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We encountered a pet dog in Walmart that started barking at my service dog!
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69 Comments on “DOG BARKING AT MY SERVICE DOG IN WALMART! (8.14.17)”

  1. Hi friends! We laughed so much about that silly soda machine! Here’s what we can all talk about today in the comments, share a fun/funny childhood memory…maybe it’s picking out which quarter machine candy to get, or trying to win a stuffed animal from the claw machine, or maybe you found a treasure on the side of the road. ANY fun memory 🙂 ready, set, GO!

    1. The Frey Life I hate Monday’s Bc I am 10 and that means music class and school, but if I was an adult I would love Monday’s I think

    2. I remember my sister and I running around the bagel Place while my Dad was ordering bagels. Good times 😃😃.

    1. They usually don’t. The only time we were allowed to bring a non-service dog was when my dog Princess was just a puppy, probably about 9 weeks old. We couldn’t leave her in the car bc it was too hot and I was too young to stay alone in the car. She didn’t bark at all, luckily. Ofc now we cannot, but most of the time, if its not a service dog, they won’t allow them.

    2. my walmart allows “all service animals” which mean people just bring in their pets, claiming they’re service animals, and we can’t do anything about it. I was working there about a year and a half ago and the animals people tried to pass off as service animals were wild. we, absolutely honest to god, had a woman walking around with a 3-4 foot long BOA CONSTRICTOR hanging around her shoulders (like the one from that britney spears music video). she said it was for her anxiety. so far, that’s the only one we’ve actually kicked out to my knowledge

    3. I think it might have been an emotional support animal wich is not a service dog but many people don’t know that

  2. I’m a insulin dependent, brittle, diabetic and maybe I can make a suggestion. Eating or drinking sugar will elevate your blood sugar very high. The pancreas does not have time to produce insulin that quickly regulates your normal range of blood sugar. In other words you end up lowering your blood sugar levels under the range you should be at. Hence, hypoglycaemic attack. I’ve notice you tend to drink pop and eat carbohydrates more than you should. Complex carbohydrates are better for you as they slowly convert to sugar in your blood, allowing the pancreas time to produce enough natural insulin. Pop is very bad for you; Besides contributing to your headache, non natural sugars can cause all sorts of health related stress on your organs. You talk about your CF team in one of your vlogs. Do you also have a Dietician and nutritionist? If you do, have you ever brought that specific concern, re: hypoglycaemia to him/her. My son was born with a rare form of ketonic hypoglycaemica. His Endochronologist told us that if he’s going to have a sweet treat follow it up with fat ie butter, olive oil croissants, etc however do not use palm oil. You ate your crisps in the car and than had a pop. Try and reverse the order if you are going to drink a can pop. It’s best if you don’t and just drink water and eat a fruit. However, we all like a treat once in a while, so I definitely understand why you like pop. However, I cheat sometimes and just give my self more insulin but I wouldn’t eat or drink sugary substances if I wasn’t a type 1 diabetic and only had low blood sugar. I am very fearful when my blood sugar drops because I shake badly, sweat, experience heart palpitations and become very confused quickly. I have to eat glucose tabs or 3 tbspns of sugar in water to get it up or I can slip into a coma. Just last month my son who is an adult now, walked into our home and caught me in the nick of time falling face first. Lucky for me he came home when he did. of course I ended up in the hospital not remembering much, with portal hypertension and a very low glucose count. Be careful Mary what you eat, I understand living with severe chronic terminal illnesses as I am chronically ill. I look forward to your vlogs you guys make my day so I want you to be health to continue that beautiful disposition you have❣️🇨🇦

    1. My husband is type one and he doesn’t use a service dog. I can’t believe it that everyone with any medical condition feels the need for a service dog and that’s just my opinion and only said because they like to put rude expectations on people in public now about not even looking over at the dog or a 3 year old pointing and saying look there’s a dog. It’s ridiculous and people are too reliant on them. If I didn’t see so much negativity from them I wouldn’t even care as much but they can’t expect to be invisible it’s just impossible. And for diabetes? Omg because my husband deals and doesn’t expect others to adhere to his needs.

    2. Janet Wayne I’m also atype 1 diabetic. I eat whatever I want in any order because we have insulin to control it.

    3. ErinConnor VLOGS

      First of all I wanted say that’s nice you shared that but I know you’re not talking to me so sorry if I’m coming off as random. But yeah that’s what I thought about the insulin. I admit that I need to learn more on that to join my husband in his journey as a type 1 diabetes. I don’t want to call it a struggle out of respect to him but of course not diminishing the hardships that come with that. He had it always but it didn’t show up in him until he was a teen and went through the stress of being really I’ll with the flu badly. Suddenly he was urinating a lot, really thirsty like as if he hadn’t had water in weeks, sweating, and losing a ton of weight fast. He was running on a high blood sugar. The doctors caught it thank God. He was only 14 years old or 15. He is good at handling it though at 30 now.

