EliteField 3-Door Soft Dog Crate Review (2018)

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Soft-sided crates, like the EliteField Soft Dog Crate, are a comfortable choice for dogs that are completely crate trained. As the name suggests, soft-sided crates have sides made of cloth material. That's why it is necessary for your dog to be 100% crate trained before you enclose him in a soft-sided crate. Read the full review here:

If you compare the size of these crates with others of the same length, you will see that they are about 2" taller and wider than than the others. We all know that dogs aren't built the same. While most manufacturers build crates for the "average" size dog, what about dogs that are a little taller?

"I like the top door in particular, because it makes it makes it very easy to get timid pets into the crate. If your dog gets nervous entering the crate, you can just pick him up and place him inside. It’s also a nice feature that allows you to reach in and pat your dog to calm him while traveling without the chance of him escaping."

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