24 Responses to “Dog Training Classes New York (”
  1. Emily Palmer says:

    That’s a really cute dog tbh. I would pet it if I didn’t know it could kill me

  2. Dilshan Jayawardhana says:

    Are you doing online training ? I’m a big fan of your but I’m live in Sri Lanka

  3. Judy • says:

    You can go to for online self help training and support from our community. We help people from all over the world 🙂

  4. Sean Moore says:

    Marvelous work!

  5. Mrkicx says:

    amazing work as always

  6. Righteous Reptiles says:

    Great work I just started bite work

  7. Edwige minhansso Gnae says:

    chercher dobe gnaore

  8. Louis Debrie says:

    Is a golden retriever a k9 dog

  9. Primo Reef says:

    Awesome I live in NYC area and have a 5 month old sable German interested in your training and classes how can I get involved

    • Dog Training by says:

      You can sign up for our classes at, or call me directly 914-720-9586. I also do calls to NYC for private training.

  10. GingerDaemon says:

    I wish you guys were located in texas! That malinois scream at the beginning was something else

  11. sheila zaprzalka says:

    Boring – why don’t you edit your video into something cohesive?

  12. Witz Nerd says:

    My wolf, by the first insult the guy said would have taken a step back, had her hair go up, and striked. Quick question: should I teach her to attack a specific place on the body? Keeping in mind she is probably in the 200pounds and 4.5ft long(without the tail) and 3ft tall.

  13. حيدر حمزه says:

    ما كو للبيع

  14. Cassie Faith says:

    Hi so were exactly do u do this training bc i live in texas

  15. Muff Muncher says:

    You are teaching the dogs fear. that first scene was not a content dog

  16. Majestic Wolf Girls says:

    I found really good protection dogs for only 2,000 dollars but now I only can find ones for 20,000 or more

  17. Majestic Wolf Girls says:

    Puppy classes are free?!

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