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  1. That dog deserves the best life in the whole entire world. You are definitely in very good paws as I may say. sadly out in the world, people tempt to fake things just to take their dogs out with them not understanding the hazards. I’m sorry this happened to you. But your dog preformed beautifully. I’m definitely subscribing to see more of this adorable dog

    1. Heidi Willard that’s one of the reasons I have my SD I have a TBI and before I got my SD I would come to and not know where I was or what I was doing and physically couldn’t get up.

    2. Whitney Thiher if the guy were nice to her, apologize and explained his dog was on tranning I would belive, but instead he was really rude and said her to “relax and keep going” like seriouly?

  2. Edit: Hate gets deleted.
    Hey guys! Thanks for watching! This videos purpose was to spread awareness of how much danger fake service dogs put real service dogs and their handlers in. I do have ptsd. That’s why I reacted the way I did. When I saw the dog coming straight for mine it triggered me and caused me to immediately go into an episode. That’s why I had to sit down and cry. And that’s perfectly okay. I’m human. Yes I get upset. Everyone does. That’s reality. Please if you’re new check out some of our other videos! If you wanna see more of us be sure to follow us on instagram: @thesiberianservicedog 💕

    1. +Alivia Drent now as for deleting hate this is her channel, but I do agree with this as well. But the reason she’s probably doing it is because her mental disorders get triggered from hate.

    2. +Nightkill9nine9 Just because it’s got a “clickbait” title has nothing to do with you being rude or nasty towards her. Just dont watch any more of her vids and move on with your life. As for her yelling I agree, I have a dog and if someone just let their dog run towards mine both dogs are at risk and They just let their dog go in a public place she didnt need to raise her voice but someone with PTSD is going to react severly to a scary situation like that I dont believe you have a dog or else youd know how scary it can be to see any dog run away from it’s owner up to said dog, plus the man was severely slow to get the dog making her anxiety go up even worse you never know what COULD happen, the man told HER to chill. Fake service dogs are wrong as Hell and this was obviously one of them, they had to hold it down as the dog walked past and when he finally retrieved the fake service dog it started barking which if you noticed in service videos S.A.are trained NOT to bark and you dont have to hold their heads down as someone with a real one walks past. Its actually illegal to have a vest on an untrained service animal and pretend it’s one.this girl was obviously scared. And so what if she records her experiences.you are interpreting recordings and you dont know what she goes through on a daily. Instead of coming for a teenagers life get one of your own.

    3. +Nightkill9nine9 and how she reacted is just how she’s trying to overcome her PTSD. Every person is different and every person reacts to things different. That man shouldn’t have let the dog go to begin with

    4. +Soul Trex Service animals do not “get loose” from their owners. That’s different when you’re walking down the streets, this is in a public area where her anxiety is already heightened, you have no right to say how she reacts to anything. She’s her own person and if that stressed her out it can cause her to lash out because that man told HER to chill and took forever to get his fake service animal that should never get away from you if it’s trained properly. Please dont tell someone else theyre overreacting. You dont know what was going through her head, what’s happened in her life she could have been having flashbacks or anything.

    5. Sorry I know this might be a stupid question, so if anyone can answer this I will greatly appreciate it. I am a nurse and work with pediatric patients who have serious genetic and developmental issues and some have service dogs. Oh, and by the way you can soo tell a fake service dog from a real trained service dog it’s mind blowing to me how people think they can fake it. Anyways, what happens if you are with your service dog in a medical office and another patient has a severe allergy to the dog? Besides the obvious of placing either that patient or the patient with the service dog into an exam room, what is to be done if that’s not possible according to the law? We can’t tell either patient to leave and we can’t tell the patient with the service dog to leave, so what would I do in that situation?

  3. This needs to stop. This is simply unacceptable and I will not be taking this.
    People need to stop bringing their “service dogs” if they’re not even trained properly…
    And I’m glad you 2 are ok

    1. depends on the state. some states say if they are in training or are/ may be trained as a service dog. leaving it to the dog has to attack someone to be told to get out. it’s badly written laws that do not really set a clear standard. +Derrick From Walgreens

  4. Not trying to be rude but who knows the dog could still be in training I personally know someone who is paralyzed from the waist down plus has seizures now and then and his dog is still training so you can’t just go around saying that some people dogs aren’t service dogs just saying…….not saying that some people don’t fake

    1. I volunteer to train service pups to 18 months old. We start off in small quick in and out places. Then we move to more friendly areas. Then malls. All of our dogs wear in training vest. But to those that want to say the other day may be in training, wrong. The other dog was heeling on the wrong side and lunged. Training dogs, if trained properly, should back up not lunge forward.
      With that being said, maybe instead of reacting violently like that to increase your anxiety and the dogs, back up and take a breath. Stop going around and calling others fake and educate. It’s good for you and your dog. As well as others.

