Dog Houses For Extra Large Breed Dogs

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Owners of the extra large breed dog have many challenges other than a large grocery bill and vet bill.

Locating an extra large doghouse may not be so easy especially at the big box stores. It is not their fault they only have so much retail floor space.

The extra large breed dog can be tough on a dog house if it is not well constructed.

Their sheer weight could cave in the sides of a thin wall cheap dog house.

Before investing in a extra large dog house be sure to consider some of your options:

One option is to find a local builder who has the time and is willing to take on a large dog house project that is not going to be too expensive.

Still another option you have is to search online for specialty dog house retailers that offer more options, and in some cases will do custom work designed exclusively for your large breed dog.

Besides being extra large these designer doghouses can feature other options like heating & cooling or an insulation option that will keep your dog cool in summer and warm in winter.

An important consideration when deciding on a dog house for an extra large dog is do not go cheap because the sheer size of these dogs can cave in the sides of a poorly made house or one that has thin cheap sides.

Finally you can also build your own dog house if you have mad DIY skills and the right tools and most importantly the time.

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