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The worst mall trip ever. Started out good and went downhill from there. . .

Hi my name is Volda and my service dog is Dexter. Dexter is a pure bred Siberian Husky and psychiatric service dog. I re-homed him in January 2018 from a family that could no longer give him the attention he needed. We started PA in April of 2018. I currently struggle with PTSD, Major Anxiety, Major Depression, Memory Loss, Overactive brain, heat/light sensitivity and Type 1 Diabetes. I am a advocate for safe and responsible service dog handling. Please follow the ADA and be nice to each other!

Thanks for watching!

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  1. The look on poor Dexter’s face as Chris is carrying him out…awww!! I hope his nail heals up quick. My dog split her nail when working last year. I trimmed it a bit and then superglued the crack and the scraggly bits as flat as I could. Once the quick was covered up she quit limping. It took about 2 weeks to finally grow out enough to quit bleeding periodically, but now it’s 100% fine. I hope Dexter is feeling much better soon!

    1. Mavis & Me if your dogs nail splits again I would not put superglue in the crack it could get infected. Just wanted to let you know 😁

    2. Carmel_the_piggy Pig Sometimes tissue glue (basically a glorified superglue) is used to close small incisions after surgery at the veterinary clinic I work at. As long as the area is disinfected and glued together properly, there shouldn’t be any complications

  2. This is the problems that fake service dogs cause if that pet dog wasn’t there this probably would have not happened people are so selfish wrapped up and there own little bubble not to realize they are hurting people with legitimate service dogs this is outrageous I hope his paw is ok lots of love ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️

    1. ե օ ɑ S ե ҽ ժ;-; ƒ ɾ մ í ե ӏ օ օ թs yeah they just want to take their dogs with them and then it says that most service dogs are fake

    2. DexterTheGermanHusky it might have been the dogs first time going out it might be in training????? I don’t think it was a real service dog though

    3. Isabellajams07 It was definitely not real, I mean before taking a dog into a public place, it should have some sort of basic training beforehand and if it isn’t trained that well, you shouldn’t bring it into a place surrounded by people and very likely pets

    4. Isabellajams07 This wasn’t walking down the street or even an outdoor patio of a business, where you might exercise general socialization skills. This was inside a mall, where the dog should have more basic training and socialization before advancing its training. It was a fake service dog, plain and simple.

  3. I shouldn’t be laughing because its horrible but seeing a decently large dog being carried around a store isn’t something you see often.

    1. Actually Huskies are pretty light dogs, though big. My sister’s dog is a German shepherd/husky mix and she only weighs 42 pounds though eating at least 3 bowls a day. So we can easily carry her around, in fact I love picking her up.

    2. Yep Dexter is only 60 lbs so I can pick him up but he is just really long and he is as tall as me lol

    3. kawaii poptart Same but it is scary like these ppl who have fervice(fake and service mixed together) dogs should go to jail for 9 months bc it is rude for the ppl who actually have em bc they can harm ur actual service dog and distract and u can faint or if ur blind or deaf so yeah #nomorefakers #servicedogsarelit #bad”service”dog. And can u pin this 🙂

  4. Not trying to be mean but when Chris was carrying dextor I laugh because dextor looks like a real human baby I’m trying to say he looks so cute when he’s carried like that

  5. At first I was like oh it’s not that bad glad to see dexter is okay then u change the angle and I am like GET HIM TO A VET make way for the dexter

  6. I feel kida bad for the dogs who are faked to be service dogs dogs arent bad and it not there fault those people didt train them see peole just ruin everything 😯 and then other dogs and other people suffer because of those auful people

    1. And service dogs go through tons of training to handle going in public. There was this one time I was at the mall and this lady had a dog that she was dragging and it looked terrified. When it saw my dog it went crazy. It pulled its leash so hard that it broke free and I quickly picked up my service dog and the other dog bit his tail. My dad grabbed the other dog and yelled at the lady. And ever since when ever I see a dog in the store I turn around and try to stay away from it because I get scared that its going to be a fake. I wasnt even close to the fake but even from a far distance they could be dangerous

    2. Yes, I lost part of my nose to a fake service dog in 2011. Both of my service dogs have been attacked by fake service dogs in public accommodations. Drug addicts who are homeless just love to bring their untrained aggressive dogs into public accommodations. Having had enough and fearing for our lives, I carry pepper spray with me. I haven’t had to use it yet, but it is better to defend oneself and my service dog than be mauled again and have my dog killed.

    1. Exactly! Heade no sound as it happened and still behaved like he was supposed to and ignored the pain. He is such a strong dog!

    1. My 2 year-old Siberian Husky Jake is my service dog for both hearing (signal dog) and mobility. He is a great service dog, strong and intelligent. What independent nature? My husky is always with me, and even sleeps with me at night. However, I do agree with you that most people should not own huskies as they are a full time job! We started training Jake at 6 weeks old and used my then 8 year-old English Shepherd service dog to teach Jake the ropes. When he is not performing his tasks for me, Jake requires hours of running and walking as well as hiking and sports such as soccer, football, frisbee, and tug-of-war. Jake has also had hundreds of hours of training with small animals, including our 3 cats, our neighbors cats, and other small wildlife to remove his prey drive. I chose a husky as my replacement service dog as I needed a dog that could have the stamina to hike in the mountains with me in California. This dog is perfect for my needs. Unfortunately, people do not put in the time with huskies and they are flooding the local shelters, the 2nd most discarded dog after pitbulls in Los Angeles county.

