Dog House Heater

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After my wife and daughter made me feel guilty for leaving the dogs out at night many times, I decided to find a way to keep them warm at night in a very cost effective way! End result is some very happy, warm and toasty dogs. If you need some advice on how to make this heater just ask!

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38 Comments on “Dog House Heater”

  1. nice job bro, that joker looks nice and cozy for them..sweet idea about the heater and was also thinking if the regular bulb doesn’t get it warm enough maybe a heat lamp bulb? oh yeah, wheres their tv?

    1. Hah good one. I put a window to keep an eye on them. They can even watch the property without having to come out.

    1. +ComPrt3 because not every one likes dogs peeing inside their home or shedding every where I’ve had my dog for 4yrs and i finally decided its time to stay outside i have white carpet and im over seeing yellow pee spots every time i come home

    1. OMG i have two chickens. I’ll show you how i made a chicken coop if youd like. Havent made a video but ill make one for you if youre interested.

  2. hi +greyalien2000 i notice this video poster back in 2012, how has this project been  working for ya? any updates you’d like to comment

    1. I cut air conditioner ductwork and screwed it on the roof. No rain problems and house is still going strong and dogs still alive living in it with dog food bowl inside and no ants ever.

    1. Dogs are smart. Give them more credit. Also just build it to your specifications so the big dogs dont reach it.

  3. How nice that something you made in middle school is still adding value to your life.  Probably most projects are tossed away by now but you had foresight to to make an item with multiple values for the long term. 

    1. Thank you. I believe theres always a use for everything that has reached its purpose! Finally a nice post!

  4. Will the dog burn the self if they hit the can with their body? just by walking around not by intentionally hitting it. Love your videos but next time please turn down the radio in back ground so can hear you better. Thanks for all the videos.

    1. the can light gets hot but it’s too high for my chihuahuas to get burned. Dogs are pretty smart though. They stay away from hot stuff.

  5. hello greyalien2000 one quick question. would the dogs get burned if they touch the can? what kind of watt light bulb do i used. its pretty cold right now and im on my way to buy the supplies. plz reply thank u

    1. +aishu gopika That’s what I kept thinking too. Especially since they’re so small and have short coats. Low maintenance. My family is from Mexico and sadly, they still tend to think of dogs as property, not as family.

    2. Thanks man. People come to asumptions all the time. We just had babies. Just wanting them healthy so pet dander didnt get them ill.

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