Dog Breed Behavior – Self Help Dog Training (

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Most likely to discover specific breed actions as well as just how it is necessary in troubleshooting your pet dog's habits and also creating the most effective pet dog training strategy.

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11 Comments on “Dog Breed Behavior – Self Help Dog Training (”

  1. Hi guys I love the videos you guys post. I have a puppy, Rush, and he is a mixed dog. He is collie, grerman shephard, and dalmation. I would like to know what to expect from him when he gets older or as he gets older. I just want to know what qualities he is going to be good at so i can give him activites to do to help him practice. thanks alot i appreciate it. I would like you guys to send me this info to my email –, once again thank you.

  2. Thanks for the videos, fellas. What is your opinion of the Boerboel? I want a dog that can watch my family and the house while I’m not there. Much appreciated.

  3. i hope you’ll post an video explain the behavior of an German shepherd and body language …
    educational vid .. i love all your videos 

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