her but it’s nice for me to look at and see how far she’s come and keep us in check.

  5. The second dog is doing so well! I love the immediate corrections by the handler, the dog doesn’t have a “problem” and is definitely not fake.

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