Dog Attacks Child. Why? (

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Dog strikes a youngster that was elevated with him. Why do so numerous pets attack youngsters in their very own family? This could be for many reasons, however supremacy aggression is one reason that is misconstrued, denied, as well as ignored by several professionals. This is unfavorable since the most extreme attacks on children within their very own residences are due to prominence aggressiveness. Read about prevention procedures here: and read about the denial of prominence by commercialized canine fitness instructors here:

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45 Comments on “Dog Attacks Child. Why? (”

  1. One more reason to never let a child with a dog without supervision. I don’t think dominance is a factor here, though. It’s more possesiveness. The dog knows the toy is his. So he doesn’t appreciate it being taken from it. I’ve seen this mostly in dogs that guard possesions.

    1. Kiba Kal. and all the signs are there too that the dog doesn’t mean play time. I think people also need to better educate children on dog language when they have, especially large dogs, as pets.

    2. I still believe you should never let a dog and a child alone like this. One wrong action and it can prove to be deadly. It’s no lie that children are bit by dogs because the parents’ ignorance. And above anything, children should also learn some self-control as well, let alone that the dog must be trained in how it’s supposed to interact with children.

    3. And exactly that is dominance! The kid was below the dog in the pecking order, because noone teached the dog, that he is in the lowest position of the pack. I can already imagine, how everyday life in that family looked like. They give the dog his food, before they eat dinner, or while they eat dinner, they fed him, whenever he wanted food, they let him go first to any position and so on. Even if he would gurard his possesion, if he would accept the child as a “higher” member of the pack, he wouldnt react like that. Our dog used to be slightly aggressive, when my sister came too close, when he was eating, but didnt, when I came close or even took away his food. Ofc that had to be fixed.

  2. First – wrong breeding. No selection by temperament. Second – you don’t leave the dog unsupervised with a small child. Well bred Rottweiler, with correct breed temperament WILL NEVER ATTACK A CHILD. They are dominant dogs, but they should never establish their dominance over children. It should be in their blood.
    The dog’s body language is very clear – it wasn’t playing. It was about to attack. Why the first woman wasn’t able to do anything – a mystery to me.
    Because the dog easily released the kid after the second person came into the picture.
    Bottom line – the dog was not properly bred and then raised. Plus it was left with the child unsupervised. With such a clear body language – I don’t believe there were no signs prior to attack. Owners either missed or ignored them

    1. This is nonsense. You can take the kindest most human friendly dog and with enough abuse and neglect turn it into a dangerous vicious monster or you can take almost any vicious, abused and dangerous dog and re train it to be a part of a family. (Although I would always watch it closely) Anyone relying on “blood” to control a dogs behavior over training has a tragedy on the way.

    2. Weirdanimalboy So because the fucking toy belonged to the evil twat of a has the right to kill for a toy. Go get your fucking heas examined you piece of diarrhoea.

    3. Kyle Seagrove doesn’t matter, rotts are so sensitive to breeding. Hard to breed out bad habits from rotts. Just as how gsd easily bred with bad backs. But you don’t hear anyone complaining about the outcome with random breeding with other breeds.

      Rotts are easily bred to be overly aggressive the same way gsd are easily bred to have bad backs. The gsd will never be the same again. The rott was never right to begin with. These German breeds are mixes of different breeds.

  3. As hard as this is to watch it is necessary in order to understand that you never leave a dog alone with a small child

  4. i am so happy with this channel, plz put more video like this . also if u out voice of trainer on them that would be perfect . thx 😉

  5. Straight up dominance aggression. Looks like the dog wants to keep the child pinned to the ground initially. This dog was never really taught any rules, boundaries or the concept of being respectful to another being’s space, especially that of a child. That’s the #1 thing you teach any dog from day 1 when you have a child in the family. Owners like these just throw the dog & child together & expect the magic to automatically happen without putting in any effort.