    4. sumrsolo seems quite scary to have it for a while before it being caught! I was 1 when I was diagnosed so I’m used to having it now. It’s normal for me because it’s all I know. I’ve had it for 15 years (im 16) and my nurses have always told me to eat what I want as long as I inject. Thank you for your comment 🙂

    5. My brother has a pump for Hai diabetes so he can eat everything as long as he ‘boluses’ which gives him the correct dose of insulting for that sugary produce

    1. Actually a store is well within their rights to kick a “service” dog out if they’re being disruptive, such as barking. I put service dog in quotations because if a dog is barking like that, chances are it’s not a service dog. I’m not gonna say a service dog will NEVER bark, but a. It’s very rare and b. The owner should be able to get control IMMEDIATELY and stop them. The laws are fine. But stores and the workers in them are not aware of their own rights and how to enforce them

    2. Youre correct, the law does need to change… it needs to be abolished completely until these imbeciles learn what a privilege is versus a right. It shouldnt be to much longer, there are already bills circulating in the house to stop the fraudulent lawsuits known as driveby lawsuits. It shouldnt be much longer before others wake up to these self entitled halfwits that run around expecting the world to cater to them. Please do your part contact your Congressman today and demand a repeal of the ADA in its current form.

    3. I personally think that people SHOULD have to carry paperwork that proves their dog is a service dog, and no, not because i want to keep service dogs from being admitted anywhere, but to keep fake service dogs OUT. I don’t think the card a person carries should give any personal information, other than that it is indeed a certified animal (I don’t want to know why) In the end, if your dog is a real service dog, you have nothing to fear or hide, only people with fake service dogs in fake vests do. I’ve worked in a few restaurants and this is a BIG problem…literally almost everyday we were getting “Can I bring my dog in? it’s a service dog” followed by the dog trying to get on the table, going under others peoples tables, barking and begging for food. It upset other guests constantly, it’s beginning to become a really big problem and giving a terrible name to real service dogs.

  3. I would like to see a video of you showing us exactly what Ollie does for you. I watched the video where you tell us what he does but I’ve never seen it….. Aside from him standing with you while you cough in public. Dogs are great. I would just like to see exactly what he does.

    1. Hannah Austin not if Mary talks openly about it. It’s not like they were being rude and questioning ollies certification, she’s just curious

    2. There is no such thing as certification for a service dog. Obviously you dont know anything about the law or service dogs.

    3. Dug M I don’t know why you feel the need to be nasty over something so trivial. Ollie is certified as in trained specifically to be a service dog. He completed specialized training perform tasks for Mary so in a way he is “certified”

  4. Do people not realize it’s not normal for dogs to be barking in Wal-Mart and that service dogs are trained to not bark when working?

    1. GypsyLionHeart3 yeah dogs do which is why non service dogs aren’t allowed in stores. Get over the fact that you’re wrong.

    2. I’m not wrong, if you have a service dog, they already Know their job, they don’t need ppl like YOU getting all mouthy at ppl with disabilities whom Actually have 2 service dogs. I damn well do know what I’m talking about. when other dogs bark at my service dogs they ignore them, like they’re trained to do. it’s ppl like YOU that come up and harass mi after a seizure that think I’ve a regular dog in somewhere simply cause they’re barking. You Obviously don’t know shite, so… STFU. blocked you now. TA!!!

    3. GypsyLionHeart3 I actually have chronic illnesses and disabilities so I do know what im talking about. Grow up. I also am not going to go up to someone who just had a seizure and harass them. Funny how you say that about me when youre the one using foul language and assuming things about me.

    4. lulu I can you not read any of the above comments where I said they wouldnt be barking at another dog? Barking to alert is not the same as barking AT another dog. Learn to read please.

    5. Dogs of any kind dont belong in a store that sells groceries. I dont care what the law says, that is just unsanitary and offensive. I dont shop at Walmart so guess it doesnt bother me. Please keep filthy dogs or cats or ponies, out of Whole Foods.

