Dog turned rock-solid in tar drum rescued

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A street dog in Udaipur, India, was found trapped in a drum of tar where we believe she had stuck and completely unable to move for several days. Animal Aid Unlimited's rescue team found the sweet dog hyperventilating and terrified, trapped chest-deep in tar inside the drum. We think she may have gone inside the drum to get warm during the night, and that her own body heat started to melt the tar which she then sank into and was unable to free herself from. When we found her she was no longer struggling and seemed to have completely given up all hope.

Watch her amazing rescue and recovery at Animal Aid Unlimited!

Please donate to save precious lives in India :


61 Comments on “Dog turned rock-solid in tar drum rescued”

    1. +Zin Naing not only that but those cultures think torturing the dogs and cats make the meat taste better. Literal sadists inflicting torture on purpose. Beyond human comprehension

    1. just because you save something does not mean you will go to heaven that fast. you need to listen to the Bible and save a hurt animal.

  1. Thanks for doing what you do and for saving poor animals lives and not just letting them die Bless your soul 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  2. I wanna work there. I don’t care if my hands get dirty or even if I have allergies. Even if I had a disease I would still run to these poor species in need. I have a dog who had tremendous losses. Right when he was born, hunters killed his parents so he didn’t get any milk. A bike ran over his paw and he has a huge bruise there. Soon, he was sick and taken straight to the animal shelter. Someone adopted him and abused him. That person gave him back to the shelter. When we went to the shelter, I saw that dog. We walked over to him, and asked if we could adopt that dog. The employees said that he was sick and they had to kill him. But my Dad refused. He said he would adopt the dog and cure him. That was my best day ever. Every night, my dad would stay up late giving him medicines. Now he’s fine. What I’m trying to say is after hearing what his last owner had done, I wouldn’t go to sleep every night before thinking about my dog. Oh yeah, by the way, his name is Kubo. (Coo-bow) What I’m trying to say is, we’re not the only species in the world. Humans do whatever they want and take whatever they want. My mom said, that if a dog bites someone, they have to get shot. It doesn’t make sense, a life for a bruise?! What kind of people are we?! These species are not made for us!! They are made for their own life and we’re not letting them enjoy it! Soon, we might be the only species in the world! You might be relieved because there won’t be any threats in the nature, but we’re the ones who are threats!

    1. God bless you my comment is on the top please like if you have dog that has had injuries my dog was hit by a car and broke his spine but he is ok


  3. Can you give your no. We want your help because there is a dog all people was hitting him due his mentality but he is not a mental dog pleaseee help

  4. When i think about all the poor animals around the world being abused and some very ingured, i’m just like omg they are heros…1 like = 1 animal saved..;-;

    1. Good bro I don’t 4think about it but I just want it was a bit more than that but it was the leftover version I had to make it for the first time I had to get a new

    1. +Ahmed Ismail
      Pedo worshipping cultist. Bet you sub human fucks would laugh seeing this poor dog suffering. Israelis and Indians are wonderful, caring people, and will always be superior to you stone age roaches.

  5. Poor dog u are true heros for saving that homeless dying street dog and I’m so happy he’s better now ♥️🐶

  6. Thank you merci a vous de faire tous ce que vous faites pour sauver ces pauvres animaux bon courage hamdullillah♥️👏👌👏👏❤️♥️

    1. Me gustaria dar un donativo y ayudar cada mes pero no se como acceder a la cuenta .a los chicos de la india si alguien me lo dice o me esplica a donde tengo ke informarme

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