DIY doghouse for $35

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Made with 2 sheets of fluted plastic, this is a BIG cheap and easy shelter to make. $5 plans on my website

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25 Comments on “DIY doghouse for $35”

  1. I like the idea of half round shelters for animals little material fast to build strong and will last for ever if built out of the right material this one could be insulated but you would have to use twice as much material. neat idea thums way up

  2. Very Nice-Great Idea. I make mine out of 2 ft x 3 ft insulation board with the mylar facing inside -then I buy new 1 gal paint cans and put a put a light fixture on the inside of the bottom and fasten it with bolts for a 40 watt or 60 watt light bulb for a heater. Plus I put several holes in one side of the can that will face where the cats will lay. I then after I install the fixture and bulb I put the lid on and when done it sits on the lid so the bulb is facing down. to let some heat out and the houses stay at around 70-75 degree here in Washington when its 32 out. If you want the houses are big enough you can put a heater at each end to keep it real warm in below freezing weather.This is for feral cats that end up at our house needing food and shelter and they end up being happy as can be.

    1. Ron I think you’re incredibly thoughtful and kind to put that kind of effort and attention to detail such as lightbulbs heating the cat home! The world needs for Rons!!! Lol 🤘🏽

    1. karma police perhaps you can just change the plans or see if the air flows out better than whirling around without the extra vent!

  3. You could use a couple of nylon 1″ straps over the top to peg to the ground, you mite get a rubber bovine mat for a floor liner at a feed shop or tractor supply store. I like your design especially the foam insulation tube around the door.

  4. My name is Chris Provan and I purchased the .pdf plans from your site, but never received them, I have also emailed you twice with no response. I wanted to ask you here once more before I ask PayPal for a refund. Thank You. Chris

  5. I like your dog house, does it get cold where your from? I would want some insulation but that’s just my preference

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