  5. I see way too many people in the comments being upset that they pointed out another dog barking at Ollie. Yes, some dogs bark; that isn’t what they were pointing out. They were pointing out that there was a dog in the store that was not a service dog barking and distracting Mary’s service dog. Distracting a service dog from their work is a federal offense in the US because distracting a service dog from their work can potentially cause a lot of harm to their handler. For those of you saying “oh yeah like he’s going to need to alert to something in those 5 seconds.” – it only takes one second for something to go terribly wrong. A missed alert, depending on the situation, can cause serious injury or complications. Pet dogs are not allowed by law inside public buildings that do not outwardly state that they are a pet friendly establishment.
    Please educate yourselves on service dog laws and why a dog barking at Ollie would be annoying and/or worrisome.

    1. Rainydayparade No service dogs can be owner trained also, they do not need to be professionally trained.

  6. Everyone who is commenting that having a dog bark at Ollie is normal… well as it is normal for a pet to bark at other dogs this should not be happening in a store or other non pet friendly places. When a service dog is barked at and or distracted it could miss a critical medical alert for its owner. This is one of the many reasons pets should not be in stores, including Walmart.

  7. There is NO certification or registration for service dogs it is NOT required by law for service dogs to wear any type of special harness, vest or collar of any kind marking them as a service dog. Not only is it illegal to misrepresent your dog as a service dog it is very dangerous to legitimate service dog teams when people start taking their untrained possibly aggressive pets into non-pet friendly stores which puts both the service dog and handlers life in danger. It is illegal to distract a service dog that means barking, kissy noises, petting or even talking to a service dog. Service dogs are peoples life lines people need to realize this! We do not take our highly trained piece of medical equipment which is how the law classifies our service dog everywhere because we want to, having a life threatening disability isn’t a choice!

  8. I ONCE HAD A LADY (yup a human grown adult woman) BARK AT MY SERVICE DOG FOR 30 MINUTES UNTIL I GOT UP AND LEFT 😭😂

    1. I had a grown man growl at my girl then try to pet her and when she backed up behind me because she knows not to be pet while working he said “not friendly huh…..shame.” and walked away.

  9. I agree with people that it should be expected that dogs will bark at Ollie. However, there is absolutely no reason for a non-service dog to be inside a store. I have a small, non-service dog but I treat him like a dog and realize there are some places he does not belong.

  10. Hey ya’ll! I know that the fact of the dog barking in Walmart has been thoroughly analyzed here in the comments, but I thought I’d elaborate on our perspective on the event. First of all, in a store like Wal-Mart, only Service Dogs and Service Dogs in Training are allowed public access. That being said, Service Dogs are required by law to not be disruptive in public access settings. So, whether the dog was a pet or a service dog (which it seemed to be a pet), either way it was being disruptive by its persistent barking. There are two issues that were caused by the barking dog. 1) Oliver was distracted by the barking dog. Though Oliver knew he was in working mode and knew to ignore the dog… service dogs aren’t robots & for the next few aisles he was keeping an eye out for a rogue dog. The challenge here is obvious for any service dog handler in our situation. 2) The encounter with the barking dog causes confusion in the public eye on the place of service dogs in public. If uninformed bystanders assume that this is a normal activity for a service dog or if they know that this is an inappropriate activity for service dogs, it causes negative light to be shone on service dogs in the public eye. Finally, I’ll just say that we wanted to put this in the vlog as a teaching moment to remind people not to take pets where they aren’t allowed to go… it helps service dog handlers out!

    1. MyWifi IsMyLife Wrong. A service dog can bark in a store or anywhere else if they are alerting to a medical situation.

    2. +Debbie Vidal maybe Oliver was trying to protect her. Clearly u dont have a service dog. And if any improper behavior comes from a trained service dog, it must be corrected immediately. A service dog knows when they r working.
      Fake service dogs aren’t allowed in Walmsrt by law.
      If someone sees a service dog, they can ask what their task is.
      Lastly, like they said, it gives real service dogs a bad name.

  11. I know service dogs are life or death for most people but sometimes when they talk about other dogs that exist in their space it sounds very derogatory. Like I know your dog is life or death at every moment but that doesn’t mean other dogs deserve to be spoken about like they are stupid for being plain dogs and their owners are stupid for having them.

    1. Don’t bring a dog into Walmart. You can walk it in the street, in your neighborhood, go to your friends houses with it. Never ever bring it a store or restaurant though, it can distract the dog

    2. Can someone tell me what service dogs are for? I don’t know what they do, do they call 911? Do they do cpr…what do they do to help people?

    3. Michael ._. They can do a lot of different things based on the need of the owner. A mobility service dog can get stuff from the fridge, open doors, turn on lights. A seizure alert dog would be able to let you know you’re about to have a seizure so you could get to a comfortable place, making it so you don’t fall and get more injured. For people with anxiety they can detect panic attacks, do deep pressure therapy to calm you, and if you have a fear of crowds for example it can act as a barrier. These aren’t the only things service dogs can do. These are just a few examples.

