Dissociative Identity Disorder conference and Service Dog convention

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Hey! Scarlet here! In this video I talk about going to the Healing Together Confernce put in by an Infinite Mind, The psychiatric service dog convention put on by Psychiatric Service Dog Partners, Our new project to provide emergency info cards and our new tattoo!

Link to get cards:

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Link to Psychiatric Service Dog Partners:

Link to the mentioned systems channel:

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10 Comments on “Dissociative Identity Disorder conference and Service Dog convention”

    1. Damyen Le Fay thanks :). If you want to learn more about service dogs the website linked in the description is a great place to start

  1. Thanks for sharing the info. i would love to go to this conference. Maybe next year who knows. I have a system of 27, and its been 5 years this Aug. since the diagnosis. But still have trouble with everyday life. We have a cat 1 years old who is a great help to us she wakes me up in the night or when we are napping when bad dreams happen, its really cool. She really doesn’t seem to know whats going on other than we are not ourselves. I don’t know if we can get the same results as a service dog, but she is helpful to us.

    1. Hope to see you at the conference one day! Service dogs can be trained to wake up a handler during nightmares. It’s one thing we hope to eventually teach Gigi. Service dogs can do a lot more than people realize! I suggest checking out the website linked in the description. On the site they have a list of some of the things a service dog can do for people with mental health conditions.

  2. I want a service dog. I forget my meds all the time and I dissociate so much which cause me anxiety, more than I already have.

  3. I was just wondering if you could do a video on your service dog/how you got one? my protector is talking about getting one and it scares me because it would mean accepting that I do have problems that can be helped by outside sources (most of which I struggle to trust). If you already have a video like that can you link me to it because I haven’t seen it or don’t remember seeing it. Thank you so much for your channel!

  4. We have been contemplating getting a service dog for dissociation and ptsd for years, have not tried to get one and currently we are working on getting to the doctor to get proper diagnosis to apply for disability per our therapists advise. (We are really bad about going to the doctor lol) so, depending on how that goes we will try for a service animal.

    1. They are amazing but a big commitment so I think your plan to wait a bit is a good one :). I would check out psychdogpartners.org they have TONS of great info. good luck with going for disability!

  5. Thank you for your vid.
    went to infinte mind. Was so happy and grateful. UNTIL. a group presenter for a drama therapy class started using profanity. There are notices at the coference on their flyer’s that it is NOT allowed for any reason( for obvious reasons) and yet a presenter starts using it. Totally traumatized me. Spent lots of money to get there. Terrified me. Just a warning to any watchers here– who are triggered by lies incompetence and or profanity
    God bless. .

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