Even Kids Can Help Train Service Dogs Part 1

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I love seeing what kids can do! This is Duncan, one of my nephews, who spent some time working on helping Windsor to practice his tasks. Duncan doesn't have a dog, so I think he did a great job showing natural ability to work with animals. Windsor loves Duncan and was doing his best to follow along with Duncan's requests.

Yes, that's me you'll hear in the background – the person whose voice IS lower – at times like "Old Christy's" voice. That's good busy for me! (It's very normal for brain injuries working to speak to have a higher sounding voice. At times my voice is still high, but I'm making alot of process on it being lower in pitch.)

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4 Comments on “Even Kids Can Help Train Service Dogs Part 1”

  1. I wonder if one reason a brain injured person speaks with a higher pitch, is that they feel powerless, so speak in a powerless way. Then, when you were ‘teaching’ Duncan, your brain moved into the ‘expert’ area, because I know you said you used to be a teacher. So suddenly, your brain ‘remembered’ that, and you spoke with confidence and authority.

  2. very possible Viki. I know that when I first began to speak I was ALWAYS high-pitched. As I keep improving, my speech gets lower, ESPECIALLY when I’m teaching something though and get “into the groove.” When I’m done, the high pitch often returns within moments.

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