DIY – I hated the look of the big dog crate in my living room

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Window from my local thrift store $5
2×3 wood cut at local hardware store $4
Wood Trim hardware store $7
Decor from Walmart / TJMAXX $20
Spray Paint $10

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21 Comments on “DIY – I hated the look of the big dog crate in my living room”

  1. YT is doing crazy things with notifications! My bell is deselected for ur notifications so i missed this one!

  2. New to your channel..I like the idea, it looks nice. I’ve been looking for an idea to hide the crate, I think I’ll go with Plexi glass or solid wood. Thanks for the inspiration❤

  3. That is so cute! It just wouldn’t work for me.. my dog shakes to much when he gets excited. Maybe without setting things on top. I love the idea, though!!

  4. I know this a bit of an older video-but I have the same cage for my dog and I tried something pretty similar and loved it! Love the video! Thanks for making it ☺️

  5. I love the idea. I have my dog crate in my kitchen against the doggy door so he can go in and out. But I want a shelf over the crate.

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