    2. If it’s a service dog that is training it says that on the vest “service dog in training”.if the dog is already trained its says ” Service dog”.Just wanted to point that out. Bc this is what some ppl do bc they are desperate for attention. But while they are looking for that attention and putting a vest on they’re dog that says service dog they are putting ppls life’s in DANGER (ppl with a real service dog). Bc a service dog is trained to have all its attention on the owner. So if a dog launches at them they will still have their attention on the owner and possibly not react to the attack. And you know what c old happen next.Or if the dog gets the service dogs attention, what if the owner (of the real service dog)faints or gets an anxiety attack or anything of that sort.So the fact that,that so called “service dog” so calmly started launching at the other dog without even TURNING to its owner… wow… just wow… how desperate could you be? I’m disappointed in humanity. Btw this is just MY OPINION!!! REMEMBER THAT KEY WORD “OPINION”!!! ⚠⚠⚠

    3. +samuelsav SHE WAS CRYING BC DECODAS LIFE WAS IN DANGER!!! A service dog is trained to have their attention on the owner at all time. So if a dog (that isn’t a service dog) launches at Decoda, bc she is focused on the owner she MIGHT not react to the attack.My opinion

  5. I wouldn’t necessarily call it “fake” but it definitely wasn’t under control. The best guess I can give is that he was training his own and he overestimated his dog’s training. I’m training my own dog but I spent so much time walking her around in Petco and exposing her to as many distractions as possible so she’s well-behaved in public. If he was training his dog correctly she wouldn’t have behaved like that. I’m so sorry that happened to you, I’ve had my dog attacked too (by an owner not by their dog 😡 it’s a long and frustrating story) so I understand how scary that is. Hopefully what people will get out of this video is that they shouldn’t bring their dog in public if they cannot control it around other dogs, people, distractions, etc. It has real consequences.

    As a side note, I personally think calling other people’s dogs “fake” only perpetuates the stigma for people like us. I’d rather we talk about training and say “that dog wasn’t properly trained” rather than trying to determine the legitimacy of the dog. But I understand why it happens and I don’t fault you for it. I’m not trying to criticize but I thought I’d give my two cents–that’s just my overarching view on the rhetoric surrounding service dogs.

    1. Unicorn_ Party Not necessarily, there is no law requiring that a service dog be marked. Meaning it’s not necessary for him to differentiate between service dog or service dog in training on the vest (or to have a vest at all). I personally think it’s best to have the dog marked but it is not required by law. And I agree that they should be under control when in public, as does the law, had she reported him the mall would have been within their rights to remove him from the property but that doesn’t determine whether the dog is “fake” it just determines whether the dog can be in that facility. It’s also important to mention that there is no regulating body for service dogs. There is no registry and service dogs can be used for many disabilities. I for example, deal with loss of consciousness, panic attacks, and anaphylaxis while my best friend’s mom has a service dog for her asthma. As long as there is a medical need for the dog’s services you can have a service dog. I 100% agree that the behavior was unacceptable, I just think there needs to be a little more nuance when discussing situations like these.

    2. @SJ Russell: I personally think that they should have a sign on there vest(wether it says service dog or service dog in training). But that is for the law to figure out. The dog seems fake to some people, the dog seems like a real service dog to other people. Everyone has there opinions and I respect yours but, none of us don’t really have proof wether it is fake or real. But yea I think that dogs should be trained and they are in control of there actions before going into public.

    3. But is it really a service dog if they have not completed their training? Ether way the owner or trainer did not have anything that could have indicated that the dog was going through training, so I believe that it’s was ok for her to say that is was a fake service dog and also the fact that the owner or trainer was irresponsible when handling the situations.

  6. From a comment thread: ESA are not allowed into public spaces and mine was actually trained semi similar to a service animal. Wouldn’t interact with other animals/humans unless I said “okay” would bark when noticing I was having a panic attack, would wake me up from nightmares by nudging and barking, was not dog aggressive, etc.. Still, I did not take her to public spaces unless she would have been allowed in them as a pet since I knew that she didn’t belong there. I too am diagnosed with PTSD among other things and could have had a service dog. But because I knew that my dog didn’t undergo full service animal training I did not bring her into public spaces even though she behaved and was trained significantly better than half the “service dogs” I see on a day to day basis. 🙄

    1. Kathryn Shadel thank you so much for understanding the difference of ESA’s and SDs. I’m a handler of a seizure alert SD and i greatly appreciate your understanding of the situations we face.

    2. Bella Capulet it’s just so frustrating to see people saying things like “well what is it’s an ESA?” Well it shouldn’t be marked as a Service Dog and it still doesn’t belong there.