    Powerful breeds like rotties, pits, shepherds, huskies, etc need to be challenged a lot more on a physical & psychological level to keep them fulfilled. Otherwise the breed comes out. That’s why I never understand why ppl with little to no experience go for these genetically programmed strong willed dogs.

    1. Wild Leghorn you sir make absolute sense. I see too much on the end of what should of been done at that moment. situational awareness fight or flight she was scared. not to mention as you said the breed. I have heard this happen more frequently with the rottie than any other dog

    2. In my family we have no small children. My dogs doesn’t like children they are rude and unpredictable. She will avoid them at all cost. She is trained well. A trainer said she has dominate issues but looking through theses various videos. I honestly don’t know what is her problems.

    3. Wild Leghorn so ..u see wild leghorn u seemed to know a thing or two about these.👏….I have surfed in internet of how and what are the basic rules to be taught to a dog…if I train them accordingly no sort of problem like this will arise ….rigth???I m planning to get a German shepherd puppy

    1. joop pils motherfuker you’re playing with the wrong one say less cuz now I’m a find out who the f*** you are

    2. joop pils I guess you’re an internet gangster with a fake page probably some eight-year-old nine-year-old kid hiding in the closet using the tablet to write me……..


    1. epicBRS Some animals do love and defend their owners to their dying breath. But there are breeds that should stop being bred like rotts. Regardless how careful they are bred it’s still a high chance they are aggressive. Same way gsd are so easily bred to have bad back problems.

      I’m sure all the other breeds are randomly bred also, but no problems there. These German dogs need to stop reproducing. They are a mix of different breeds and don’t produce consistently healthy or even tempered dogs.

    2. epicBRS if anyone should be killed it is YOU. A dog is an animal, yes.. But you cannot say dogs or any animal for that matter ‘does not feel’. That being said, This dog NEVER would have attacked the child if he had been raised PROPERLY. There is no ‘dog breeding bad’ whatnot. There is ONLY bad upbringing. If a dog is not PROPERLY shown it’s position, and given strict training for what it is to do, then it is the OWNERS MISTAKE if the dog does something like this for the OWNER not PROPERLY training the DOG. The dog acted on his instincts. Are you saying that any dog who acts on instinct should be put down?

  7. This dog was not raised and trained properly, not socialised, not knowing his place in the pack. You show it from day one when it is a puppy. My kids took everything away from our dog, toys, food, her bed, anything , and she never ever did something. She learned in a very early age that nothing is hers, its all ours, even the kid’s, and all comes through our hands. And that she is not supposed to grawl, bark or snap when someone takes one of the toys or food. That is hard and consequent work, and many owners are too lazy to excersise it day by day , especially when the dog is small. They think this protecting habit is fun, but it’s not. Its dominant and disrespectful and can not be tolerated in any way, because then we can see what may happen!

    1. Ronnie Fillmore for what? Acting on his instincts? Somebody should Kill you for trying to reproduce then.

    2. For attacking a child, its obvious. If you think attacking a child is nothing big then perhaps it should be you that should be killed fo trying to reproduce

  8. I’ve owned Rottweiler, pitbull Mastiff. I would never allow any of them around a child nor stranger no matter how much socialization they have! Large powerful breeds are not a toy 🐕!!!!!!!

  9. The people saying the woman should go to prison make my blood boil it’s not any ones responsibility to risk injury to help others. I would have ran off to , why should she be punished for thinking of her self first, help is not forced upon by law, if this was an adult being attacked then no one would be saying anything ,sad world

    1. Liam Jones Your right you do risk injury but that child is gona get owned so hard and will need to be hospitalised for ages. Probably with reconstructive surgery needed. The child could even die. Where as you my friend as an adult will probly get a bitten arm or leg and be out of hospital in a few hours. If you kick the dog and keep your distance. You stand a good chance of making it back down and receive no injuries. Your cowardice has massive repercussions on that childs life. You really have no moral legs to stand on.

    1. PRAVEEN KUMAR really? So when a guy walks his dog that never turned on anyone for years since birth, but one day, just one time it attacks someone, it’s the owner’s mistake?

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