Dogs 101: 10 Facts About the Pomeranian – Most Popular Dog Breeds – Animal Facts

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Dogs 101: Pomeranians Top 10 Facts and Information Most Popular Dog Breeds – Animal Facts

The Pomeranian is an interesting little dog, Let's check out this funny little toy dog. We've even brought in Boo The Pomeranian.

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Hi, Welcome to Animal Facts. We are taking you along on our journey to learn more about all the wonderful animals with which we share this planet. From dogs and cats to more exotic species, we want to know it all about all the critters. Join us. We are a family-run and family-friendly channel.

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Leroy and Rosie

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45 Comments on “Dogs 101: 10 Facts About the Pomeranian – Most Popular Dog Breeds – Animal Facts”

    1. We only have Lemmy because he seemed the most needy at the time. We got him from the Humane Society Of Lebanon County.

      Glad we have him too. 😉

  1. My 4 month old pom Carrie is a very attention-thirst pup. He hates having no playmate when he’s awake. He is also fast in changing favorites of appetite. Now he’s starting to puppy shed.

  2. Have one and she is very smart,her name is Olive.She knows the words mail lady and ride very well.Always on patrol when the mail lady comes,waits for the mail lady to come.This includes the UPS and FedEx delivery people when they come.Likes to play the look what I got and get it away from me game

    1. She loves rides,barks like crazy running around which is her way of saying let’s go.Have a family friend,she has a grand daughter that loves Olive and is good to her.Comes up to her right and pets Olive.Also says Olive is soft,fluffy,cute and not to shave her

  3. I have a black Pomeranian named Scarlett. She always wants to be on my lap but when strangers gets closed to us , she barks loud and tried to chase them. We already thought she’s very brave because of her overprotection. One of our visitors tried to chase her. Then what happened? She tries to hide in the corners barking at him.

    1. Destinee Millare owww, I want to buy a Pom for my girlfriend for her birthday gift. I’m just scared they might be too fragile so I’m researching about them. They are the cutest dogs in history.

  4. I have a Yoranian(aka. A Pomeranian crossed with a Yorkshire Terrier) called Cobie. He Is very playful but also feisty. If you disturb him while he is in his own world he will bite. He also protects my family and I. He barks at any animal, person or car that comes near our house. He needs to be walked twice daily. He is shedding his puppy fur at the minute and can be hard to take off clothes!

  5. I have a Pomeranian mix with poodle very active smart and lovely dog his name osito its like my son goes every were with me

  6. I have an adorable and super cute 11 year old (red) Pomeranian. His name is Hairball and he’s super healthy, even if he’s about to turn 12. He’s very obedient, calm, reserved and ‘theatrical’. Whenever he wants attention, he’ll start pretending to be having asthma. But, the vet told us that, he doesn’t have any illness and is as healthy as can be. He’s probably just faking it.

    We recently bought a Bichon Frise this last Christmas. His name is Mr. Bonbon. Hairball, doesn’t like hanging out with him that much, though. Because, Mr. Bonbon is extremely clingy and friendly with him. He’s just a very affectionate, warm and sociable little guy, in general. While on the other hand, Hairball, prefers to keep to himself. I mean, I’m super affectionate too. So, Hairball, some times feels smothered by all of Mr. Bonbon’s and my own attentions. Although, he does enjoy watching TV with me from time to time.

    He only likes watching action stuff, though. He’s seen X-MEN (90s Cartoon), Bleach, Naruto Shippuden, Dragon Ball Z, Fate/Zero, Code Geass, Karate Kid, Supernatural and anything that has fighting scenes in it. He’s so well behaved and gentle. So it’s ironic the kind of stuff he enjoys watching on TV.

    As for, Mr. Bonbon, he actually likes watching any genre. Like, he’ll watch Winnie The Pooh one minute, and then he’ll switch to DBZ. He also loves looking at people through our living room window. But, he doesn’t take kindly to strangers. He’s always barking loudly/angrily at them. We’re working on getting rid of this bad habit of his.

