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Helloooooo dog lovers πŸ™‚ Do any of you guys have barkbox subscriptions? How do you like it? We're both super excited for next month's box already! Let me know if you guys want to see another video like this next month.


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Get Available Barkbox Bonus Offers and Coupon Code Here!!!

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11 Comments on “FIRST BARKBOX UNBOXING | Is It Worth It?”

  1. We loveeee barkbox! We found the toys got repetitive after awhile but I just love the themed boxes haha! Sherman is too adorable, I love all the videos with him!

  2. I love seeing him ❀️ I think those bark box are cute would love to see it every month! Love my grandson Sherman 🐢

  3. Awwww I love that he loves it! He’s super cute. I’d love to see more unboxings! But I Love all your videos anyways 😊

  4. Ahh the toys are so cool! I really want to get my dog a subscription for his birthday πŸ™‚ where did you get the half off coupon from?

  5. I just saw your October unboxing before I found this one and we been getting bark box now for 6 months and my dog love the toys, but he have to share the treats with the other 2 older dogs and all of them loves the treats. If u ever have a toy he does not like, the service is great. Cause one of the toys from the Aug box he dislike and won’t play and they sent him another toy by asking what does he like.

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