DIY Dog Bed (for small dogs!) – HGTV Handmade

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Learn how to make a dog bed for your furry little friends!

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36 Comments on “DIY Dog Bed (for small dogs!) – HGTV Handmade”

    1. And then you look at The other comment where someone got the same dog but was able to get a bigger crate to make the same bed….

    1. Choices; gotta love them. Someone might spend more or less than another for a project but the whole point of the video is to give a person an “idea”. Then “you” choose your material for the project based on your needs and budget. GREAT VIDEO and thank you.

  1. Yes because that crate is totally big enough for the dog. If the dog can’t stretch out fully then the bed isn’t big enough

  2. Wow this video has clear instructions on how to make this I have I all the stuff to make this for my dog leroy and this is super easy👍👍👍

  3. A rolled up piece of fleece fabric that can double as a blanket on the go. I would have spent time and extra money (pillow form) making a pillow. I LOVE your thinking!

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