Dog vs 3 Attackers in Deli (

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Being a solution dog is no enjoyable. Let's do some bite work instead. A clip from individual protection dog class at Paladin Center in Carmel, NY. Most likely to learn more about K9-1 Specialized Canine Training and also other trainers utilizing similar approaches.

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31 Comments on “Dog vs 3 Attackers in Deli (”

  1. Is the dog super stressed all the time like that in public or is the dog just in hyper arousal state because he is in a training situation? Is that type of stress arousal desirable in a protection dog?

    1. The dog is normally super calm. All the noise is called barrier frustration. She loves doing the weekly drills so she gets worked up when she knows it is her turn. Outside of the training drill you would never see this behavior.

    2. You can see her in this video. Like I said the vocalizations are common when the dog anticipates it will get a chance to bite. Many police dogs vocalize like this once the sirens go on in a car. Here she is normally iin class:

  2. Meanwhile, in the real world: You never would have made it to the back of the store to get the bacon before someone told you to take your dog outside for being disruptive/neurotic. A dog doesn’t do any good when it’s locked in your truck. Control the bellowing.

    1. Or they (the staff) would been thankful that a dog entered while 3 jerks lurk around their store…food for thought….. btw what does a dog do when its excited? it clearly knows this game buddy so just chill and enjoy the show ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Kim James Thankful? The three guys – who just got attacked by a dog for doing nothing that would constitute a credible threat – would sue the owner of the dog and also the store, for the dog being there in the first place. The employee – who allowed an obviously agitated dog to be in the store – would be likely be fired for putting the company in the position to be sued. As for what a dog does when it’s excited, that depends on the dog and its training. If it’s your position that all excited dogs default to barking and whining uncontrollably, then you couldn’t be more wrong.

      Furthermore, this isn’t a game and it’s not a show. It’s training for real world scenarios. In the real world, riled up dogs are made to leave such places, so as to keep from disturbing the peace (and also to keep them from attacking three people for simply being pushy and loud).

      I never understand apologists who ignore reality to come to the defense of something, simply because they like it. I’m subscribed to this channel, too. I enjoy these videos, too. The difference between you and me seems to be that only one of us is capable of being critical of things they watch without seeing it as some kind of betrayal. Maybe work on that before responding next time.

    3. Mate it is a game TO-THE-DOG, now inline with being an apologist, let me apologies if i was rude, allow me to expand on the difference between you and I…. In “the real world” I work as an EDD handler by trade so i know a thing or two about real world scenarios, threat levels, escalation of force, ROE, OFOF’s, and all the training that is involved…Now honestly relax on the scenario because it was a game, a great game. I would say the behaviour of the dog is indicative to where the dog is at within the training schedule, so don’t be so quick to judge the dog or “don’t throw the baby out with the bath water” so to speak, Thats the essence of my critical analysis on the tone of your comment, again I mean no disrespect to you. Yes are correct I very much enjoy K9-1 videos and training methodologies.

    4. Charles, no dog actually walks around acting like that. This dog is very calm normally. The handler actually tells the dog to stop barking and the dog switches to whining because she can not cap her excitement. Unfortunately, no one at the club is interested in changing the dog’s emotions when it is excited and having fun. She goes everywhere with her owner, never needs to be left in the truck. That is just the truth.

  3. I’m concerned how stressed this dog is, the whines can be interpreted in different ways but it really seems nervous, a few pats and praises would’ve made me feel more assured that it wasn’t a pressured situation where the dog was forced to do this.

    1. Society Is Lost don’t you see the tail wagging? The OP replied a few times, apparently this dog gets really excited about drills and that’s why she’s so vocal.

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