    2. aprilsitaly why YOU JUST WASTED TIME BY WRITING THAT COMMENT and its not worth it. CAUSE HUSKIES can make good pets if you had a husky it probably recked your plants or broke some toys but ITS JUST A HUSKEY A HUSKEY YOU PROBALY DID NOT GIVE IT A CHANCE now you think this comment is stupid I know But its your opinion. you let out why you think they are bad pets and I let out why they make good pets. we are even.

    3. +aprilsitaly Your wrong. You can train them to be amazing service dogs. Don’t judge them by how they look, or just facts. People say it’s a fact that Pit bulls (Bulldogs) are agressive and shouldn’t be a pet. It’s all on how you raise them. If you raise them to be agressive, there going to be agressive. If you raise them to be loyal, and sweet. They’ll be loyal and sweet. I know a bulldog thats a big baby, shes so sweet! Anyways, Husky’s make great pets if you can handle the work and responsibilities. They shed a lot, and they have a thick coating of fur, there made for cold places, or a sled dog. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have one.

    4. I do not recommend having a husky as a pet. They are a working breed and are happiest with a ton of exercise and a stable job. Huskies also don’t normally make good service dogs as they are harder to train and they have a high wash rate especially for scent work. A hunting/Retriever breed is the best for a service although huskies(obviously) can be with the right amount of work.

  7. I saw in another video that Huskies are good at reading emotions which is why they make good service dogs for people who have PTSD and such and I tried it out on my husky mix. We were just hanging out and I said “ouch” and cradled one hand and she came over and licked it then licked my neck and face. Huskies are amazing.

    1. We think my dog is a husky mix as he is very good at showing emotions and telling them, he is VERY smart! ♥️

  8. I saw a fake service dog at a grocery store today he kept pulling and barking at everything and then there was another dog in there that wasnt even a service dog whats so ever, why do people abuse the term “service dog” to bring there pets with them :/ they need to stop btw Dexter is really adorable 🙂

    1. Brookie Wolf some people just have no respect. One day places will have to do something about the fakes because that could cause the real service dogs to not be allowed in the area ;-;

    2. If it’s not a dog or horse, the small one, then it’s not a service animal, also if u see a “service dog, one with the harness and no touch on it” barking at stuff, tell the person to not take the dog places because it could be dangerous

  9. People pretend to have service dogs so they don’t have to leave their dogs. I understand because I tell my dog that I wish he was one so I never have to leave him. But I would never do that. I only take my dog where he is allowed to go and I cuddle with him when I come home from a place I couldn’t take him. But if you want to take your dog with you at least make sure it’s friendly and ask if they will allow it if ya not a service dog. Some places have allowed people to bring their pets if they are behaved. I think that’s how it should be if your dog is not a service animal. I’m very sorry for what happened to dexter 🙁 I hope that person gets what’s coming to her

  10. Is it just me, or are big dogs just 10 times more adorable when they are being carried around like babies😂

    1. +popsicle msp Uh…no? Too attached now. She knows I’m damaged physically. Not sure how, but it’s all good.(electrical field or something???)

  11. I want to get a husky as an emotional support dog for my panic attacks and extreme anxiety but I would never dream of claiming it’s a fully trained service dog unless it was full trained and legally given the title! It’s so wrong that people fake it it’s what gives all service dogs a bad name!

    1. I have always thought about it but the trouble just wouldnt be worth it and It would be lying. This isnt right to lie about authority.

    2. Alex O. Yes because having horrible panic attacks for reasons you can’t help is so great. That’s why I have them so much haha!! (That’s sarcasm if you could tell.)

      Dude, yes, it’s horrible that there is such bad things out there, but just because someone also has it bad, doesn’t invalidate someone else’s struggles.

    3. you just need a doctors letter stating you have the dog for emotional needs and you are good to go. You dont need to get it registered as a service dog. They dont do that anymore.they dont classify them the same anymore.

  12. One of the huge issues concerning Service Dogs is a plethora of FAKE so-called “Certification” or “Registration” sites. People are paying for something that doesn’t exist. They then believe that it’s all good, buy a vest and a couple patches, and off you go. The only entity that I know of that actually “Certifies” Service Dogs is the United States Department of Veteran Affairs. If a Service Dog has VA certification you can take the dog into VA facilities. I can’t get that done as it’s in Oklahoma, and I live in extreme south Texas. Yes I am a Veteran Classified as Permanent and Total.

    The other issue with Vets is the actual dog. They are all in favor of Vets getting dogs, but don’t try to get them to pay for them, or their training. Because of the cost involved, I can’t afford an already trained dog, so I’m having to do it myself, with assistance from my Caregiver. When we first got her, she would growl at other dogs, but we’ve gotten her out of that. We have always made it clear that she is, “IN TRAINING”, and not a fully trained Service Dog. One Walmart near us wouldn’t allow unless fully trained. The Walmart 5 miles from that one said it’s fine but you can’t carry the dog. Jesus Christ Almighty, she weighs 100 pounds. And I’m disabled, lol…
    One HEB said no, another said it’s ok, but could I please put her in a vest, just to keep the whiners and complainers happy. That was something I was happy to oblige with. Mostly I just try to base everything on behavior. First time at HEB, with food at her level, walking through the butcher area, bread, etc., Neesa just stood there.

    Anyway, it’s difficult enough without fakers trying to bring Snookums into grocery stores. Especially if their dog is aggressive.

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