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– Mixed Feelings!

This week we came home from Hungary.
What a good feeling to be home again with our three adopted dogs Kara, Pess en Csillag.
Glad that we made a difference for our own three rescueteers.

A satisfied feeling that we were able to do something for the shelter dogs in Füle.

The images and heart-breaking stories of a lot of dogs who are at the station.

The knowledge off the cold winter in Hungary which they will have to endure.
Admiration for one women, a mother of two young children who works with her whole heart and soul
around the clock to save these dogs, helps and takes care of them until they get a second chance on a new better and loving home.

A feeling of gratitude for the people and rescue organisations who make this possible and support these shelters in many ways.
Respect for the people who dedicate themselves as temporary foster homes for dogs like for example our Pess and Csillag.

Without their help these dogs might not even get a second chance.
The love and attention which we received from all the dogs who despite their past still have so much love to give.
One of them an older dog, who recently had an operation was seeking for warmth love and attention.
If we could, we would have taken him in a heartbeat. This dog earns it to get a few last years filled with love. With his high level of cuddle devotion he could give his human a lot of colour in life. We brought some blankets where this dog lay down on, like a prince in the back of our truck, with his hopeful gorgeous and friendly look.

A blanket is luxury in the shelters.

The puppy’s are so sweet and cute, with them we had a good feeling they will find their forever home.

And then there was this male dog who constantly tip toed whit his paws on the ground craving for love and attention, but because of his abusive past he was so afraid and insecure to get closer. To overcome his fear he had to climb a mountain. But with a soft voice and sitting down waiting patiently for him to melt down, he finally succeeded! We know this dog can climb mountains with the right person to guide him.

And then there was a newcomer with deformations on his body and legs, probably because of too small housing.
All dogs at the shelter have one thing in common they are longing for love patience and warmth and most of all they seek a special place in somebody’s heart and home where they can stay forever!

After staying in Hungary for several days we went home with mixed feelings.

We were accompanied with one very happy and lucky dog who found a new place in the heart of Lis and her friend Ruud.
How mixed up our feelings where came very clear to us when on our way home we got the sad news that one of the dogs died unexpectedly that night, at the age of seven years, and just at the moment somebody wanted to adopt him.

It touched our hearts very deep, why could it not be like that for him?

One thing is very clear to us!

We made a decision!

Next year we will be back!


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