Dog Attack Training on Command with no Equipment (

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Canine attack training with a German Shepherd. Xena is utilized as a personal defense canine and was trained in control initially before discovering how to do genuine strike training. This is not the same as sport work, as there could not be pattern training, the pet should recognize One Hundred Percent it is not a game, and the technique should be very trusted for public usage. Xena is a social as well as risk-free dog out in public. She obtains additional thrilled in the training environment because she knows she gets a possibility to bite the agitator. Find out more about our training at

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31 Comments on “Dog Attack Training on Command with no Equipment (”

  1. This is spooky. My wife had a female german shep. Named Xena with exact same markings and build. Died about 5 years age aged 16. What a coincidence.

  2. Looked like Xena was trying really hard not to take a bite out of the guy. Funny seeing her trying to creep at him @ 1:00

    1. first off you should never buy a pair of pups together. triples everything. second you should do your research and if you want protection a gun is a lot cheaper and more effective 

    2. Honestly neither Akita’s aren’t that commonly used for that work and mals are as hyper and energetic as border collie. They’re working dogs who need a job. German shepherds aren’t as high energy and can be a pet as well as a working dog. Depends on lines. Or a rottweiler just their presence is a deterent

  3. This is terrible, dog does not understand what stay does mean. Dog does not understand what back does mean. And owner use electrically collar, there is many ways how to teach dog to do personal protection perfectly. Xena do this maybe for a first or second time .. elektricall collar is not necessary. Personal protection is like secondary school for dogs, but this Girl has not finished basic school yet :-(((((((((((

    1. where to do you see a electric collar number one and if you watched another video of xena you would know she is very protective of her owner they say that in the description. number two so what if she hasn’t grasped the stay all she is thinking is protect no dog gets the command at the first try

  4. Love these vids. I’m thinking of taking a dutch shepard, but i’m in doubt because i have two cats which may not like the dog around and i’m alone and work 8 hours a day. Lot’s of alone time. But i do want one 😀 :X .

  5. could I have a German Shepard even though I work 3, 12 hr graveyard shifts a week? is that to long to leave him hone alone

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