Dog Training Classes New York (

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Advanced Pet Training Courses in Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, and also New York City, NY. We are less than an hour from the majority of location in the tri-state area. Easy accessibility from Connecticut too. We run our courses at the Paladin Center in Carmel. 130,000 square feet of real life training. Inspect us out at K9-1. com or enroll in courses at

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  1. You can go to for online self help training and support from our community. We help people from all over the world 🙂

  2. Awesome I live in NYC area and have a 5 month old sable German interested in your training and classes how can I get involved

    1. You can sign up for our classes at, or call me directly 914-720-9586. I also do calls to NYC for private training.

  3. My wolf, by the first insult the guy said would have taken a step back, had her hair go up, and striked. Quick question: should I teach her to attack a specific place on the body? Keeping in mind she is probably in the 200pounds and 4.5ft long(without the tail) and 3ft tall.

  4. I found really good protection dogs for only 2,000 dollars but now I only can find ones for 20,000 or more

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