Detailed Instruction – Insulated dog house 2

November 17, 2018 by  
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This video's based on my "Concept – Insulated dog house 2". It is a detailed instruction of building a dog house. It's a step-by-step instruction, so even beginners could do the dog house themselves. There's some friends asked me to make this video but I haven't finish it until today. Sorry for the late release!
If you have any ideas to improve the design or instruction, feel free to tell us. It will help us to make better videos. Thanks for watching!
For more details, please visit:
P/S: I used "Canon in D" to make the sound of the video, If you can't view this video in any country, please tell me.

Latest update information:
I haven't visited this blog for several years. I stopped learning about dog houses for long time as well. I am very sorry for not answering your questions when you needed. I asked my friend and he is willing to help. He has years of experience in wood working. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact him at:

God bless you all!

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27 Responses to “Detailed Instruction – Insulated dog house 2”
  1. ahmed omar says:


  2. Janna Redington says:

    Thanks… Great plans but change the music!

  3. Adam Issam says:

    wat name da games

  4. Bill Hager says:

    Get rid of the music! Makes it very hard to view. Treated 2×4’s instead of cedar wood for the base frame. Much cheaper and strong. Either glue on insulation underneath or add another ply cut over insulation. Notches are not always necessary. Get rid of the wine n dine music. Majority of working folk will not be drinking wine and eating gourmet cheese with fancy crackers while building dog house! Hard to view but I hung in there. Exhausted. Think I’ll pour me a glass of Merlot. On to the next instructional video or to the library to look up.

    • ncblu3216 says:


    • DrunkGamer says:

      *nibbling on my gourmet cheese*……….”RANDOLPH……come look at this video, i want you to go out and fetch me a few workers that stand outside home depot, and have them build this for princess fluff fluff…and for god sake, bring them through the back this time, i dont want to have to call the carpet cleaners again…”

    • Michael Moore says:

      Ummm? Turn off the volume? Ever heard of a mute button? Idiots.

  5. jessica mintz says:

    how much was it to build

  6. forbzy61 says:

    allot better when i muted it.

  7. Angie Reed says:

    I like the classical song choice!

  8. Clark Williams says:

    What is the material list?

  9. Derek Miller says:

    It is not near high enough for big dogs clearance. My German Shepherd is 67 pounds and sitting down he is 36 inches high.

  10. MIKE R says:


  11. W J H says:

    music is great for resting. ..Thank you

  12. dutch971 says:

    I’ve designed a very similar one as this. I didn’t like the vertical seam of plywood on the front and back panels. I don’t know why he cut it like that. Water will penetrate there. This guy also went over kill on the reinforcing. Too many ‘studs’. I also left out the shingles. I would just paint the top. I designed mine to come apart, all six sides, in case I wanted to move it. This thing will be heavy!! I also didn’t put the divider in the middle. I moved it closer to the door. I insulated the middle divider. I also made the ‘porch’ collapsible. It folds up and out of the way, magnets. Again on the ‘porch’ the studs were unnecessary. Plywood works fine here. This is very expensive to build for a dog house. I would make sure the insulation had radiant barrier on one side. I would also place gas struts on the lid. I would use piano hinges on the lid also.

  13. SmallTank says:

    all fo da low price of one dolla 😉

  14. Stupid Ass Neighbor says:

    I saved on wood and made mine out of pallets from Lowe’s. Every once in a while they throw away flat pallets that are perfect for DIY projects.

  15. Mohammed Rahman says:

    Can anyone please tell me the title of this music ? Thanks.

  16. Murphys Law says:

    Great design. I modified slightly – moved door to “end” of house instead of the side and placed near opposite side from inner door. Also added stops for roof to rest when opened. insulated whole house. Added thermostatically controlled heater to “back room” for when temps get below 65 F. also added “coffee bean” tow sacks to room openings fastened at their tops to keep out winter cold, and just fold them up under the ceiling during the summer. She loves the rooms and stays toasty warm during the winter.

  17. Erik Esquerra says:

    Interior height is ONLY 24in!!!

     I bought and started building before I realized… Get to start most of it over. 😛

  18. Moose RESPEKT says:

    I see this vid two years later and still the same shitty music.

  19. The Loobis says:

    1:55 I couldn’t take the music.

  20. Mary Keogh says:

    Great video. I personally liked the music. But if I hadn’t, I am smart enough to use mute button and then play my own music if the sound of silence is too much for me to bear. Seriously people, you’re going to complain about the soundtrack?

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