    Hmm, oh and since Mr. Bonbon is twice the size of Hairball. My daddy had to build a wall (Trump should hire him. lol) that divides them. They live in our laundry room and they have a wall/fence thingy right in the middle. Because, Mr. Bonbon is always trying to hug Hairball. And we’re afraid he might accidentally hurt him. Or vice versa, since Hairball has bitten Mr. Bonbon’s neck once. Nothing too serious but, a bit of blood did come out. We’re hoping they might get used to getting along in a few months. So that we can get rid of the wall that divides them.

    My two babies couldn’t be any more different from one another. But, I still love them the same. They’re just so adorable and cute. I love them so much. They’re like the 4th and 5th doggies I’ve had so far.

    I first had a super cute (white) Teacup French Poodle named, Candy. I got him when I was 7 and he died when I was 18. Then, my second doggy was a spunky (black) Miniature Schnauzer. His name was, Joke. I got him when I was 8 and he ran away when I was 15. Then, when I was 14 I had a beautiful (white) Miniature Schnauzer. His name was, Mr. Whiskers. But, sadly he died when he hadn’t even turned 1 year old. He was very sick and died from pneumonia. Soon afterwards, my daddy bought me, Hairball, a few months before turning 15. And we bought, Mr. Bonbon, when I was 26.

  7. Grew up with poms. And since I’ve moved out(23 years ago) I’ve had two. My oldest child is my 15 year old pom.

  8. My pom’s name is Chimney. She is very smart, loyal, and protective. She would bark at anyone who tries to come to my room. She would also bark at anyone who tries to touch me. And she hates being left alone at home. That’s why she follows me literally everywhere.

    1. Lol I thought it was going to be annoying at first…but it was cute asf…glad it didn’t narrate the video otherwise it would be too much lol

  9. I have 2 Poms. Great List! Two things. 1) The original Spitz Guard Dogs were 60lbs. The Pom is technically known as a “Zwerg” or Dwarf Spitz. But many have no idea what size they are and it’s common to get some in any litter that are “throw-backs” towards the larger size and can be 10-20lbs instead of the show ring approved size of 4-7lbs.
    2) “Docile” my left foot! Sweet natured and eager to please their owner/special person for sure. But the Pom is still a watch dog at heart and can be protective and even bossy. They are very smart and a working breed so they need training, exercise and boundaries to be the best canine good citizens they can be. With those things though, they are a joy like no other and once you go Pom, you’ll want more!

  10. have had 9 pommies in the past 15 years with my husband.. all rescues, mostly older with minor medical issues, though 3 (including 2 of the 4 we have right now….) we actually got as puppies.. they are all such special little characters and they are so easy to spoil rotten (and just so you know that yes, you can even get exotic colors in rescue.. we’ve had the more common orange and orange sable, chocolate, chocolate parti, wolf sable parti, black, and a blue and tan parti) the 4 we have right now are a soon to be 14 year old orange sable male (toothless and deaf and we’re not sure about his vision at this point either.. lol…) named Petey, a 10 year old black male with PSTD from previous abuse (we’ve had him for 7 years now, he’s made a LOT of improvements and is totally my baby, but he gets very protective and agitated with strange adults – he’s generally very good with kids though…) named Kikko, an 11 month old blue/tan parti female named Perdy who was found wandering the streets last Christmas and taken to animal control where no one claimed her (so we did…) and our youngest and 4th current pommie is Roz, who is 8 months old, chocolate female.. the rescue we sometimes foster for had a pregnant female pom come in that we were suppose to foster, but my grandma died and we were expecting to be out of state, so couldn’t.. but, we were given the chance to adopt one of the pups, and we couldn’t say no.. (i mean, seriously, how can you say no to a pom puppy??) we weren’t planning on 2 pups this year, but kind of glad it happened so they will have a very strong bond with each other as the boys are getting older and likely won’t be with us much longer due to their assorted health issues.

  11. Poms love their owner Benny follows me everywhere. Poms are big dogs in a small body they are athletic, energetic, chill at times, barks and vocal when they want something or needs to go out . Intelligent, extroverted, definitely smart , always willing to learn new things and loves to play with different toys , I could go on.

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