  7. There was really no sigh of attacking all the dog did was bark and you really could have handled that situation better then yelling it the man the dog mad a mistake it’s not perfect and neither is your dog they all make mistakes and that dog may have been new to the service dog scene

    1. mimi j. Actually we are not dog whispers they are animals and things can go wrong at anytime (we can learn to read the signs of dog behavior to help but they are not 100% accurate). Some dogs can attack even when wagging their tail, this dose not mean that I’m saying it was going to, but that we don’t really know what could have happened if the dog reached the other one. The girl had PTSD how do you think she’s going to react when she believes that her beloved Service dog is going to be attacked, not to mention that it’s kind of hard to get one and it cost a lot of money.

  8. If you’ve never suffered from a psychological disorder you cannot tell someone how to feel or react. If you don’t suffer from one show EMPATHY. In your eyes she shouldn’t have reacted the way that she did but, maybe her perception is different from yours and that’s OK. As someone who sufferers from a mental illness sometimes it messes with your logical thinking, it’s not that we don’t know that our thoughts and actions are illogical but we can’t control them

    1. Natoria exactly what I was saying.
      It’s neurological so it can happen randomly because that’s how the brain works.
      I have to assume that these people saying it’s no big deal have never had PTSD or even know what it is and how serious it is.

    2. Joanne Batts Exactly. When she stated IN THE VIDEO that she has PTSD, I immediately understood her reaction, as I have PTSD as well and react in what others call “over the top” ways quiet a bit. In those moments a persons brain basically goes into autopilot and it’s terrifying, and to think your dog or you are going to be attacked, that only adds to the mess. Thank GOD her dog was trained right and did her job, but the other dogs owner was either breaking the law/being morally wrong by having a fake/illegitimate service dog or SERIOUSLY needs to retrain their dog.

    1. +Miriam Fease I am not talking down to you, I am upset that this girl doesn’t realize the severity of PTSD and uses the condition as a crutch. Anxiety is also a very serious thing, yes, but she should say she should had an anxiety attack, not an ‘episode’. PTSD episodes make you go ballistic, you cant control it and sometimes you don’t remember. Even if you had an emotional episode, she’d be on the floor, huddled up, to the point communication is almost futile.

      My anger wasn’t towards you directly. Yes, for someone who is skittish and cant stand yelling or loud noises, I know how anxiety works, it is part of the amazing package of PTSD. I have had an attack in which I had to be taken to a hospital and to this day I still do not remember, so no I don’t think I need to look up a video. Also, I apologize ahead of time for being rude to you, in anyway. This was an upsetting video and I assumed you were one of the people who were going to fight me because they “know” what PTSD is. Once again, I apologize for my assumption.

  9. I dont care if the dog looked aggressive or not, having another dog run up is always scary. My dog could be 150 pounds and if a 3 pound chihuahua runs up it’s scary. You never how that other animal will behave. And you don’t always know how your dog will react.

    1. U r right, my dog would attack a golden retriever, even thou he is a Yorkie! OMG he bites at there face and can make a huge dog run, though I don’t want it to happen, my puppy when up to him and tried to play but my Yorkie attacked him, there was no blood so it was him trying to be the top dog? Idk he’s a werid doggo

    2. +Xx0angiie29xX good for you for telling the other person to get a real leash. Sadly not all dogs will react like yours. My husky would have probably tried to go after that dog if he felt threatened. My moms dog however is different. He would have rolled to his stomach and tried to play with the dog. Every dog is different and that’s what I was trying to get across. You may know how your animal will react but you don’t know how another animal will react.

    3. Brittnie Love WE HUMANS are the biggest animals yet you’re scared of a dog….. I can be careless seeing them approach me don t care of its a pit bull if it decides to be aggressive then the same response will be received but if it just passes by then its simply ignored there’s no need to over exaggerate they’ll most likely just pass by sniff and continue or even yet they decide to walk further away from you as possible…

  10. Can I just say this, yes the dog did come up to you but it didn’t lunge at you it just came over a bit too quickly because the dog is probably friendly still in training and wanted to say hi and he was wagging his tail when he came over so he wasn’t trying to attack and when it started barking it probably was barking because you were hurling abuse at them. This isn’t hate I’m just saying it.

    1. +Spirit Song She doesn’t have PTSD, she has anxiety. PTSD is much more severe and uncontrollable. She could control herself, she just used PTSD as an excuse.

    2. +Spirit Song By the way, the dog could possibly be in training. It is NOT against the long for his vest to still say ‘Service Dog’ if he is still in training. So no, he is not breaking the law. He could legitimately have a service dog that is inexperienced.

