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Cute Little Rescue Dog Is So Spoiled – BETHANEE UPDATE | This dog is her mom’s BABY 👶❤️

Follow this special pup on Facebook: and Instagram: . You can also check out her website: Proceeds from the website go toward the creation of the Pardon Thy French Emergency Vet Fund.

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33 Comments on “Cute Little Rescue Dog Is So Spoiled – BETHANEE UPDATE | The Dodo”

    1. Amir Amir Amir there the only reason thos world is beautiful .its surly not because of humans. ill take an animal any animal over people every day of the week

  1. Oh mg… a thousand billion likes for you and BETH, what an adorable lovey puppitah! When she came out wearing the bra… those EYE! This made me so happy 🙂

  2. What a valiant spirit. Most people would be feeling sorry for themselves, and rightfully so, missing a leg and facial injury, but this little dog doesn’t have time for it. What a brave sweet girl Beth is and you’re wonderful for giving Her so much love. You’ll definitely get it back

  3. This dog reminds me of my dog that I adopted last year. He is a terrier mix, I think, and his name is Trotsky, but I did not name him that, it was one of my grandpas. Anyways, he was abused by this guy and he ran away and wandered to my grandpa. Since he is old and poor, all he did was tie him to a tree since he was too small and he had 2 guards dogs. We adopted him a few years later and he is so happy and lucky to have us. He acts spoiled by whining and crying when he wants to go inside, walks on his hind legs when he smells food and jumps on you for excitement and curiosity.

  4. If only landlords would accept at least 1 dog in their apartments or houses, animal shelters would not be so fulled of them. We need to pass a law where all landlords need to accept at least 1 dog. 🐶

    1. Many of them do but animal owners make it hard on the rest of us good pet owners when they let their pet damage the property or mess it up. Also, its an insurance and legal liability when people animals attack humans or other animals. Its up to us pet owners to try to change that stereotype.

    2. Mario Cuomo signed The Pet Law which means if even if your lease says NO PETS ALLOWED that is Illegal IN the state of New York and New Jersey as well all you have to do is just tell your landlord that you have had your pet over 90 days and have them spayed or neutered and Shots. The Pet is yours to keep just say I am aware of the PET LAW and the landlord will just shut his mouth about it. Know your rights! 💖 this goes for all pets Cats, Dogs, rabbits, ferrets…etc. 😸🐕🐩🐈🦄🐒🐶🐀🐼🐣🐰🐇🐰🐘🐦🕊💖💚💖💚💖

    3. You can also get them spayed and shots for free ….just Google Aspca Mobile Vet and in the searchbox type in truck schedule and borrow anyone’s public assistance card with their photo on it (doesn’t have to be yours). Be at the truck stop on the day of schedule early like 5:30 am and their will be a line
      Write your name on the list be one of the first 25 in line and get it done for free or $5 the most.💖

  5. Thank you for having such a big heart and giving this beautiful fur baby a forever home filled with lots of love.

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