  12. I hate barking dogs. Especially in non pet friendly stores. Like. Keep your pets at home. My service dog doesn’t need to be barked at and it triggers my episodes. It’s stressful

    1. Zee Baxter do you have a mental breakdown when you go to places like petsmart where u don’t receive special treatment?

  13. Why did you name this video”dog barking at my service dog in wal mart” if you don’t actually show the dog barking at your service dog? This is just a random day at Wal-Mart.

  14. So…almost the first 10 minutes of a 15 minute video is spent not talking about any dog. Then a non-service is in the store (wrong) barks at your service dog…that is not providing a service. I am still trying to figure out what service does this dog provide while you two are mugging the camera and talking about your life. 30 seconds of a non-service dog issue and 14:32 of you two in love with yourselves and the camera is ridiculous!

  15. I want to make sure you know, before I express my opinion here, that I am a long time subscriber. I love Mary and Peter both. I hope it’s okay to respectfully express an opinion you may not like.

    The cost would be prohibitive for many to have a service animal if the law required people to use a training company, as I’m sure such companies would prefer. The current expectation, as I understand it is… If you see someone who truly has a “fake” service dog (the owner does not have a disibility, and/or the animal is not trained to provide a service) you are within your right to report that person. If they are found to be breaking the law they will risk penalty. If the dog is misbehaving, (weather it truly is a service dog or not) the establishment has the right to ask them to leave. If it is a service dog, provided they remove the offending behavior/animal, no law was broken.

    Talking about the behavior of others does nothing for the problem. It’s time we stop asking others to create laws that support the personal needs/standards of a few. We need to become responsible for both our own behavior, and our own standards. If you don’t think an animal shouldn’t be in the establishment you are in, report them to management, if management does nothing, report them to local authorities. You will be working within the current system productively, and instead of pushing further hardship on responsible disabled persons who can’t afford expensive training, you will be forcing fakers (and perhaps some irresponsible disabled persons, who didn’t provide proper training) to take responsibility. I don’t believe it is illegal for a service dog to misbehave, there is no training requirements that I’m aware of. At least according to, they aren’t even required to wear any identification. Truthfully, I don’t think there should be. You are lucky enough to be able to afford the expenses, and have an amazing dog as a result. That does not mean that everyone else must take the same path. You may see the “fakers” but how many service dogs who were trained at home do the same job without being noticed? Also, we should all take notice of the way dogs behave in public, in many other countries where they are not restricted from going into public places. Our dogs here are poorly socialized. That is the reason we see poor behavior in public. We would benefit most greatly if we look at the true root of the problem.

    You run same risk when you leave your house and walk to the car. Are we next supposed to prevent people from walking any dog, that has not had thousands of dollars worth of training, on our block, down the street, in the park? Can we truly expect the government to create laws that remove all possibly of anything distracting your dog wherever you go? Or is this expectation limited to indoor public places? What about outdoor public places? Where are the lines drawn. What truly makes a difference? At what point do we start holding the individual responsible for their own actions?

    You definitely have a right to be upset with the behavior of this person, and I don’t mean to be putting words in your mouth. My intention is to address the general subject as it pertains to the service dog community. I see so many talking like a dog isn’t a service dog if they didn’t cost thousands of dollars. They are all just as valuable, even if the animal came from a shelter, learned obedience at home, had a natural easy temperament, and learned to provide assistance and life saving support to their dear human companion. They are still service animals, no fancy vest, no fancy club.

    When I was a young girl I had to stay in a shelter for abused women for a few months to get back on my feet. I was working as a nursing assistant at the time. An old blind lady lived there. The girls who were staying would help her with her daily chores. We’d walk her to wherever she need to go. One day while walking, she referred to me as a nurse. I corrected her and told her I was an assistant. She stopped short and asked me, Do you take care of people? Yes I told her. She started walking again as if nothing happened. “Then your a nurse” she stated dismissively. In the same way, a service dog, is one who serves a human. Please let’s not take that from anyone, please, let’s choose our battles. Make them count, direct them against those that we clearly see deserve it. Let’s not leave innocent bystanders with additional burden to win a battle they will just find another way around. Bad people will be bad. They don’t care about the law.

  16. I love your channel!💗your health doesn’t stop you from having a good time sometimes. Some people don’t love their service dog like you do and think it’s only for service and yes it is important but also they have a very special place in a persons heart. I love how you still love doing things!

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