    3. +sofia ssamp I watch this video several times, the dog wasn’t trying to attack her. I have a pitbull, I know when he is going to attack. That dog was not going to attack.

    4. It don’t matter that the dog might be in training the trainer should always have a handle in any situation (and not let the dog be able to just walk away from them). Service dogs always keep their cool (unless specifically instructed that they can go a head and play) that’s why they get a lot of training for. A dog wagging their tail doesn’t always mean that they have good intentions😂

    1. Breena Drew understandable, but saying the dog isn’t a guide dog and saying it attacked her just for a thumbnail is reaching a bit ..

    2. Dimity Maree all her videos are the same they are her in busy public places causing drama I doubt she has ptsd my partner has ptsd and people who suffer from ptsd avoid busy public places and human interactions especially confrontation I left a comment suggesting she goes and gets treatment instead of walking around busy public places with her dog getting in confrontations because it would be better for her mental wellbeing and she deleted it

    3. Puff Magic Green My husband actually has a PTSD dog as well. We have been in so many situations. Sometimes it’s frustrating but like u say, she brings a lot of this on herself. I feel with PTSD she’s already in a heightened state and seems to always be expecting something to happen….so even a minor thing becomes “the thing” to happen. I can’t say it’s her fault, everyone has different issues but with this dog situation she is going to have a lot of growing to do. The world isn’t going to stop spinning for her and her alone…we share space. If she isn’t comfortable sharing space she is going to have to work on coping with THAT issue before taking the dog into the world and expecting it to be an “average” experience. It will never be. Sometimes I say having a public service dog for this disorder is not a good thing….your correct that people with PTSD dislike all you mentioned. My husband rarely takes his dog to “work” in public. He takes him to his daily desk job and we always take him if we are out of town etc. My husband says to have him for a trip to the mall or the store becomes more stressful since he really doesn’t want to have the attention a dog brings.

    4. Mtkrvi06 a lot of her problems would be resolved by going to treatment so she has coping mechanisms in place since she seems incapable of handling any situation just removing herself from the situation and having a few moments to get calm and collected would make a world of difference I mentioned this videos to my partners councillor and he says she’s in fact aggravating her condition by reinforcing her need to to be in a heightened state due to being in confrontations regularly but as he says you can’t help people that don’t want help

  11. You guys saying that Dakota would have been fine and could kill that dog, yes she could but she would no longer be a service dog. Once they get in a fight like that they take the dog out of service. That’s thousands of dollars wasted. That’s why these fakes are an issue.

    1. PREACH PREACH PREACH. After this incident it took Dakota months to be okay enough to work around other dogs. She couldn’t focus when a large pet dog was barking at her in public. Still to this day if she’s caught off guard by a large dog while she’s working she gets startled and feels like she has to watch her back. She is not reactive, we have worked with other service dogs and she’s fine. It’s just when they bark like the one in the video where she gets started and takes a second to refocus on me. She never had this problem before.

  12. My grandma has a service dog because she has no kneecaps and other medical problems but anyways we were christmas shopping in target and another ‘service dog’ starts running towards us and reminder MY GRANDMA DOESNT HAVE KNEECAPS so she cant just run infront of Daisy (our dog) so I quickly run infront of them and the dog bit my shin. The owners of the other dog were like “you scared her” Thats how I got someone banned from Target

  13. This is such clickbait the dog was wagging it’s tail indicating it wanted to play and be friends but I do agree that they should not have a fake service dog or a service dog in training in confined spaces. I’m also not trying to be mean

    1. +IRuinEverything She does not have PTSD, she was misdiagnosed. That is an anxiety disorder. A PTSD episode is much more severe and takes very long to recover from. Please don’t encourage her.

    2. Tatiana Ayala-De La Matta PTSD can be different for each person like can be extremely savior for some or it can be very mild for others (don’t assume). We are all different people so we shouldn’t think one thing is a certain way for everyone😕.

    3. dat dood boon In her head it must have been like that, most of us see it was one way or another. In her head it must have been like: the dog isn’t being controlled by the owner or trainer so it must be fake and the dog is also barking which is a clear indicator that it is not properly trained at all. A store employee also said the dog failed to follow one simple command (when the dog was told to sit it did not follow orders) the dogs is clearly untrained and it is coming head on to my service dog. I completely understand why the title is like that.

    4. +Nancy Elvira With all due respect, PTSD isn’t mild. It is a very a severe disease and cannot be healed over a course of a few months, it takes YEARS. It took her months and she’s walking with a service dog? I apologize but I do not have a service dog, my father, a veteran, does not have a service dog. From what I understand, her PTSD, if she even has it, IF it is mild, she does not need a service dog, that is over exaggerating and unnecessary.

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