Dog Rescue! Dog treated in ambulance for hypothermia!

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This shows a dog treated in an ambulance after being pulled from an icy river!
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54 Comments on “Dog Rescue! Dog treated in ambulance for hypothermia!”

  1. Oh man, when the dog cried out, that really got me. Big thanks to all those who helped this poor dog. Animals being in pain, fear or distress hurts my soul.

  2. Poor dog he looks so cold i just want to lay beside him and give him a hug and a little of my body warmth. I love dogs, there is no better loyal friend then a dog, most dogs would give their life to save their human companion, it’s only natural we do the same for them. I am happy he is doing good. Stay healthy Charlie and all the rescuers.

    1. they just got problems. feeling bad inside and wanting to take that out on other things than solving those problems.

  3. You people/Volunteers are freaking AWESOME! I am proud to call any of you brothers. I am Fire/EMT and I proud to see you guys help that dog.

    1. Ken Cornflocker
      I’m really proud of them too.
      I can never say this to many times: I’m so thankful to all of you who work for animals in need. Who chooses to do what is right. No matter what 😍😘

      A big hug to everybody on that rescue team. 🤗

    1. +Weatherboi Because we are the most vile disgusting undeserving life form that exists and saving a dog is not going to change facts.

    2. Freaking AWESOME rescue!! Thank you for doing this:) “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Mahatma Gandhi

    3. OneTime Gregory Giving up on the human race is like giving up on yourself. There is a lot of great things humans do -all day everyday.

  4. OMG, that poor bubbie-bub! His fear and pain are just heartbreaking to see. Blessings on those rescuers – such compassion and gentleness.

  5. Crying I can’t help it. I thank you so much for helping this innocent dog oooooo he didn’t know what to do. Love you guys

    1. +cybertec69 all men care, my backside. I suggest you go stand over a Laverty For somewhere for that verbal diahorrea to fall into. How many women do you see getting arrested for having trained fighting dogs. With a bait dog in the middle being torn apart.

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      Most women are children in adult bodies.

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