Dog Obedience Commands – Sit Means Sit Dog Training

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Ashton Fitz-gerald and Lianne Hassen demonstrate some amazing Sit Means Sit dogs at a tradeshow.

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Sit Means Sit has locations close to and including the following areas:

Phoenix, Arizona Dog Training
Temecula, Hemet, California Dog Training
North San Diego California Dog Training
South Bay San Diego California Dog Training
Los Angeles, California Dog Training
San Francisco, California Dog Training
Riverside, California Dog Training
Ventura County California Dog Training
Orange County California Dog Training
South Orange County California Dog Training
San Bernardino County California Dog Training
Central California Dog Training
Denver Colorado Dog Training
South Denver Colorado Dog Training
Aurora-Parker Colorado Dog Training
Northwestern Colorado Dog Training
Colorado Springs Dog Training
South Colorado Springs Dog Training
Western Slope Colorado Dog Training
Fort Collins Colorado Dog Training
Longmont/Firestone Colorado Dog Training
Pueblo Colorado Dog Training
Southern New England Connecticut Dog Training
Palm Beach Florida Dog Training
Southwest Florida Dog Training
Atlanta Dog Training
North Georgia Dog Training
North East Georgia Dog Training
Peachtree City Georgia Dog Training
Maui Hawaii dog training
Southern Idaho Dog Training
Boise Idaho Dog Training
Chicago Illinois Dog Training
Schaumburg Dog Training
Chicagoland-western Dog Training
St. Louis – Western Illinois Dog Training
Aurora-Naperville Illinois Dog Training
Rockville Indiana Dog Training
Kansas City Missouri Dog Training
Kansas City Kansas Dog Training
Kentucky Dog Training Central Tennessee Dog Training
New Orleans Louisiana Dog Training
Waldorf Upper Marlboro Dog Training
Boston South Shore Massachusetts Dog Training
Southern New England Dog Training
Detroit Michigan Dog Training
Minneapolis Minnesota Dog Training
St. Louis Missouri Dog Training
Las Vegas Nevada Dog Training
Reno Nevada Dog Training
South Reno Carson City Nevada dog training
Pahrump Dog Training
Boulder City Nevada Dog Training
Northern New Jersey Dog Training
Monmouth County
South Jersey
Ocean County
Toms River
Buffalo New York Dog Training
New York City
Greater Charlotte North Carolina Dog Training
Charlotte Dog Training
Triad Area
Cleveland Akron Ohio Dog Training
Northwest Ohio
Oklahoma City Dog Training
Tulsa Dog Training
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Dog Training
Charleston South Carolina Dog Training
Central Tennessee Dog Training
Dallas Texas Dog Training
Frisco Texas Dog Training
San Antonio Texas dog training
Fort Worth Texas Dog training
Houston Texas Dog training
Central Texas Dog Training
Salt Lake City Utah Dog training
St. George Utah Dog Training
Tacoma Washington Dog Training
Western Washington
Oakville ONtario Canada Dog Training
Uxbridge Ontario Dog Training
Toronto Ontario Dog Training
London Ontario Dog Training
Brisbane Queensland Australia Dog Training

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8 Comments on “Dog Obedience Commands – Sit Means Sit Dog Training”

  1. Nice dogs, great training… but I have to wonder, are the dogs *entirely* toy dependent? I realize the bumpers can be used as tools, but hopefully one doesn’t have to walk around with bumpers his entire life to keep his dog under control.

    Just curious. Nice work. ^_^

  2. Oh, I don’t doubt their skill. Sorry if I seemed a little confrontational, that wasn’t my intent. I train obedience myself, so I’m rather interested in the technicals of the training methods used when I see such successfully employed training. I’m simply unsatisfied with strict bait training… treat, clicker, toy, etc.

    I’d love to make a convention, but timing is always off, and I don’t live near their normal sites, so I have to satisfy myself with secondary research and video exposure.

  3. And to you as well, my fellow trainer. ^_^

    Keep it fun, keep it lighthearted. You’ll never go back to a desk job, I promise!

    Also good to keep in mind, business school is a valuable investment. Even just a few training courses or a certificate program can teach you TONS about operating your own business. Combining business management, entrepreneurship, and my training has been the best thing I’ve EVER done. Just my 2 cents, of course.



  4. This is great, I hope you folks are getting the message out that you got to work your dogs. They ALL love a good mental challenge. Makes them more solid and secure. Wish I would have done this for a perm job

  5. Why does all dogs wearing some bandanas at their necks when they perform in public?
    it’s about hiding the electronic collars that the handler use?
    Be honest guys!!

  6. my dog is also my guardian, and somone has been throwing rocks bricks etc to get access to our yard, now he wont fetch. do you have any tips on how to help him enjoy toy based play again?

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