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  1. Hello..this is a great idea…I have a 8 week old Labrador puppy…how many packs of these should I purchase? ..how many did you use for this size?

    1. Hey Jessica! Thanks for watching. Yes, this would be great for your new pup. I only used one pack when I did this. It’s plenty of room for a puppy. Depending on what size your lab is though I might would get two and then return the second one if you end up not needing it. I haven’t looked for these in a few months so just look at targets website and make sure they still carry them. I’m sure they do, or at least something similar. Also, I might add that when I would get home in the evenings, the crate (with the dog still in it lol) would be a few feet from where I had left her. I’m guessing she pushed it around with her nose or something, however, she was still inside the crate. So if you can come up with some way to secure it to the floor or something then I might would try that. Anyway, I hope it works out for you. 

    2. +Jessica Cotton I imagine that would probably work. If you try that out or if you’re able to come up with something better then let me know 🙂

    1. My pup is grown now but it worked very well for her when she was growing. It didn’t collapse but you will want to secure it to the floor somehow. I found that she was able to push it around during the day so when I would get home she was across the room lol.

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