Dog Training with a Halti Collar – Intro (

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Assistance and also Full on-leash control videos using the halti collar in our members area. Join our mailing list on our website to stay informed of complimentary training videos. This video offers an introduction to the head halter type training collars such as the mild leader and halti. Teresa makes use of a halti in this video clip. She provides a quick evaluation of the head halter kind collars as well as shows how to obtain started using one. We have videos on how you can improve on-leash control with the halti using the collar to teach the formal commands: heel, rest, down, climb, and place. I wish you delight in the video.

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33 Comments on “Dog Training with a Halti Collar – Intro (”

  1. yes, the black dog was brand new to the halti, so we were showing what you might expect with some dogs. The brown dog was conditioned to the halti previously. The halti requires patience to get the dog used to.

  2. You re not using halti, you are using food as reward. You misunderstood halti using.
    Please do not try this at home. Your dog is not guilty about this video

  3. My friend and I have litter mates. We live thousands of miles from each other, but both dogs are so alike in character, even the way they sleep ! They are standard poodles; therefore, have the ‘prey’ oriented hunting instinct. Any little distraction and my dog pulls and barks and wants to get whatever it is…my dog’s litter mate uses the Halti Collar and the results are short of miraculous ! I am getting one today…cannot wait to see if she has the same results. Thanks for such an informative, step-by-step introduction !

    1. I wouldn’t recommend that. Did that with my dog, and she got it off very easily. After watching this video, I did it her way, and it works really well.  My dog walks almost perfectly on a leash now. Gonna buy a 2nd one for my other dog.

    2. i have 2 of them with my dogs they seem fine with them right on no messing about like this video. 

    3. Some dogs are different. My other dog hates wearing it, and only fights it once in a while. Treats don’t work w/her like it does my other dog, lol. They both walk so much better w/the halti though

  4. Even though it’s not called a Halti anymore, this is a great video. (Now it’s named: Costal’s Walk ‘n Train Head Halter). This is a great tool for people who own dogs that are much stronger than the human. You can help elderly people avoid falling if the dog lunges.

  5. I think this works good if used correctly. I saw a girl today with a young Black Lab in training to be a service dog. He was only about a year to 2 years old. I saw them earlier, so I know the Halti must have been on all day. The dog was whimpering and crying and trying to rub the Halti off off on her. She explained to me that he was mad at her for putting it on. I don’t think she was doing it right. The dog seemed to never feel any release. Every time she stopped walking he would plop down at her feet and put his head down as if he was depressed and exhausted. I think it was the only way that he got out of the pressure. I work with horses and letting go of pressure at a good point is very important. With this young dog, I think he needed shorter intervals with the Halti on, and a lot more release when he was being good.

  6. After two years of being jerked, pulled and dragged by my 75 pound standard poodle, and MONTHS of reinforcment training that improved, but did not stop it, I bought a Halti head harness. It INSTANTLY stopped his pulling. He goes to the end of his leash and slows down as soon as he feels pressure from the collar. This has made the quality of my life and his infinitely better. I highly recommend this product. He likes me to put it on because he knows it means he gets a nice walk. He’s smart, so it only took putting it on twice with a treat before he did it without resisting.

    1. You just won the “Annual Dumbest Comment Award”, and I have a hunch that you will be a repeat winner of this award next year!! Maybe you better go easy on those meds!

    1. You should tell your dog off in a stern voice if they grab your hand and not give them the treat. What you want to do is to hand it to them slowly saying Gently, if your dog goes to grab the treat quickly you pull back and say NO and then try again till your dog slowly goes to take the treat. Essentially you only want to reinforce good behavior with a treat or simply a pat and praise.

  7. Thank you for this! We’re working on training our recent adoption, but he is easily sidetracked by, well, everything, and is quite strong for his size. This is just what we were looking for!

    1. One of the packages I have seen recently,the halter was also called a soft collar. Probably because so little pressure is needed if done right. very helpful video. thank you

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