DIY Concrete Dog House

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This modern concrete doghouse is made out of Quikrete Countertop Mix poured into a mold made out of 2x4s and Masonite. I poured the concrete in layers so that the weight of the wet concrete would not push the thin Masonite out. For full instructions go to I used 1.25 bags of Quikrete Countertop Mix in grey and the finished doghouse weighs about 100lbs. I know a lot of you will ask about reinforcement and I would refer to the strength test I did with the Lego formed nesting tables.

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31 Comments on “DIY Concrete Dog House”

  1. Да, теперь собаке нужно каску одеть.
    Мало ли что (будка то – бетонная, тяжелая) :))))

  2. Awesome video, I love the style! Your process for building the form was very informative, I feel like I picked up some good tips, thank you!

  3. that top of the roof might break. like your coffee maker. I would recommend some rebar up there just to be a little extra secure. (saying this because I wouldn’t want my dog to have a concrete blanket one night)

  4. That is a cool and simple concrete dog house. Definitely very modern. Why didn’t you just use a thicker board like plywood instead?

    1. +Sam Its called a hardware store. You pay money for the things that they put on the shelf. And after you pay, you can take those materials home. Then you can make a dog house.

    2. +ts404 Sure, because every normal person goes to the hardware store and buys a professional wood cutting machine, with professional electric file machines, and has a HUGE garage to do all of that. Your idea was so genious, why didn’t i think of that before? oh wait, i didn’t, because i’m not a professional wood worker and i would never OWN ANY of these things in my house. 

    3. You could do all of that in the backyard with a jigsaw and some sand paper, clamps and duct tape. He’s even casted concrete with lego pieces in another video. I think the design and requirements aren’t as harsh as you may think.

    4. It’s really not that hard to learn basic woodworking and DIY skills. The whole premise of the channel is for it to look modern and have a professional aesthetic. If you don’t have any of the gear, save up and buy it.

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