Easy to Build Doghouse

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This video contains complete instructions to build a simple doghouse that will keep your pet safe and dry. Download a free project plan for this and many other projects at Skiltools.com:

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28 Comments on “Easy to Build Doghouse”

    1. Can you tell me all piece that I need I can’t understand what he is saying. And when i go to it, there is no step by step.

  1. Nice build, but the opening at the top would still leave the pooch to exposure the harsh elements. I would enclose the top edges with plywood and screen off some small openings for ventilation.

  2. Great if you live in a country that has no rain, otherwise with those sized gaps at the top, give your Pooch an umbrella!

  3. I would like to build this but I’m worried its not big enough plus I don’t have any of the tools just a hammer and trees I have to cut down

  4. That seem a little over built. plus a solid floor in the dog house is going to get pretty dirty. Not a “easy” build for anyone.

  5. LOL you can say “it’s super easy” when you have all the tools. But is a great idea. 🙂

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