28 Comments on “Dog house with ac”

  1. What a spoiled pup! It’s good knowing people wanna take extra time to take care of helpless animals though, especially when most people wouldn’t care if they didn’t even have water on a hot day. 🙁

  2. In this area (Texas), it’s not a matter of spoiling pets, it’s a matter of whether they survive or not. No, my dogs don’t have an air conditioned dog house because they live in MY house, but in the middle of summer through late September, if their only shelter is a dog house, it should be in deep shade or air conditioned.

    1. Marcy RP My dogs live outside 24/7 lol. Never in the house! But the thing that matters is that they need water and food and shelter.

  3. Lol outside temp 72 degrees? Thats perfectly cool temp for humans, why would you need ac for the dog? J/s, but it is a nice dog house though for a spoiled dog

  4. I would really like to know how much this costs!?!… I live in SoCal and I really need one for my Jax…. He needs this!

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